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Monday, September 16, 2019

digilocker and mparivahan app

A mobile app for Government of India's DigiLocker application.
DigiLocker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India's flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.
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 Targeted at the

idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents.

 The DigiLocker website can be accessed a
You can now access your documents and certificates from your DigiLocker on your mobile devices.
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Complete Transport Solution for Citizen
Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile based application. This app empowers citizen with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system.
It is a genuine government app for all India RTO vehicle registration number search. It provides complete information about a car like -
- Owner Name
- Registration date
- Registering Authority
- Make Model
- Fuel Type
- Vehicle Age
- Vehicle class
- Insurance Validity
- Fitness Validity
All these information will be displayed in details.
The main benefits of this app are -
1. Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicle by just entering the registration number.
2. Verify your car registration details.
3. Verify details of a second hand vehicle.
4. If you want to buy a second hand car you can verify the age and registration details.
Along with above features, you can also verify DL details and create virtual DL and RC
in this app.
Highlights: Virtual RC/DL, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, DL/RC search, Road Offence Reporting, Road Accident Reporting, Transport Notification to the citizen, RTO/Traffic Office Locations. Complete Transport Office related services will also be facilitated soon..
clik app

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

online electric bill pay

No need to login into any website, you can pay & check your last electricity bill easy via this Electricity Light Bill Payment App. We are supporting all the electricity boards of Indian states, and added all the states support, now just download our app and start paying your power bijali electricity bills instant know.

You just need to find your customer id or unique identification number calculator given in your old electricity bill & go in to this recharge all electricity bill payment app and find your meter electricity provider from the list and open respective page where you have to enter that unique number to view & pay your bijli bill online under digital india program. You may need your aadhar card link with Mobile Sim number and bank EPF Balance to pay bills.
A Very Warm Welcome to DGVCL
We are now on Google Play - connecting to our customers across the seven districts of South Gujarat, faster and more effectively. Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd., a leading power utility of India, has developed ‘DGVCL App’ which is specifically designed to serve our valued customers using their mobile phones. DGVCL App is aimed at bringing our services and information to over 26.12 lakhs of customers on their palms. It empowers our customers to avail our services faster, better and right on their fingertips. It is our honour to serve you right here.

DGVCL is one of the four Discoms of Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL),state-owned public undertaking of Govt. of Gujarat. It has electricity supply network of 85,582 kilometers of HT and LT lines catering to its customers through 117 Sub-divisions monitored by19 Divisional Offices.These Divisions function under 4 Circle Offices, which directly report to Corporate Office headquartered at Sura
pay online click here
online pay click here 
online payment click here

Power Grievance Redressal Application GUVNL (previous GEB) complaint of all power distribution companies of Gujarat (DGVCL, MGVCL, PGVCL, UGVCL) is simple, fast, intuitive and easy to use.

  The app is providing rich features for registered and non-registered users.

  1> The user can contact the Customer Care Center

  2> The user can register and track without registering

  3> User can sign up and add multiple customer numbers to file a complaint

  >> The user can view the complaint history in his / her account

  5> The app is available in Gujarati and English

  Gujarat Energy Development Corporation Ltd. (East GEB)

  It is a step in bringing GUVNL (Gujarat Energy Development Corporation Limited) digital presence and bringing the various facilities / services of our electricity distribution companies to a common platform to expand our reach for a customer base of nearly 1.30 crore in the state of Gujarat.

  GUVNL  Through its four electricity distribution companies (DSCCOM) namely DGVCL, MGVCL, PGVC  L.  And UGVCL  GUVNL is offering electricity bill payment and other seamless services to its customers.  Has created a Electricity Bill Payment Mobile App for Android platform.

  These mobile app facilities for every discos will offer nonlinear features

  1> Fast bill payment

  2> Schedule outage information in the Customers area

  >> History of payment and bill of last six months Power complaint redress application GUVNL (Former GEB) Complaint for all Gujarat Electricity Distribution Companies (DGVCL, MGVCL, PGVCL, UGVCL) is easy, fast, intuitive and easy to use.

  The app is providing rich features for registered and non-registered users.

  1> The user can contact the Customer Care Center

  2> The user can register and track without registering

  3> User can sign up and add multiple customer numbers to file a complaint

  >> The user can view the complaint history in his / her account

  5> The app is available in Gujarati and English

  Gujarat Energy Development Corporation Ltd. (East GEB)

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Chandrayaan-2: ISRO discovers Vikram Lander on the moon, tries to contact

On Monday 12 November 2007, representatives of ISRO and the Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos) signed an agreement to work together on the Chandrayaan-2 project.  [21] The main responsibility of the orbiter and the rover will be with ISRO and the Roskosmos will be responsible for the lander.

 The campaign was approved by the Government of India in a meeting of the Union Cabinet held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 18 September 2008. [22] The design of the spacecraft was completed in August 2009, in which scientists of both countries gave their joint contribution  Given. [23] [24]

 Although ISRO finalized the payload as per Chandrayaan-2 program. [25] But the campaign was postponed to January 2013. [26] and rescheduled the operation for 2016.  Because Russia was unable to develop the lander in time.  [27] [28] Roskosmos was subsequently dropped from the Chandrayaan-2 program due to a failure in the Phobos-Grunt expedition to Mars. [27] And India decided to develop the lunar mission independently.  Done. 1.  It is the first space mission to conduct a Soft landing on the south polar region of the Moon.

 2. The first Indian mission, which will attempt a soft landing on the lunar surface with domestic technology.

 3. The first Indian mission, which will attempt to explore the lunar region with domestic technology.

 4. 4th country that will make a soft landing on the lunar surface.

 The orbiter will orbit the moon at an altitude of 100 km. [31]  In this campaign, it has been decided to send the orbiter with five payloads.  Three payloads are new, while two others are improved versions of the payload being sent to the Chandrayaan-1 orbiter.  It will weigh about 1400 kg at the time of flight.  The Orbiter High Resolution Camera will give the high resolution picture of the landing site before the lander separates from the orbiter. [1] [31] The interface between the orbiter and its GSLV launch vehicle is finalized. [32]  At launch, the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter will be able to communicate with the Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) at Bayalu as well as the Vikram lander.  The mission life of the orbiter is one year and will be placed in a 100X100 km long lunar polar orbit.


 Chandrayaan 2's lander is named after Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai, the father of the Indian space program.  It is designed to function for one lunar day, equivalent to approximately 14 Earth days. Byelu has the ability to communicate with IDSNs as well as orbiters and rovers at Bayalu, near Bangalore.  The lander is designed to execute a soft landing on the lunar surface. Unlike the Moon Impact Probe of the Chandrayaan-1 hitting the lunar surface, the lander will descend slowly.  [29] The lander will not perform any scientific activities.  The lander and rover will weigh about 1250 kg.  Initially, the lander was expected to be developed by Russia in cooperation with India.  When Russia expressed its inability to develop the lander before 2015.  So the Indian authorities decided to develop the lander independently.  Russia meant to cancel the lander.  That the mission profile will change.  The study of the initial configuration of the indigenous lander was completed in 2013 by the Space Applications Center (SAC), Ahmedabad.

The optical high resolution camera (OHRC) mounted in Chandrayaan-2's orbiter has taken a picture of Vikram Lander. In this, Vikram Lander has fallen headlong 500 meters away from the fixed place of soft landing.

Scientists are trying to send a message to Vikram Lander through Orbiter.

After data analysis, you will know how much work Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover will do.
ISRO (ISRO) has come to know about the position of Vikram Lander on the moon. The orbiter has taken his picture with a thermal image camera. However, no communication has been established with him yet. It is also reported that Vikram Lander is 500 meters away from the fixed place of landing. The optical high resolution camera (OHRC) mounted in Chandrayaan-2's orbiter has taken a picture of Vikram Lander.
Now ISRO is trying to send a message to Vikram Lander through scientific orbiter so that his communication system can be turned on. Trusted sources of ISRO told aajtak.in that a message is constantly being sent to Vikram Lander and Orbiter from ISRO Center in Bengaluru so that communication can be started.
ISRO chief K Sivan told that we have come to know about Vikram Lander, he has been seen on the surface of the moon. The orbiter has taken a 
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thermal picture of the lander. But no communication has been established yet. We are trying to contact.
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chief, K Sivan to ANI: We've found the location of #VikramLander on lunar surface & orbiter has clicked a thermal image of Lander. But there is no communication yet. We are trying to have contact. It will be communicated soon. # Chandrayaan2 pic.twitter.com/1MbIL0VQCo
In future, how much work Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover will do, it will be known only after data analysis. ISRO scientists are now finding out why Vikram strayed from his path at 2.1 km altitude. One reason for this may also be that none of the small 4 steering engines installed on the side of Vikram lander has worked. Because of this, Vikram Lander got deviated from its fixed route. The whole problem started from here, so scientists are studying this point.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

make your own NEWS, by news maker application

An easy way to edit videos, so they are more like television news shows on Reporter TV
  Do you like news  You can make simple videos just as easy and easy as a television news show, just use this app.  "Breaking News Go" Become a TV Reporter and start recording your news and spread your good news, spread your enthusiasm, spread useful information Become a TV Reporter on social media, live news and video Gujarati, 1, 2, 3, 4,  English and others
  News Plus is a partisan news app that has no political affiliation.  News Plus presents different perspectives from multiple trusted sources, and filters out fake news.  NewsPlus brings breaking news, top stories, trending videos to your city, state, India and the world.  Pick where you are from and get local news.  Ideal app for NRIs who want to stay current with coming back home.  Available in English and multiple Indian languages.
  News Plus is the best news app in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi and Bahasa.  News Plus is the only app that brings news, short videos and top tweets to every topic, celebrity.  Stay on top of the news and social conversations!
  News Plus brings personalized news to you based on your interests and your reading habits.  Find thousands of topics to customize your feed like Politics, Cricket, Football, Leo, Bollywood, Entertainment, Technology, Trade, Sports, Automobiles or your favorite politicians, celebrities, stocks, brands, movies, TV shows, cricket, football leagues.  And follow.
  Go to any tab and click on the buzz button to get the top tweets in that topic / category.  Read the latest stories on your favorite celebs and switch to the buzz section and scroll through interesting social media posts, pictures and videos!  NewsPlus has the unique ability to bring together a combined feed of top tweets on all the topics you follow, in For You Buzz
  News Plus has the unique ability to bring full coverage to relevant articles, videos and stories with top buzz.  News Plus has a special feature for bilingual language users, as well as brings news in two languages.  Select another language in Settings to turn this feature on.
  News Plus constantly searches and analyzes millions of articles in thousands of newspapers, blogs, social media posts and you can find English news, Hindi news (Gujarati news), Tamil news (News 2), Malayalam news  Kannada news ( Telugu News , Marathi News (Gujarati News), Bengali News (Gujarati News), Gujarati News (Gujarati News), A  Or Bahasa News.
  Key Features
  News Local News - Select your location in the "Local" tab to turn on local news
  Get the buzz - top tweets with pictures, videos and topics of interest to you
  ● Fast and easy - Optimize for slow connections, zero loading time, no setup or sign-in
  Read the way you want - Skim through headlines, read the full story, and get multiple perspectives
   Beautiful fonts for all Indian languages
  Night mode for easy reading in the dark
  Feed Find and follow topics, resources to get personalized feeds
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  Follow friends and see each other's posts, likes, magazines on News Plus.
  Share directly with News News Plus, articles and videos you love with your friends
  Feed Find and follow topics, resources to get personalized feeds
  Stories Post stories, videos for your followers to see on their social feeds.
  Follow friends and see each other's posts, likes, magazines on News Plus.
  Share directly with News News Plus, share your thoughts on the personality of articles and videos you love with your friends or easily create your own news.
  Breaking News - Make your own news by sharing your thoughts and reviews about the current affairs in the world with someone, this awesome app.  You can make a full review video about how you want your reviews to be.  You can give your analysis of any news by choosing a photo of any news you want to talk about, or a photo of an event you want to talk about.
  This app can help you wish for a birthday, anniversary, any greetings or greetings video messages to your loved ones.  You can create a video with their pictures and record your video by giving them a specific message.
  You can monitor events all over the world and create breaking news about them and share them on social media and various other play forms.  This app will help you create presentation videos about yourself and any other social celebrity or any politician.
  All social news, opinions about some new celebrities you are in the market for and you can share and mention some positive and negative points about it.  You can talk about the current situation in the world and all the wars going on in the world.  You can easily talk about or give reviews about movies, asons, plays and reality shows through this app.

  - Make your own news
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  - Show your support for the person you want to favor.
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  Breaking news creator and news editor will let you create a video in which you need to add a photo of the target person first or the moment you want to talk about.  After that you need to create your video and you can edit it further.
  * Disclaimer *
  This application does not violate any Google policies or Google Fairs.

Friday, August 30, 2019

ctet notification officiele

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the result of the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) exam. This year, a total of 3.52 lakh candidates qualified for the exam. Candidates can see the result by going to CTET official website. The CTET exam was conducted on July 7. This year 29.22 lakh candidates were registered, out of which lakh candidates appeared for the exam. Out of lakh candidates, 3.52 lakh candidates have been successful. Examination of Paper I for Class 1 to 5 was conducted from 9.30am to 12.30pm. As well as the examination for standard par-2 in 6-8, 2 pm to 4:30 pm. Check the result this way Go to CTET's official website ctet.nic.in Click on the July 2019 Result link on the homepage. After clicking, a new page will open. Submit your registration number, date of birth, etc. on the new page. The result will be more visible on the screen. Download and delete the print.

The mood is sometimes up then sometimes down. The mood has a direct relationship with the sensation. If something goes well, the mood goes well. The mood is about to deteriorate if something bad happens. Sometimes, the brain is relieved to hear something. Even if someone says or asks something, he doesn't like it. When the phone rings, it does or does not lift. Looking at a lot of mouths we ask, are you OK? How Aware Are We With Our Moods? How much do we know that our mood changes? There are times when it is not fun for no reason. No misery, no worries, no problems, but no fun at all! Sometimes the mood is so bad that it starts to feel like something bad is about to happen. Very few people have control over the mood. How much control do you have over your mood? Do moods dominate you? If you have too much, sometimes you have to stay, if you have too much, sometimes we do not want or we do not want to be imagined. An understanding of mood is also a sign of understanding.

Notification PDF


  A scheme of class I to XII for the School Education Sector - Expansion of interventions in senior secondary stage.

  Study school education as a continuing education from pre-school to class 12

  Supporting states to start pre-primary education

  Includes senior secondary levels and pre-school levels for school education sessions for the first TI Administrative Reform

  Integrated and unified administrative structure leads to coherence implementation

  States have the flexibility to prioritize their interventions under scam

  An integrated administration looks as 'school' as 'school'

  Advanced Funding for Educatio

  The budget has increased.

  The measures taken for learning outcomes and quality improvement will be the basis of grant allocation under the scheme.

  Emphasis on learning outcomes improvement

  Advanced Enhancement of Teachers Building

  Focus on strengthening educational institutions like SCERT and DIET to improve the quality of teachers in the system.

  SCERT  The service and the pre-service teacher will become the nodal institution for training - will make the training dynamic and necessary.

  Focusing on quality education, emphasizing the capacity building of teachers in online and offline mode as well as strengthening of teacher education institutes in SCERT / DIET / BRC / CRC / CTE / ISE.

  Annual Grant Per Schools to Strengthen Libary

  Library grants will be given to approximately 1 million schools

  Enhanced attention to improving the quality of education by focusing on both teachers and technical T

  RESOURCES RESULT Targeted allocation

  Focus on digital education

  Supporting the 'Operation Digital Board' in all secondary schools during the 5 year period, which will revolutionize education - is easy to understand, technology based classroom classes will become flip-up classrooms.

  Advanced Use of Digital Technology in Education through Smart Classrooms, Digital Boards and DTH Channels

  Shake Kosh, Shagun, Shala Sarti will strengthen digital initiatives like this

  Make ICT infrastructure better at higher secondary to higher secondary level schools.

  Enhanced use of technology to improve the access and provision of ancient education - 'Sabo Boko Shiksha Ashishi Shiksha'

  Reinforcement of schools

  An emphasis on unification of schools for quality improvement

  Enhanced transport facility to children in all categories of I to VIII for universal access to the school

  Allocation to strengthen infrastructure in schools

  Based on the school enrollment, joint school grants increased and allocated.

  Special provision for cleanliness activities - To support the 'clean school'

  Improving infrastructure in government school Empower girls

  KGVV improvement from class 6-8 to standard 6-12

  Self-defense training for girls from upper primary to higher secondary stage

  Providing CWS girls up to class X to XII.  - Only XX to XII.

  Enhanced commitment to 'Betty Preventing Practice'

  Focus on inclusion

  Under the RTE Act, allocation for uniforms is increased per child per year.

  Allotment of textbooks under RTE Act, increase per child per year.  Energy textbooks will be introduced.

  Allotment for children with special needs (CWSN)  3000 to Rs.  Every year 3500 per child.  Rs.  200 per month for girls with special needs from class I to 12.

  Commitment to 'Sabboo Shiksha Ashishi Shiksha'

  Focus on skill development

  Exhibition of professional scandals will be expanded at the upper primary level.

  To strengthen professional education at the secondary level as an integral part of the curriculum

  Professional education that was limited to Class 9-12, to be integrated with the curriculum and to be more practical and industry-oriented, is to be started on 6th.

  Increase the emphasis on 'skill development'

  Focus on sports and physical education

  Sports equipment will be provided in all schools under this component.

  Sports education will become an integral part of learning

  In each school school curriculum, you will get sports equipment under the scheme to stimulate sports and emphasize the consistency of sports.

  Support 'Game India'

  Important link ::::

  Download LATTER from here

  Promote balanced educational development

  Educational Dependencies (EBBs), LWE, Special Focus Districts (SFDs), Border Areas and 115 planned districts are selected by the Policy Commission.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Top 10 MBA college in Usa

Top 10 MBA college in Usa
The United States of America is home to some of the world’s top MBA schools like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford and many more. American universities are well known for their management programs, making for a renowned study destination to pursue MBA. So, if you plan to pursue MBA in the United States, deciding on a college should not be difficult. Given below is some useful information on the top 10 MBA colleges in US as ranked by Shiksha.com

1. Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is a dream of every student who wishes to pursue MBA from the US. The School offers a full-time MBA program, doctoral programs, and many executive education programs. It is consistently ranked amongst the best business schools in the US and the world. It offers a two year-residential MBA program, eight full-time doctoral programs, and more than 80 executive education programs.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Established in 1925 with the aim to impart quality and value-based management education, Stanford has built an international reputation based on its innovative programs. It offers two-year MBA Program, designed to educate business leaders, one-year Stanford Sloan Master’s Program for mid-career executives, Ph.D. Program for future academics, Executive Education programs for experienced managers, and Faculty research program.

3. University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School

Established in 1881, University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School was the first collegiate school of business in the world. It boasts 10 academic departments and 20 research centers and provides education to about 5000 undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, and doctoral students. It follows an international approach in imparting management education to students.

Established in 1914, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was started with the aim to impart business training to engineers. MIT provides management education and cutting-edge research options to top students from more than 60 countries. Here faculty and students work simultaneously with corporate or non-profit partners to solve real-world challenges.

5. University of California at Berkeley – Haas School of Business

Established in 1898, Haas School of Business is the oldest business school at a public university in the US. It offers management education to about 2,200 undergraduate and graduate students each year through six-degree programs. The institute is backed by outstanding and dedicated faculties who have been engaged in imparting best management education to students.

6. Yale University

Over 2,387 international students and scholars representing more than 110 countries call Yale University their home away from home. Have an excellent student to faculty ratio of 6:1. At Yale, you'll be part of an intellectually curious and broadly engaged community, with the resources of a great university and the Global Network for Advanced Management at hand.

7. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA Anderson School of Management provides 2 years full-time program MBA which focuses on Leadership & communication. The course provides customized core sequencing which allows students to sequence key courses in the best way possible to quickly prepare for internship

7. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA Anderson School of Management provides 2 years full-time program MBA which focuses on Leadership & communication. The course provides customized core sequencing which allows students to sequence key courses in the best way possible to quickly prepare for internship interviews.

8. University of Chicago – Booth School of Business

Established in 1898, University of Chicago's Booth School of Business is the second-oldest business school in the US. It offers a complete range of full-time and part-time MBA degrees and the nation’s oldest doctoral program in business. It has about 1177 students in its full-time MBA, 115 in Ph.D., 1,639 in evening MBA and Weekend MBA, and 569 in Executive MBA. At Chicago Booth School of Business, finance is the most preferred subject and then comes marketing and entrepreneurship.

9. Columbia Business School

It was established in 1916 with the aim to provide business training and professional preparation for undergraduate and graduate students. Counted amongst one of the six Ivy League business schools, it has one of the most selective admission process among top business schools. It offers MBA, Executive MBA, Ph.D. programs, and provides an extra edge to business managers and company executives through its non-degree Executive Education programs.

AMerican LAw firm Detail

AMerican LAw firm Detail

At the American Law Firm, we understand that money isn’t everything, but it can sure help rebuild a life that has been tattered by the negligence of another party. Through the hard work of our attorneys, we have collected over $30 million to help our clients rebuild the lives that got tragically sidetracked. During such a stressful and unnerving time, the last thing you should have to do is deal with insurance companies alone. At the American Law Firm, we are a personal injury law firm also concentrating on immigration, bankruptcy and other areas of law including family, criminal, estate and probate.

Welcome to the American Law Firm, where our locally based attorneys are happy to take on your personal injury, immigration, family, criminal, estate or probate case. Whether you’ve suffered from a slip-and-fall accident or you need help navigating the difficulties that accompany a child custody case, our team is here for you!

We have more than 125 years of combined legal experience that can help make your seemingly complicated case easy to understand. We are happy to answer all of your questions along the way and we won’t stop fighting for you until you receive the results you deserve!
First of Two Articles: Can keep my house if I have to file Bankruptcy?
This is the first of two articles on protecting your property if you are advised to file for Bankruptcy. I have decided to begin with the exemptions protecting real estate. I have been doing Bankruptcy cases since 1990. I have seen several significant changes. When I started there was no means test. I was living and working in Peoria, IL then and the local office of the United States’ Trustee ( Sort of a Bankruptcy Prosecutor) did motions to dismiss Bankruptcies where they felt a debtor (person petitioning for Bankruptcy) could afford to pay at least 10% over a three (3) year period under a Chapter13 reorganization plan Bankruptcy. That eventually became our current means test.

The Trustee; separate from the US Trustee’s office, is usually a local private attorney who contracts with the U.S. Government to review each case and liquidate (sell) non-exempt assets of a debtor to share among the creditors. When I started the percentage kept by the Trustees was less than Fieve percent (5%) of the value of an asset so not a lot of seizures happened due to the low level of profit available to the Trustee for the effort involved. That all changed in 1995; the Trustees were then and now able to retain Twenty Five percent (25%) of the first Five Thousand dollars ($ 5,000.00) from a seized asset and then Ten percent (10%) on any assets above Five Thousand dollars ($ 5,000.00) up to Fifty Thousand dollars ($ 50,000.00). This turned your friendly neighborhood Trustees into wolves attacking all assets of the debtors.

I practice in Illinois and Illinois has its own exemption statutes. Some states use a set of exemption which are part of the United States Code (Federal Statutes) but as each state was allowed to choose to use the exemptions from the United States Code or their own statutes, Illinois chose to use its own. The statute in Illinois providing for exemption (protection) of a debtor’s equity (value) in a residence is found in the Illinois Compiled Statutes at Chapter 735 Section 5/12-901 (735 ILCS 5/12-901).

When I started it was Seven Thousand Five Hundred dollars ($ 7,500.00) for a single debtor and Fifteen Thousand dollars ($ 15, 000.00) for two spouses filing a joint petition. Now it is Fifteen Thousand dollars ($ 15, 000.00) for a single debtor and Thirty Thousand dollars ($ 30,000.00) for two spouses filing a joint petition.

This sounds simple on its face but there are a lot of pitfalls that lie for the unwary. If you have more than the exempt amount in equity in your home it is ripe for liquidation by the trustee and you get a check for the exempt amount. It also only applies to the property you use as a residence. In the late 1990’s I had a client whose mother had thought she had prepared a deed on her home to avoid probate by deeding the house to my client and his siblings. That deed was supposed to have retained the right for the mother to live in the house for the rest of her life and then it became her children’s. However the deed was not correctly drafted and the land was the actual property of my client and his siblings. We had to arrange to buy back my client’s share of his mother’s home to keep it from being sold.

If you hope to get Bankruptcy Relief and keep your home, carefully checking values and making sure only your residence is at issue is as thorny issue. Consulting an attorney on any matter where the Courts or the Government is involved is your best move.

Thanks for reading,
Joe Sparacino,
Attorney at Law