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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the result of the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) exam. This year, a total of 3.52 lakh candidates qualified for the exam. Candidates can see the result by going to CTET official website. The CTET exam was conducted on July 7. This year 29.22 lakh candidates were registered, out of which lakh candidates appeared for the exam. Out of lakh candidates, 3.52 lakh candidates have been successful. Examination of Paper I for Class 1 to 5 was conducted from 9.30am to 12.30pm. As well as the examination for standard par-2 in 6-8, 2 pm to 4:30 pm. Check the result this way Go to CTET's official website ctet.nic.in Click on the July 2019 Result link on the homepage. After clicking, a new page will open. Submit your registration number, date of birth, etc. on the new page. The result will be more visible on the screen. Download and delete the print.

The mood is sometimes up then sometimes down. The mood has a direct relationship with the sensation. If something goes well, the mood goes well. The mood is about to deteriorate if something bad happens. Sometimes, the brain is relieved to hear something. Even if someone says or asks something, he doesn't like it. When the phone rings, it does or does not lift. Looking at a lot of mouths we ask, are you OK? How Aware Are We With Our Moods? How much do we know that our mood changes? There are times when it is not fun for no reason. No misery, no worries, no problems, but no fun at all! Sometimes the mood is so bad that it starts to feel like something bad is about to happen. Very few people have control over the mood. How much control do you have over your mood? Do moods dominate you? If you have too much, sometimes you have to stay, if you have too much, sometimes we do not want or we do not want to be imagined. An understanding of mood is also a sign of understanding.

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  A scheme of class I to XII for the School Education Sector - Expansion of interventions in senior secondary stage.

  Study school education as a continuing education from pre-school to class 12

  Supporting states to start pre-primary education

  Includes senior secondary levels and pre-school levels for school education sessions for the first TI Administrative Reform

  Integrated and unified administrative structure leads to coherence implementation

  States have the flexibility to prioritize their interventions under scam

  An integrated administration looks as 'school' as 'school'

  Advanced Funding for Educatio

  The budget has increased.

  The measures taken for learning outcomes and quality improvement will be the basis of grant allocation under the scheme.

  Emphasis on learning outcomes improvement

  Advanced Enhancement of Teachers Building

  Focus on strengthening educational institutions like SCERT and DIET to improve the quality of teachers in the system.

  SCERT  The service and the pre-service teacher will become the nodal institution for training - will make the training dynamic and necessary.

  Focusing on quality education, emphasizing the capacity building of teachers in online and offline mode as well as strengthening of teacher education institutes in SCERT / DIET / BRC / CRC / CTE / ISE.

  Annual Grant Per Schools to Strengthen Libary

  Library grants will be given to approximately 1 million schools

  Enhanced attention to improving the quality of education by focusing on both teachers and technical T

  RESOURCES RESULT Targeted allocation

  Focus on digital education

  Supporting the 'Operation Digital Board' in all secondary schools during the 5 year period, which will revolutionize education - is easy to understand, technology based classroom classes will become flip-up classrooms.

  Advanced Use of Digital Technology in Education through Smart Classrooms, Digital Boards and DTH Channels

  Shake Kosh, Shagun, Shala Sarti will strengthen digital initiatives like this

  Make ICT infrastructure better at higher secondary to higher secondary level schools.

  Enhanced use of technology to improve the access and provision of ancient education - 'Sabo Boko Shiksha Ashishi Shiksha'

  Reinforcement of schools

  An emphasis on unification of schools for quality improvement

  Enhanced transport facility to children in all categories of I to VIII for universal access to the school

  Allocation to strengthen infrastructure in schools

  Based on the school enrollment, joint school grants increased and allocated.

  Special provision for cleanliness activities - To support the 'clean school'

  Improving infrastructure in government school Empower girls

  KGVV improvement from class 6-8 to standard 6-12

  Self-defense training for girls from upper primary to higher secondary stage

  Providing CWS girls up to class X to XII.  - Only XX to XII.

  Enhanced commitment to 'Betty Preventing Practice'

  Focus on inclusion

  Under the RTE Act, allocation for uniforms is increased per child per year.

  Allotment of textbooks under RTE Act, increase per child per year.  Energy textbooks will be introduced.

  Allotment for children with special needs (CWSN)  3000 to Rs.  Every year 3500 per child.  Rs.  200 per month for girls with special needs from class I to 12.

  Commitment to 'Sabboo Shiksha Ashishi Shiksha'

  Focus on skill development

  Exhibition of professional scandals will be expanded at the upper primary level.

  To strengthen professional education at the secondary level as an integral part of the curriculum

  Professional education that was limited to Class 9-12, to be integrated with the curriculum and to be more practical and industry-oriented, is to be started on 6th.

  Increase the emphasis on 'skill development'

  Focus on sports and physical education

  Sports equipment will be provided in all schools under this component.

  Sports education will become an integral part of learning

  In each school school curriculum, you will get sports equipment under the scheme to stimulate sports and emphasize the consistency of sports.

  Support 'Game India'

  Important link ::::

  Download LATTER from here

  Promote balanced educational development

  Educational Dependencies (EBBs), LWE, Special Focus Districts (SFDs), Border Areas and 115 planned districts are selected by the Policy Commission.

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