Thursday, September 19, 2019

Because of this you should quit drinking refrigerated water and drinking potable water

Water is very important in our lives. We can live without food once a day but it is very difficult to be without water. Most homes nowadays have a filter to clean the water. In the summer season, fridge is used to cool the water, but drinking fridge water causes joints problems and worsens the throat by drinking more cold water. You can use mat water instead of fridge in which keeping water will also cool and filter. Don't even need to. In addition to drinking water in pot or soil utensils, there are many health benefits.

You will never drink cold water in the fridge. If you must drink, drink potable water. Because whenever you check the water in the soil, the temperature will be around 36 degrees 35 degrees. And as our body temperature is 37 degrees, the soil water temperature and our body temperature are almost equal. For centuries the water in our ayurveda is said to be good. That is why in our country for years people have been drinking clay water.

* Drinking water kept in the fridge should fill the pot with water in many ways. Water is cool in it and its use has many benefits to the body.

* It is kept in plastic bottles to refrigerate water in the fridge, which causes the plastic waste to be deposited in the water, leading to many types of illnesses. It is best to use earthenware to avoid this.

* In the old days, there was no filter to clean the water, and people kept water in most of the soils in which the water remained clean and cold. Soil has the power to fight many diseases and that is why drinking water kept in soil keeps the body from illnesses.

* Many people drink water immediately after eating. Use water that is kept in clay soils in the refrigerator in the summer to digest the digestive tract.

* In summer, the desire to drink water comes from outside, and the person drinks cold water from the fridge, which leads to sore throat, swelling and pain. Drinking water should be used instead of fridge.

Along with friends, it is also important to know that clay soils are made by millions of potters in this country. But ever since the pressure cooker, plastic bottles, thermocol glasses etc have started coming in, the employment of millions of potters in the country has been scrapped. Poor potters do not even sell earthen lamps as we all buy Limelight in the Diwali festival and give it to Lakshmi China first and worship on Lakshmi night that Lakshmi comes to our house.

If you all start drinking potable water again, poor potters' bottles will be sold. If you do not drink cold water in the fridge, your health will be good and the poor potters will be employed. No problem of this country is being solved by the government. But the people of the country can solve many problems in their own way. Let us together become the Poor Potter's Sale Promoter. And sell their wares by sharing more and more this post.
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