Thursday, September 19, 2019

What is a Food Supplement and What We Need.

Do you have nutrition to eat?

Nutrition is always balanced if the body of a human being is attained. Whenever there is a nutritional deficiency in the human body, the human body begins to become imbalanced.

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition means nutrients. Many types of nutrients such as protein, amino acids, calcium fiber, iron and many are known together and are called Nutrition.

Nutrition alone maintains the human body in balance.

Nutrition deficiencies make the human body unbalanced. Imbalances can lead to many types of illnesses such as diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, cancer, arthritis, uric acid, joint pain, paralysis, aging, wrinkling and obesity. Nutrition We find many types of lentils, green vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk and carnivorous foods.

Today we are using all these things in our diet, but we are not getting enough nutrition as our body needs. So that our body is constantly unbalanced. The reason for this is our inadequate eating and drinking and changes in our living standards.
And the faster the population is growing, the faster we are going to increase production. And pesticides and chemicals are being used extensively to increase production. And those chemicals and pesticides are going into our bodies with what we are eating.

Given the rapidly increasing pesticides and chemicals in our diet, it has been decided that in the next few years, every person's body will have a nutritional deficiency and the human body will become unbalanced.

Now is the time, when we will be forced to take different nutrition to keep the human body healthy and balanced.

Which will be in the form of tablets of different forms of vitamins etc. Or a different company will sell and manufacture powder bins that will prove fatal to the human body in the long run.

Today's article, which you may have liked about the people you need, we urge you to believe that you will share this article with your friends and relatives as much as possible so that they can reach out to them and be aware of it. Can be used and used in their lives. This work is similar to helping anyone in need, as even if one person is used to life by looking at your share, a lot of good work will be considered. So we hope to share as many people as possible with an open mind, Jay Hind.

This information has been translated from The News Post of The Indian Post and other National News Agencies.
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