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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Home Learning Daily Online Unit Test std 3

Home Learning Daily Online Unit Test std 3

“Considering that theirs may be a generation heavily hooked in to gadgets, getting them to use the devices isn't a problem . Getting them to use it judiciously and during a manner that doesn’t drain them completely, requires tons of designing and monitoring both by parents and teachers,” says Iewa Shukla, an English teacher at a reputed school in New Delhi .

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has been beyond the imagination of humankind. While ‘lockdown’ has been a technique followed by policymakers to stop the onslaught of the disease, the planet is simultaneously engaged find solutions to eliminate it once for all. Of course, the pandemic has eliminated the privileges once enjoyed only by those that are economically, socially and politically advantageous. This unprecedented vulnerability has shackled the established order of the economic order and thus attracted an enormous response from the neoliberal forces, which are at the helm of economic affairs. what's staggering is that it didn't leave education out of it.

Zoom is that the app you'll find in everyone’s phone who is functioning from home thanks to coronavirus pandemic. People performing from home are depending tons on video calling applications and one such app is Zoom. The demand for the Zoom video calling app has spiked within the last month. it's basically a cloud-based video conferencing service to virtually connect with people either via video or audio calls.

People across the planet are using Zoom app mostly for office video conference calls. With this app, you'll connect with as many colleagues as possible from home. Other similar group video calling apps have a group limitation on the members which will be added to a video call. Zoom is trending on both App and Play store in India.

DAY -45 - DATE:- 29/07/2020
DAY -46 - DATE:- 30/07/2020

While tons of individuals have moved to Zoom for paperwork , there are many that are still stuck to WhatsApp that permits only four people to possess a gaggle video chat at a time. If you continue to haven’t downloaded the Zoom app do this directly for a far better video call together with your boss or team. just in case you've got just joined Zoom and trying to work out the way to use it here’s an entire beginner guide for you.
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Home Learning daily Unit Test Online std 4

Home Learning daily Unit Test Online std 4

On June 25, news reports about Shyam Kishore Singh, a faculty teacher from Jharkhand’s Dumka district who had put up several loudspeakers across Bankathi village to show his students who don’t have smartphones, a day for 2 hours, since April 16. round the same time, six government school teachers in Bakshi-ka-Talab, situated on the outskirts of Lucknow, came together to make a WhatsApp group to interact rural children.

An otherwise relaxed vacation has became a challenge for educators. On May 28, UNESCO reported that around 2.7 million teachers from India who had been impacted by the pandemic are untrained to handle the changed situation. Educators are preparing digital lesson plans on overdrive and lots of students are grappling without access to technology, whilst many teachers are unpaid or have lost their jobs. Anganwadi workers have home-delivered educational material and tried to involve parents within the learning process.

Inspite of all the challenges, tutors and learners have ensured that learning continues.

‘Men’streaming initiatives in rural India

The lockdown has seen many fathers upping their game by indulging in in joint activities with their children and recording them. Enabling these ‘men’streaming initiatives are the foot soldiers – anganwadi workers across states.

One of the most important casualties of the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore the resultant lockdown has been institutionalised education. Schools are shut to stop the spread of the virus and this has given thanks to online classrooms, a really new concept in India even for the foremost sophisticated schools. it's commendable how easily some educational institutions have moved to virtual classrooms, all because of tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. But there are some still struggling to urge online.

There are teachers and schools putting extra effort to interact students in classes by revamping timetables, shifting discussions online, taking feedback from parents and monitoring students constantly. While there are some who do the bare minimum and using WhatsApp to remain connected with students. Some schools try out tools like SeeSaw, Google Suite and YouTube videos to form online classes as engaging as offline ones. But there also are people who are failing miserably at this shift.

Parents are divided
Vikas Garg, knowledgeable within the energy sector and a parent of a preschooler, living in Gurugram says, “Online class may be a fairly new concept and my daughter was pretty excited initially to be a part of it. The virtual classes via Zoom are being conducted smoothly. There are some drawbacks like the shortage of a platform to submit assignments. Students are required to write down the assignments, take an image of it and email, which gets tough for the kid also because the teacher. Otherwise, the varsity has moved into online teaching very smoothly.”

DAY -45- DATE:- 29/07/2020 
DAY -46 - DATE:- 30/07/2020

The right platform
Schools (some) are using video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts to conduct classes. Some others have moved classes to Microsoft Teams. Many teachers find these tools extremely helpful to form classes even more engaging than regular classroom while others are struggling.

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Home Learning Daily Online unit Test std 5

Home Learning Daily Online unit Test std 5

Chalk out an idea
You cannot recreate the precise school environment, but you sure can keep children focused by establishing a correct routine. Your child had been following a hard and fast schedule in their school, hence recreating an identical environment reception will make the transition easier for them.

Keep the sleep and meal times structured.

Break their day up into chunks by making a time-table for them, and stick it somewhere all the relations can see it.

Make sure you create them a neighborhood of this in order that they're more invested within the activities planned.

In a bid to make sure that the new school term isn't suffering from the pandemic, Gujarat government on Saturday announced 'Home Learning' programme for Gujarati medium schools from June 15.

Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said in Gandhinagar that curriculum for college kids from Class III to XII are going to be covered within the educational programmes which will be aired on DD Girnar. Vande Gujarat channel also will show programmes for college kids of sophistication V to XII.

The arrangement is for Gujarati medium students of state and personal schools.

Secretary (primary and secondary education), Vinod Rao, told THE WEEK that an estimated 70 lakh children are expected to profit from the 'Home Learning'. While the new academic sessions begin from June 15, Rao said the physical reopening of the faculties would depend upon the COVID-19 situation. Students should be prepared for extended home learning, he added.

The government has made arrangements to deliver worksheets to students who don't have the power of television or mobile. they're going to even be given text books. consistent with Rao, the distribution of worksheets should be over within four to 5 days.

The textbooks are QR-coded and therefore the students are going to be ready to view it through mobile. Besides, some audio visual material is additionally being included.

The government has also instructed all the faculties within the state, no matter the curriculum they follow, to to not take fees for 3 months from students.

In another development, Saurashtra University has postponed its annual examination, which was to start from June 25. New dates are going to be announced later.

DAY -45 - DATE:- 29/07/2020
DAY-46 - DATE:- 30/07/2020

Meanwhile, 33 people died in within the state thanks to COVID-19 in 24 hours ending at 5 pm on Saturday. With this the entire number of deaths has gone up to 1,449.

The period also saw 517 new cases being reported. With this, the entire number of positive cases within the state stands at 23,079.
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Home Learning Daily Online unit test std 6

Home Learning Daily Online unit test std 6

Coronavirus has brought the tutorial activities to a grinding halt and at the fag end of the tutorial year, the scholars are faced with an unprecedented and unprepared situation. Parents too are worried about things arising out of the lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown an enormous challenge to the sector of education amid questions on the way to take forward the stalled academic activities. within the extended lockdown period and with uncertainty over opening of educational institutions, we glance for sound and proven alternatives.

A suitable alternative might be to modify over to home schooling. the house schooling, a well-liked concept within the west has now come to the forefront in India. Schools now are hastened to embrace home schooling through e-learning tools, social media and other public e-learning portals. India has already made an honest beginning by producing many e-learning platforms both privately and public partnership.

The online content, online teaching and online evaluation are replacing conventional mode of educational classroom transaction and traditional assessment. within the period of Covid-19, multiple other ways of learning reception through interesting activities and interactive e-portals and digital material are being developed during a large quantum to cater to the requirements of the web generation.

To maintain continuity of their learning in new classes through virtual mode, the NCERT has developed alternate academic calendar for all stages of faculty education. Initially the calendar is ready for four weeks (April-May) which can be extended further.

In this calendar, the theme topics are selected from syllabus and are linked with learning outcomes and guidelines are developed for conducting interesting activities.

In the meantime the University Grants Commission has appointed two committees to seem into the problems being faced by the schools and colleges regarding teaching-learning processes, examinations, admissions and academic calendar. Both committees have submitted their reports.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development has taken a lead role to continue the training of scholars during the extended lock down periods. Class wise e-resources and e-textbooks are available on various online public platforms such as; E-pathashala, National Repository of Open educational Resources (NROER), SWAYAM and DIKSHA. Another activity Fit India Schools a YouTube channel to form students fitter, healthier and happier has been launched.

Schools are expected to make sure all students, parents, staff and management actively participate within the fitness week celebration. Live fitness sessions for college children on different topics are on live telecast. the huge Open Online Courses of SWAYAM are extending E tutorial, e content, E-assessment and Discussion forum to the learners at large and academic faculty especially .

E-library of the NCERT holds 17866 e-resources on homogeneous collection of resources for target groups like teachers, students, teacher educators in national and regional languages.

The CBSE is keeping all text books from class I to XII in electronic format and also uploading the simplest practices, projects, innovations and experiments of the Indian schools within the sort of

DAY- 45- DATE:- 29/07/2020
DAY- 46- DATE:- 30/07/2020

With schools being shut thanks to the novel Coronavirus, thousands of youngsters are stranded reception . This has left parents with no option but to require the responsibility of schooling their children upon themselves to form sure the youngsters keep busy and continue learning . Schools may have pack up , but the training must continue , after all. Homeschooling is an option all parents got to consider within the current scenario.

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Home Learning Daily Online Unit Test std 7

Home Learning Daily Online Unit Test std 7

About learning from home
Learning from home means using or adapting important features of your school to support and enable remote curriculum delivery. This includes:

how teachers will design and plan, individually and collectively
what curriculum content you’ll deliver
how you’ll deliver curriculum content during the day and across the week(s), which can include using technologies
how you’ll assess student learning
which cohorts are likely to wish additional support, and the way you’ll support them
what school and other leaders’ roles and responsibilities are going to be
what existing structures, processes and resources within the school you would possibly leverage
the relationships the varsity currently has that you simply might successfully leverage, including relationships with other schools, allied health professionals and with community and/or industry partners.

Delivering the curriculum remotely
Research and practice tell us that students are likely to find out best from home when teachers:

give students and parents/families information about how and once they can contact teachers
make regular contact with students and families
create and communicate a schedule or calendar that shows what’s expected of scholars – for instance , what students are going to be asked to try to to , by when
give regular feedback to students and families on student learning progress
avoid overwhelming students by giving them too many learning activities directly – for instance , an entire month's work
plan learning activities to deal with agreed goals of Individual Education Plans (IEP) for college kids in your class, where appropriate
ensure that parents are given materials that align with the acceptable level of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and including A-D
plan for a mix of synchronous (in real time) and asynchronous (not in real time) online learning opportunities, if students have access to technologies
balance individual activities/tasks with collaborative ones that support students to interact with each other online – if appropriate and technologies can facilitate it
include a spread of activities/tasks – for instance , creative, reflective, analytical, shorter and longer.

Supporting students with additional learning needs
Some students may experience greater challenges in learning remotely and wish extra support during a home learning environment.

Resources available to assist schools plan remote and versatile learning experiences are often also used for college kids with more complex learning needs. As their teacher, you'll be best placed to work out learning activities which will align with learning needs and therefore the goals identified through their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

When planning for all learners, including those with complex needs, you'll got to consider:

level of instruction required for folks to be ready to support completion of tasks, remembering that even as within the classroom, some learners need more adult support
order of learning activities
indicating time expected to require to finish the task
ways to stay motivated or track progress.

DAY- 46- DATE:- 30/07/2020

DAY- 45- DATE:- 29/07/2020

A Guide to Home Learning for folks of Year 7 Children
Whilst schools remain largely closed, The Blue School remains committed to providing distance
learning for college kids through our Google Classroom platform. With the prospect of scholars
continuing with this sort of education for the foreseeable future, we've aimed to enhance our
online provision in Term 6. Teachers will endeavour to supply more engaging and interactive content
and in some classes, students are going to be ready to experience live face-to-face interaction using Google
Hopefully, this Guide to Home Learning for folks will offer you some ideas and practical guidance

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Home Learning Daily Online Unit test Std 8

Home Learning Daily Online Unit test Std 8

Whilst schools remain largely closed, The Blue School remains committed to providing distance learning for college kids through our Google Classroom platform. With the prospect of scholars continuing with this sort of education for the foreseeable future, we've aimed to enhance our online provision in Term 6. Teachers will endeavour to supply more engaging and interactive content and in some classes, students are going to be ready to experience live face-to-face interaction using Google Meet.

Hopefully, our updated Guide to Home Learning for folks will offer you some ideas and practical guidance for the term ahead. If you've got any questions on your child's home learning, please get in-tuned with the varsity within the usual way.

The numbers are unprecedented, the implications enormous. because the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world , a majority of nations have announced the temporary closure of faculties , impacting quite 91 per cent of scholars worldwide – around 1.6 billion children and children .

Never before have numerous children been out of faculty at an equivalent time, disrupting learning and upending lives, especially the foremost vulnerable and marginalised. Here are a number of the ways UNICEF is functioning with partners to stay schools safe and students learning, in classrooms or reception , online and offline – wherever they're .

When educational facilities across Ukraine closed March to assist contain COVID-19, many families found themselves struggling to stay their children’s education on target .

Since the varsity closures, UNICEF has been supporting the Ministry of Education and Science with distance learning options for school kids to form sure continuity and help parents, caregivers and teachers access remote education resources and support during quarantine.

Ukraine is additionally one of the first countries since the COVID-19 pandemic to roll out its online curriculum through the training Passport, a worldwide learning platform launched by UNICEF and Microsoft to assist children and youth suffering from COVID-19 continue their education reception .

DAY- 44- DATE:- 28/07/2020
DAY- 45- DATE:- 29/07/2020

UNICEF identified quite 100 radio scripts from round the world that specialize in basic literacy and numeracy that would be adapted to align with Rwanda’s school curriculum. It then worked with partners, including the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, to supply and air the classes round the country.

More than 3 million students are out of faculty in Rwanda since the govt recommended schools on the brink of help prevent the spread of COVID-19. to stay children learning, the country has turned to at least one of its most accessible mediums: radio.
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