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Friday, July 24, 2020

These 10 pictures will distract you look at it a second time

You have to look at these 10 pictures a second time to understand - some may not even understand a second time

by kj july 24, 2020

There are many things in the world that must be seen once and seen again. This is also because when you look at an object for the first time, your eyes feel normal and no one sees it a second time, but if an object looks strange at first sight, you need to see it once. You can also call it human nature. But to understand the 20 pictures below you have to ovi it a second time. And even if it is not understood a second time, you have to look at it again and again, as sometimes you need to look at it a second time to understand the pictures captured in the camera.

To see these 10 pics you have to look at it a second time:

1 Look at this picture and go around, because the woman sitting on the seat here is reading the magazine, her mouth is on the page of the magazine.

2 Oh .. it will happen that such a long hand, but this is the black of the photographer. The boy spread his hand and the girl put her hand in her pocket, just then the pick clicked. Is it awesome

3 Now looking at this picture, you may be wondering why this boy's hand is so big. But this is the beauty of editing.

4 Keep looking at this picture to see why this happened last year. Thanks for clicking

5 Is this also an amazing couple?

6 Not two, not three, but many times.

7 From which forest is this bird located?

8 You have to look at this photo a second time āŠķો When you look closely, you will see the trick.

9 Comment below if you understand any of this

10 Joi ne kamaal, may not be understood at first.

  • Even this picture cannot be understood without seeing it a second time.
  • There are so many such nuggets in the world, where to go and take photos.
  •  Now there is nothing wrong with this picture, the time of the photographer fits in the same way.
  • One camel over another camel ?? Did you feel the same way when you first saw it ??

  • eo talk, now even the dogs are showing their thumbs
  •  It is said that the time comes for everyone, the time for this dog has also come now.

  •  There are many such models in the world, this is a combination of a man with a woman...

  •  One time I don't understand, another time Juilo brother ,,,,
  •  What do you think, seeing this, maybe editing is amazing.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Read all information about Employment,training and registretion

Read all information about Employment,training and registretion 

  • Gujarat No. 1 in providing employment through employment offices.
  • they are constantly striving to provide better services to employers and job seekers.

Talimrojgar Registration & Login

The Director Employment and Training is run under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of Gujarat. They were formed in the state of Gujarat in 1971 under the Employment Wing under the Director of Labor and the Vocational Training Scheme under the auspices of the Director of Tantric Education.

Two resolutions were enacted by the Government of India which are made through training to achieve higher employment in the organized sector.

The main objective of the Directorate of Employment and Training is to provide high quality business guidance and employment services to the youth of Gujarat. To achieve this, the Directorate of Employment and Training runs a wide range of short-term and long-term training programs at ITI centers. Young people who are looking for employment are registered by the employment offices and they are given the best employment opportunities by maintaining the list of employers in that field.

The Director of Employment and Training, Government of Gujarat, runs a number of skill building programs to provide employment to the people. Currently 3 employment offices are helping the registered youth to get employment.

The state employment offices have been successful in providing employment to the registered candidates in a very efficient manner and by organizing industrial recruitment fairs in industrial estates.

Important Links:

Check Registration Status : Here

Online Registration :   Here

they are constantly striving to provide better services to employers and job seekers. So you can give your feedback and opinion at the following address.

Dharampur, Sonagadh, Khedbrahma, Chhota - Udaipur, Mandvi
Candidates are employed by 8 University Centers for Employment Guidance and Information Bureaus who are able to get jobs through placement through employment exchange. U.E.B. It also handles other jobs for employment in Gujarat such as registration and other facilities for women and new job seekers.

Employment Exchange for Gujarat Women:

The Gujarat State Government also provides this facility for women in which they will also be able to get 0% reserved seats. In registration, female applicants can also get a 5 year increase in the age limit. The government provides a variety of counseling and business programs to guide women applicants after registration.

Employment Exchange for New Job Seekers Gujarat:

After registration the applicants can get the notification through the online official website with renewal services. Every 3 year period, each applicant will have to re-register and renew his card. On the official portal, you can find all the notifications for new jobs and get professional guidance for careers there.
Employment Exchange Registration Offices Gujarat:

There are 4 registration offices in 4 regional divisions as follows:

Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Talimrojgar

Employment and training,

Block 1, 3rd Floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan,
Gandhinagar - 2010, Gujarat
Phone - 21-9-404 Fax - 21-9-7-9.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

KV Admissions 2020: KVS releases revised guidelines for admissions on

KV Admissions 2020: KVS releases revised guidelines for admissions on

  • The schedule for admission within the session 2020-21 are going to be as follows: -
  • The Admission Schedule for the Session 2020-21 are going to be as under


1 Advertisement for Admission
Advertisement for admission 17/07/2020 (Friday)

2 Registration for Class-I - Online
Online Registration for Class-I

20/07/2020 (Monday)
10:00 PM onwards

3.Anlim Lily of Online Registration for sophistication 
Last date of Online Registration for Class-I.
07/08/2020 (Friday) till
7:00 PM
(19 days)

4 (a) Declaration of provisional select and waitlist of
registered candidates
Selection and pre-list of all registered schools
Exhibition of
(b) Admission of eligible candidates of selected
list within the following order:

(i) RTE
(ii) From Service Priority Category (I and II)
(iii) Shortfall of Reservation Quota after
admission in (i) and (ii) above

According to the list issued above
Login begins within the following order:
(i) Internal selection of education rights
(ii) Selection from service category preference order category I and II
(iii) Of the seats filled within the above Shalmi Arlakshi Kate
After blood enters the seat

5 (i) List of selected schools in commission category order
Exhibitions and entrances for the aim of securing seats for the year
The reserved seats are empty.
Declaration of provisional select list of
candidates as per priority service category for
unreserved seats, if any (keeping the left over
reserved seats blocked).
27/08/2020 to 29/08/2020

(Thursday) (Saturday)
(3 days)

5 (ii) Under and after the proper to education  Fake / Tribal,
Other Backward Year (NCL) Admission Heidu Sari Notification (Class-
I), if not enough applications are received (Offline).
Extended date for Second Notification for offline
registrations for admissions to be made under
RTE Provisions, SC / ST and OBC (NCL) if
sufficient applications not received in online

Notification on
31/08/2020 (Monday)
Registration from
31/08/2020 (Monday)
to 05/09/2020 (Saturday)
Display of list and


07/09/2020 (Monday) to
11/09/2020 (Friday)
6 Registration of Class-II or other classes (in offline
mode) (Class-XI) - Bleeding in Class-Special
In the story of Neki.

Registration for Class-II onwards (except Class
XI) - Subject in offline mode to availability of

vacancies during a particular class.

20/07/2020 to 25/07/2020
(monday) (Saturday)
The list for sophistication 7 or class is released
Declaration of list of sophistication II onwards.
29/07/2020 at 4:00 PM

Admission for 8th class or other classes.
Admission for sophistication II onwards.
30/07/2020 to 07/08/2020

(Thursday) (Friday)
9 K.Lav. Student of: For admission in class-XI


For KV students: Registration for admission in
class XI.
Within every week of
declaration of sophistication X.
10 K.Lav. Student of: Class-XI Admission List Released
Doing and logging.
KV students: Display of admission list &
admissions for Class-XI.

Within fortnight of
declaration of sophistication X.
11 Non K.Lav. Student of: For admission in class-XI
Registration, issuance of admission list and admission (blood)
In this case)
Non-KV students: Registration, display of
admission list & admissions in school XI (Subject
to availability of vacancies)
After the admissions of KV
students in school X
12 class 11 salahi anlim lili of admission altogether classes
Last date of admission for all classes including
15/09/2020 (Tuesday)
(tentative, counting on
the declaration of sophistication X.

Note: -

1. List of all registered children, list of eligible children, unlicensed children for admission

Category wise list, examination list and answer list on the knowledge board of the Central School.

It is mandatory to post on the web site of the varsity along side the demonstration.

List of youngsters registered, list of eligible children, category-wise list of provisionally

selected children, roll and subsequent lists to be compulsorily displayed on

the web-site of the Kendriya Vidyalayas concerned, additionally to display on

School’s bulletin board .

2. If the registration may be a public holiday or a public holiday.

Accepted on working days.

If any of the dates happens to be a public holiday subsequent working day shall be

treated as opening / deadline .

3. Online or school from 15th Sept, 2020 after completion of sophistication 1 study admission process

According to the development within the blood vessels generated from COVID-19.

The studies of sophistication i will be able to commence from 15

th Sept, 2020 either online or regular in

vidyalaya depending upon improvement in situation thanks to COVID-19.

4. within the context of the aircraft Covid 19, there are 198 central schools within the entire country.

Used by Central Government / government for Isolation Center or Quarantine Center

Are being carried. The Lockdown ended thanks to this Valic epidemic by the govt

These schools are going to be ready to resume only after granting permission.

It is broug

KV Admissions 2020: KVS releases revised guidelines for admissions on Details|KVS Admission Notice 2020-2021.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, KVS has released fresh guidelines for admission 2020- 21 on the official website Check details here

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, KVS has recently released revised guidelines for KV admissions 2020 on the official website, the rules are released for brand spanking new and existing candidates. The school's administration has reserved 27 per cent seats for Other Backward Classes, OBC candidates which are mentioned within the guidelines.

This had already been decided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in December 2019. As per the official information, admission for sophistication 1 would be conducted through a web draw of lots. The admissions to Class 2 to class 8 would be done on a priority basis. this suggests just in case the applications exceed the amount of seats, the lottery system would be followed.

Admissions to Class 9 are going to be given on the idea of an entrance examination and admission to Class 11 would be done on the idea of sophistication 10 marks of any candidate. Admission of fresh students to Class 10 and sophistication 12 are subject to availability, as per the knowledge brochure of KVS.

KVS would preference to the subsequent -

Children of transferable and non-transferable Central government employees and youngsters of ex-servicemen. this may also include children of Foreign National officials, who come on deputation or transfer to India on invitation by Govt. of India.

Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies / Public Sector Undertaking/Institute of upper Learning of the govt of India

Children of transferable and non-transferable government employees.

Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings/Institute of upper Learning of the State Governments.


Children from the other category including the youngsters of Foreign Nationals who are located in India thanks to their work or for any personal reasons. the youngsters of Foreign Nationals would be considered only just in case there are not any Children of Indian Nationals waitlisted for admission.

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Investment in National Pension Scheme

Investment in National Pension Scheme will be more favorable / can be invested through NPS Subscribers Systematic Investment Plan

  • Small investors get a lot of relief in investing through SIP

  • The government is constantly striving to make NPS more attractive

NPS subscribers may soon have the option to invest in the National Pension Scheme through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). SIP in NPS will do the same kind of work as SIP does in mutual funds. Under the SIP technique, investors instruct their bank to transfer a certain amount to a specified instrument at each fixed interval. SIP is more suitable for small investors. The government is constantly working to make NPS suitable and more attractive to investors.

The SIP feature launch date is not fixed

Amit Sinha, Executive Vice President, NSDL e-Governance, said, “We are working hard to bring a SIP-like model for NPS subscribers. Sinha recently gave no date for launching SIP in NPS. "I can't give a date for it," he said. But in a few months NPS subscribers can expect SIP facility.

read news report from here::

3-year lock-in on contributions made by government employees under tax deduction

A few days back the government had issued a notification to create an NPS Tier-2 account under tax deduction under Section 80C. Earlier, there was no lock-in in NPS Tier-2. Following the notification, there will be a three-year lock-in on contributions made by government employees under the tax deduction. There will be no deduction and no lock-in on contributions made by private sector employees in NPS Tier-2.
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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge

Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge

MeitY in partnership with Atal Innovation Mission – Niti Aayog launches Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge to spot the simplest Indian Apps that are already getting used by citizens and have the potential to scale and become world class Apps in their respective categories. This Innovation Challenge with various cash awards and incentives of featuring Apps on Leader Boards seeks to make an ecosystem where Indian entrepreneurs and Startups are incentivised to ideate, incubate, build, nurture and sustain Tech solutions which will serve not only citizens within India but also the planet .

The Mantra is to form in India for India and therefore the World.

The AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge is being launched within the following 8 broad categories:

  1. Office Productivity & Work from Home
  2. Social Networking
  3. E-Learning
  4. Entertainment
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Business including Agritech and Fintech
  7. News
  8. Games

There could also be several sub categories within each category.

A mobile application harnessing the foremost accurate facial and / or body mapping technology to permit for a true-to-life virtual try of products like spectacles, clothes, etc.
Mobile application for real-time speech-to-speech translation and camera translation of multiple languages.
An automated web-based application that handles business-to-business lead generation and cold emailing and is totally manageable from a mobile device itself.
Application to use mobile devices as image scanners with features like on the fly image correction, image editing, text recognition, etc.
Application to supply cloud storage integration, cross-platform file transfer via FTP or LAN, and a root browser on mobile device
A robust indigenous anti-virus software for mobile devices.
Application to optimize mobile device's performance by cleaning junk/cache files, optimizing device memory and optimizing battery usage.
A mobile based live streaming platform for hosting webinars, lectures, etc.
A mobile based messaging and video calling application
A mobile based microblogging application
A mobile based news application that uses cutting-edge technology to recommend the foremost relevant and interesting news individually to every use.
A mobile application offering satellite imagery and street maps, also as functions like a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or with public transportation.
A mobile based online gaming platform which also functions as a social hub for gamers
A mobile based photo-editing application with all standard image editing features


Only Indian entrepreneurs and start-ups are going to be eligible to submit their entries in various categories


The Innovation Challenge are going to be available on
The last date of submission of entry is 18th July 2020
The applicant must apply only online to submit their proposals by registering and logging on MyGov portal:
Applicants are advised to supply self-contained proposals with essential supporting materials provided as uploads for an informed and fair evaluation/review.
No changes are going to be accepted once proposals are submitted.
Providing misinformation will cause outright rejection of proposals.


Ease of use
Security features
There will be a two stage Selection Process:

1st Stage - Screening of eligible entries
2nd Stage - Evaluation by Jury, with actual Demo


Jury with experts from Private Sector & Academia to guage
Shortlisted Apps to be awarded & placed on Leader boards
Government to adopt suitable Apps, guide them to maturity


Launch of Innovation Challenge On
Last date for Submission: 18th July 2020 at 5:30 P.M
Screening of Entries Received 20th to 24th July 2020
Evaluation by the Jury 27th July to 3rd August 2020
Final Announcement 7th August, 2020


Following Awards are going to be given in each of the Eight Categories

  1. First Prize 20 Lakhs
  1. Second Prize 15 Lakhs
  1. Third Prize 10 Lakhs

For the needs of evaluation, Jury may create sub categories in each category then Apps are going to be classified into respective subcategories, supported functionality and evaluated. just in case Sub Categories are created, the prize for every sub category within each category are going to be as below:

  • First Prize 5 Lakhs
  • Second Prize 3 Lakhs
  • Third Prize 2 Lakhs


The contest is hospitable Indian Citizens only.
The decision of the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) are going to be final and binding with reference to selection on all stages.
By making a submission within the contest, all participants warrant and represent that to the simplest of their knowledge, their submission is original and doesn't violate or misappropriate any third party secret , “know-how,” copyright, patent or other property right. Participants also warrant and represent that there are not any obligations of any nature, legal or otherwise, which might prohibit, restrict, or interfere with their participation within the Contest or submission of their design report, and comply with obtain any necessary clearances, authorizations and/or approvals before participation.
The participants agree that MeitY will share information submitted by the participants on panel experts, reviewers etc. (any information that you simply might not want to share publicly shouldn't be submitted).

Government doesn't claim ownership over property Right (IPR) for the Innovation that's sent to us by submitting an application. The IPR shall remain with the applicant in the least times.
Government reserves the proper to publish the grantees information with reference to Name of the App , Brief summary, Key Functionalities , Developer Contact , Team details.
By entering the competition , each participant agrees to release MeitY from and against any losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind arising from
an exclusion or disqualification of such participant pursuant to those rules;
late or unsuccessful efforts to notify winners of any prize;
forfeiture of a prize and therefore the selection of an alternate winner;
late, lost, delayed, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, illegible or unintelligible entries;
telephone, electronic, hardware or software program, network, Internet, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind;
failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions;
any condition caused by events beyond MeitY’s control which will cause the competition to be disrupted or corrupted; and
any injuries, losses or damages of any kind concerning participation during this Contest.
Government reserves the proper , at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, suspend this contest and modify the principles , prizes & funding associated with the competition without prior notice. In no event shall Government or the other organizers be responsible for any claims, losses, expenses or damages, arising out of or in reference to the foregoing.


Any correspondence with participant are going to be done through an email provided by the participant at time of filling the appliance form. Organizers aren't liable just in case of email delivery failures.
For any queries, please send mail at:

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Colleges Exam Related Latest News|| Announcement By Bhupendr Chudasama

Colleges Exam Related Latest News|| Announcement By Bhupendr Chudasama

Colleges Exam Related Latest News|| Announcement By Bhupendr chudasama::  closed from March due to the Corona crisis could start from July 15. The Ministry of Human Resource Development is preparing guidelines for study in schools which may be released shortly. According to sources, only 33 per cent or 50 per cent children will be allowed to come to school in a day. The state government and school management will decide how many children to call based on the resources available.

The decision to take the final year examination in all the universities in Gujarat was taken in the cabinet meeting. This was reported by Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama. But within hours of announcing the government's decision, the Center had directed the state government to postpone all examinations. The state government took a U-turn on its decision in just 2 hours as ordered by the Union Education Secretary.

In this regard, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that all the examinations taken in all the universities in the state have been postponed. The GTU exam, which starts tomorrow, has also been postponed. This decision has been taken to maintain unity in the country. The date for all these examinations will be announced later, he said.

 that apply the 33 percent formula will only be able to go to school two days a week
Depending on the number of students, the number of hand washing facilities, toilets, taps, etc. may have to be increased. Students in schools that apply the 50 percent formula will be able to go to school three times a week and schools that apply the 33 percent formula will only be able to go to school two days a week. Will have to study online in the remaining days. The guidelines will be reviewed in the last week of June depending on the status of the infection.


It may be mentioned that in the cabinet meeting held today, it was decided to conduct final year examinations in all the universities in the state. Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama announced the exam and gave the option to take the exam online and offline. And arranged for a student to sit in a separate examination if he could not appear for the examination in both the ways.

When GTU's last year's exams were to start from tomorrow. Examinations were to be held at about 350 centers. There was also talk of arranging police arrangements for this. But due to the order of the central government, the water turned again on the announcement of the Gujarat government. And was forced to reverse his decision within just 2 hours. So did the Gujarat government organize the examination by keeping the Central Education Department in the dark?

Schools closed from March due to the Corona crisis could start from July 15. The Ministry of Human Resource Development is preparing guidelines for study in schools which may be released shortly. According to sources, only 33 per cent or 50 per cent children will be allowed to come to school in a day. The state government and school management will decide how many children to call based on the resources available
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