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Saturday, June 13, 2020

We learn about Indian currency banking system and loans through google search engine.

We learn about Indian currency banking system and loans through google search engine.

Learn about the inside information of the pictures given on different currency notes of India. Each note has different pictures but find out the various information behind why the pictures are not given in this Indian currency.

Personal loan banks and non-bank financial institutions basically require three certificates. One is proof of income, the other is identification, and the third is proof of the borrower’s address. The lender also requires you to submit bank account details for the last three months. You must also fill out the application form from the bank. For paid, self-employed and pensioners, these four documents are important.

For NRI, the required documents are different. In addition to proof of income, NRI applicants must also submit a copy of their passport, visa, and non-resident general account (NRO) and/or non-resident rupee account (NRE). NRI must exist in India when applying, and have close relatives in the country. List of documents of salaried persons For salaried persons, the required documents are income proof, address proof and identity proof. This is different from the application process which must be filled in and signed correctly. 

The following is a list of documents that need to be attached to the application form: Proof of identity: It can be in the form of Aadhaar card, valid passport, valid voter ID card, PAN card or valid driving license. Proof of address: In addition to Aadhaar, voter ID and driving license, you can also submit a copy of a ration card, passport, rental agreement or any utility bill (such as a telephone or electricity bill). Proof of income: As proof of income, you must submit a copy of the latest pay slip or proof of pay. You must also submit a copy of the latest Form 16. In addition to this, the bank account details for the last three months must also be submitted.

 Proof of identity for the list of personal business documents: As mentioned above, you should submit a copy of your passport/Aadhaar card, valid voter ID card, driving license and PAN card. Anyone who engages in their own business and applies for a company or personal loan must submit a PAN card. Proof of address: You can submit a copy of the Aadhaar card, passport, driver’s license, voter ID card or a copy of the utility bill, please refer to the rental agreement. 

Proof of income: Since self-employed people do not have pay slips, they must submit a copy of their latest IT return. In addition, they must submit income calculations, balance sheets for the last two years, and profit and loss statements for the last two years, and be certified and audited by chartered accountants. They must also provide proof of continuity.

 The certified copy of the Soul Ownership Statement or Partnership Contract, the certified original of the memorandum, the copy of the association (certified by the director) and the board resolution (original) are also mandatory. Documents for retirees If you are a pensioner applying for personal loans, you need to submit the following documents: Proof of identity: Can be a voter ID with photo, Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, driving license or quantitative card Proof of address: As mentioned above, you can submit a ration card, passport, any utility bill, voter ID, copy of driving license or rental agreement.

 Proof of age: If you have submitted the above documents, you may not have to submit a separate proof of age. However, if necessary, you can submit a copy of your birth certificate, PAN card or graduation certificate. Proof of income: This means detailed information about the organization working with you and a copy of the latest pension list. You will also need to submit bank account details for the last three months. 

Documents required by NRI The following are the documents that NRI applicants must submit: Proof of Nationality: You must submit a copy of your passport as proof of your nationality. Proof of residence: You need to show a copy of your visa to prove that you are currently living abroad

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