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Monday, June 28, 2021

BikeDekho - New Bikes, Scooters Prices, Offers

BikeDekho - New Bikes, Scooters Prices, Offers

1. TVS iQube

Its price has been reduced by Rs 11,250. Then the T V S i Que electric scooter is a priced at Rs 1,00,777 (ex show room). Which was earlier Rs 1,12,027. This battery are operated scooter from a T V S is a equipped with a 4.4 kw electric motor...

Application Form & Agency List (Year 2021-22)

  1. Application Form And Document List Link
  2. Two Wheeler Dealer LIst
  3. Price List Link

Procedure to Check application Status

  1. Visit the official Web portal
  2. Home page will bee open in a front of you
  3. On the homepage you need to the click on a application status in a link
  4. Now a new page will be a displayed in the  before you.
  5. You have to enter your application ID
  6. Now you need to click on submit
  7. Application in a status will be on your computer screen
Download Form

Download Form

Agency List

Agency List

Visit Official Website

Visit Official Website

2. Revolt RV 400

Revolt a Motors Company's RV 400 is the first electric in a  bike. The RV 400 is the top variant while in the RV 300 is the base variant. The company has a slashed  in the price of the RV 400 by about Rs 28,200. The ex-showroom price of the first Revolt RV 400 model was a Rs 90,799. Which will be a now be 62,599. The company has given a 5 k W electric motor in the Revolt RV 400 bike. It has three riding in the  modes - Eco, Normal and Sport variants. With the Revolt RV 400  in a bike, the company offers a warranty of up to  the 8 years or a 1.5 lakh km.

3. Okinawa iPraise +

The company has a priced the Okinawa i Praise + at Rs 1.15 lakh. But it has been a reduced from Rs 7,200 to Rs 17,900. As a result, it is a price has gone up from Rs 107,800 to Rs 97,100. The company has launched in the Okinawa i Praise + electric scooter in a Glossy Red Black, Glossy Golden Black, Glossy Silver Black. A separate in a application has also been a created for this. The Okinawa Echo app can be a downloaded from the Google Play Store. SOS notification is a safety  in a feature. This will bee send messages and emails to  the people on the list in case of an emergency. Also, rider braking, acceleration, turns and speeding can be a monitored through  in the monitoring  in a feature.

4. Hero Photon H X

The Hero Photon H X was a priced at the  Rs 79,940. After a receiving the subsidy, it has gone up to Rs 71,449. This has a reduced the price by up to  the 12%. It has a digital speedometer, remote lock with a anti-theft alarm, combo-braking system, LED lighting and a USB port for a mobile phone are charging.

5. Hero Optima ER (double battery)

The Hero Optima ER was a priced at the  Rs 78,640 (ex show room). It has reduced prices by a 33% after subsidies. It will bee now be a available for a purchase at the  Rs 58,980.

Dual lithium-ion batteries are fitted in this scooter. The company claims that the battery in the scooter will last for a 5 years. Features are include LED headlights, digital speedometer, alloy wheels, telescopic suspension and regenerative braking. Hero Optima ER is a designed for a college students and office goers.

OLA સ્કુટરનો વિડીયો અહીંથી જુઓ

Looking to the buy a new bike or a scooter / sooty? Bike Dekho Android app is the most useful and easy to  way to the  find out the most suitable two-wheeler for yourself. The app are provides you with an a exhaustive set of the features to help you narrow down to the best bike/scooter in your price in the  range.

You can get a information about all the available in the motorcycle models in a India along with a bike ex-showroom as well as a on-road in a prices. It is a  provides information about a bikes including their variants with a price list, overview, specifications, features, pictures, review and road test.

અહીં થી વાંચો ગુજરાતી ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ અને જાણો સ્કૂટર ના 
અલગ અલગ  ભાવ.

Key Features:

SEARCH: Quickest way to the navigate to the Motorcycles or a Scooter you are looking for. The app has one of the most exhaustive catalogs available anywhere in the  India, including best sellers: Honda Activa, Shine, Dio, Unicorn; Hero - Splendor, Maestro; TVS - Jupiter, Apache; Bajaj - Pulsar, Avenger; Piaggio - Vespa; Yamaha - FZ, YZFR15; Royal in the  Infield - Classic 350, Thunderbird, yamaha mt 15 among  in the others

BIKES: Compare a motorcycles/scooters from 30+ top brand manufacturers are including Suzuki, Mahindra, Royal En field and the exhaustive range of  the premium brand - Harley Davidson. You can sort the bikes on a popularity, price, apply a filters on the  type 

SCOOTERS : Find the most comprehensible range of the  scooters available in the India. Under this section, you can read their reviews, compare a specifications, check on road price, read road tests and check for a alternatives

COMPARE BIKES : This are feature lets you compare different bikes and scooters. Compare their price, specs and their key features using in this feature.

REVIEWS : Read through an a exhaustive set of  the Bikes user reviews from a genuine users and road tests done via our own experts.

ON ROAD PRICE: Get access to on-road price for all motorcycles, scooter across over 100+ cities including - Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur.

SPECIFICATIONS: Find a details specs for all the bikes and scooters, including the key decision makers - mileage, capacity, gearbox, self-start, horsepower and top the speed.

NEWS: Includes - new bike launches, upgrades or a updates in the two-wheeler s, price changes and all other updates of the industry.

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Download Ok Credit Android apps for manage Account


Download Ok Credit Android apps for  manage Account

OkCredit is your online ledger/khata book to keep customer dues balances after sales on credit. Its WhatsApp like simple interface and experience makes it very easy to track credit (उधार) account balances for shop owners and also sends a balance alerts to the customers.

Ab Hisaab, bina Kitaab with OkCredit, the best Mobile Khata book with additional WhatsApp reminders and online collection features for advanced users.

Benefits of using Ok Credit mobile app to replace traditional bahi khata book are many.
1. It helps you know your business performance with the most loyal customers for whom you extend credit facility on your mobile, anytime with 1 click.
2. Your credit collection becomes faster as the customers start paying back in time and help you grow your business.
3. Customers are happy with the new automatic balance alert experience and can pay online after reminders on SMS/WhatsApp.
4. Automatic online data backup with 100% privacy & security with an option to download account statement

Business owners and merchants dealing in sale and purchase of different business categories can use OkCredit App. Any small and medium business doing sales on credit will find it beneficial for their business and grow monthly profits.
1. Mobile Recharge, eMitra, Money Transfer
2. Electronics, Electrical & Hardware
3. Kirana Shop/General Store/Grocery Store/Provision Store
4. Bakery, Sweet, Snacks and Juice Shops
5. Medical Store/ Local Pharmacy
6. Paan, Tea
7. Personal Credit Book Keeping
8. Jewellery, gold silver ornaments
9. Medical, Pharmacy
10. Garments, tailor shop
11. Wholesalers
12. Distributors
13. Dairy
14. Micro-finance

Forget fear of NO CREDIT and enjoy the ease, simplicity and reliability of OK CREDIT.

Advantages of using OkCredit digital ledger against paper based udhaar bahi khata book

  • FAST : View any customer dues in 1-click
  •  REMINDER : Send payment reminder on whatsapp anytime
  •  AUTOMATIC : All transactions are added automatically
  •  ACCURATE : No totalling mistakes with inbuilt calculator
  • 100% SAFE : OTP verified account access
  •  MOBILE : Add credit/payment anytime, anywhere
  •  FREE : No monthly charges
  • BACKUP: Automatic online & PDF backup
  •  PROOF OF BUSINESS : Customer gets a free SMS update for all credit and payment transaction

OkCredit helps keep track of credit balances and transaction summary(Len Den Byora). Merchants(App Users) can use Ok Credit application to record credit and debit/payment for their trusted customers. Also, there is no fear of losing records as all data is backed up online against your phone number based account and can be recovered by a simple OTP authentication on a new device later on.

Customers get transaction updates via SMS. They can view their balance and transaction history at a unique link in the SMS. The lender can also send pending dues reminders to the other party. OkCredit is a very simple business accounting software application for the owners of nano, micro, small and medium businesses. You can see their total credit in the market. Also, you can track your account statement for past transactions.

Start using OkCredit App today to say good bye to the hassles and headache of managing credit accounts (vahi khata) with pen, paper and calculator.


Download Ok Credit App from here

Some other regional names of Udhar Bahi Khata where OkCredit can be used directly.

1. Credit Debit Entry Book
2. Leva Deva
3. Levad Devad
4. Ugarani Chukavani
5. Udhar Jama Register
6. Credit Debit App
7. Debit Credit Ledger
8. Basic Accounting Register
9. Ugarani Book
10. Ledger Book
11. Khata Diary
12. LenDen Diary
13. Len-Den Book
14. Udhaari
15. Khaata
16. Khata book
17. Bahi Khata
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Download Khata Book app Android Application


Download Khata Book app Android Application

Khata Book (Ledger Account Book) - Replace your traditional Udhar bahi khata by new digital ledger cash book. It is 100% Free, Safe and Secure for all types of businesses to maintain their customers' accounts. It is Tally for mobile. Shop owners can use the app to record credit (Jama) and debit (Udhar) transactions for their trusted customers.

Number #1 app to replace your offline Udhar Bahi Khata and transform it into a digital ledger Cash Book with a lot of great features.

* 100% Free, Safe and Secure
* Free SMS updates to your customers on every transaction
* Automatic and Secure Online Backup
* Create Personal Khata books to manage udhaar/len-den of your friends & family
* Send WhatsApp payment reminder to your customers
* Manage multiple shops within one app
* Download your Customers PDF Report
* Use one khata book account on Multiple Phones
* Set payment reminder date for your customer
* Secure your account book using App Lock

With this ledger Cash Book you can also:

- Add a customer to Khata Book
- Edit Customer Information
- Add Transaction done by Customer
- Edit old transactions of your hisab kitab app
- Delete Transaction from your account book
- Call customer to remind about pending payments directly from Khata Book app
- Whatsapp customer to inform about pending payments, increase your udhar recovery
- Easy Backup & restore Khata Book data
- Simple and easy to use design to manage your Udhar khata
- Add Udhar Jama anytime, anywhere
- Your Hisab Kitab app in your pocket
- This digital Cash Book is completely free to use
- 100% accurate and reliable khata book is a great len den app
- Tally for mobile

Khata Book is proudly made in India

Especially useful for shopkeepers and small and medium businesses doing sales on credit and len den.


Download Khata book App from here

Any category of shop can use:

- Mobile Recharge and Electronics Shops
- Kirana Shop, General Store, Grocery Store, Provision Store
- Bakery, Snacks and Juice Shops
- Jewellery shop, jauharee, gold seller
- Medical Store, Local Pharmacy
- Garments, tailor shop
- Paan Shops, chai shop, cigarette dukaan
- Personal Credit Book Keeping
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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

English Speaking Practice; Spoken English in 60 days

English Speaking Practice; Spoken English in 60 days

Learn and improve your English conversation skills by practicing your English speaking using our interactive conversation practice tools.

These English conversation lessons will help you with your English speaking and English listening while giving you the confidence to speak with native English speakers.

We have basic English conversation lessons for beginners and also beginner level business English conversation. These are perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English conversation skills.

જાણો કોને ક્યું મળ્યું ખાતું

1 ભુપેન્દ્ર પટેલ -મુખ્યમંત્રી
2 કનુભાઈ દેસાઈ - નાણા ઉર્જા અને પેટ્રો કેમિકલ
3 ઋષિકેશ પટેલ - શિક્ષણ મંત્રી, આરોગ્ય અને કાયદા મંત્રી, સાથે ઉચ્ચ શિક્ષણની જવાબદારી
4 રાઘવજી પટેલ - કૃષિ પશુપાલન, ગૌ સંવર્ધન,મત્સ્ય ઉદ્યોગ, ગ્રામ ગૃહ નિર્માણ અને ગ્રામ વિકાસ
5 બળવંતસિંહ રાજપૂત - ઉદ્યોગ-લઘુ, શુક્ષ્‍મ અને મધ્ય ઉદ્યોગ,કુટીર,ખાદી અને ગ્રામોધ્યોગ,નાગરીક ઉડ્ડયન, શ્રમ અને રોજગાર
6 કુંવરજી બાવળિયા - પાણી પુરવઠા
7 મુળુભાઇ બેરા - પ્રવાસન,વન અને પર્યાવરણ
8 કુબેર ડિંડોર - પ્રાથમિક અને માધ્યમિક શિક્ષણ,આદિજાતિ વિકાસ વિભાગ
9 ભાનુબેન બાબરીયા - સામાજિક ન્યાય અધિકારીતા

10 હર્ષ સંઘવી - ગૃહ રાજ્યમંત્રી,યુવા સાંસ્કૃતિક અને રમત ગમત વિભાગ

11 જગદીશ પંચાલ -સહકાર, મિઠા ઉદ્યોગ,છાપકામ,લેખન સામગ્રીનો સ્વતંત્ર હવાલો, પ્રોટોકોલ,
12 પરસોતમભાઈ સોલંકી- મત્સ્ય ઉદ્યોગ અને પશુ પાલન
13 બચુભાઈ ખાબડ - પંચાયત અને કૃષિ
14 મુકેશ પટેલ - વન પર્ચાવરણ, ક્લાયમેટ ચેંજ,જળ સંપત્તિ અને પાણી પુરવઠા
15 પ્રફુલ પાનસેરીયા- સંસદીય બાબતો, પ્રાથમિક માધ્યમિક અને પ્રૌઢ શિક્ષણ
16 ભીખુસિંહ પરમાર - અન્ન અને નાગરિક પુરવઠો, સામાજીક ન્યાય અને અધિકારિતા
17 કુંવરજી હળપતિ- આદિજાતી વિકાસ, શ્રમ અને રોજગાર

The best way to learn English is to practice spoken English in conversations. Use this app to learn English.

Learn spoken English and Grammar from Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Malay, Urdu, Malay, Bangladeshi Bengali, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Malayalam, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and Nepali. A free English learning course used by over 50 Million learners for spoken English, grammar, and vocabulary building.

Hello English by CultureAlley is the number 1 ranked free Educational App, and the best free App to learn English.

Awarded Google's Editor's Choice 2018, 2017; "INDIA’S BEST MOBILE APP OF 2017" By IAMAI, Google's Best Apps for 2016.


- 475 Interactive Lessons: 100% free interactive lessons with conversational English, grammar topics, vocabulary and more. All lessons work offline as well.

- Interactive Games: On reading, translation, spellings, grammar, vocabulary. With immediate results and grammar tips.

- Discussions with teachers: Ask questions on grammar and translations to teachers.

- Practice using daily news and videos: Learn with latest news, articles, audio-video clips, and e-books.

- Conversation and speaking practice game: Hold daily-use conversations by speaking into the App - improve your spoken English skills.

- 10,000 words Dictionary: Learn new words, and hear their pronunciation.

- Play with friends: Multi-player games and quizzes to practice English with learners across the globe

- Chat Bots: Learn English with chatbots

- Know Your Rank: Win coins and know your global and city rank.

Online Learning Courses:

Make learning go digital, now learn to talk english, learn to use a computer, learn about content writing, learn many different languages right on your phone, within just a few clicks by Using the Josh Skills app. Learn new skills & improve your skills at the same time. Zindagi mein aage badho Josh ke saath!

Key Features:

● You get a total of 90 days to practice and learn English online with us
● Each day one lesson is sent to you which will include audios and videos for your better understanding
● You have to give only 15 minutes of practice each day to become better
● Our content begins from level 1 and goes to level 10 step by step
● Regular assignments are given with each lesson, to check your progress
● We focus on reducing your hesitation to speak English. You give answers by recording audio and video

Types of Courses:📚
● Advanced English Practice Course
● Bangla, Punjabi & Marathi Basic Computer Skills
● Bangla, Punjabi & Marathi Public Speaking Course
● Bangla, Punjabi & Marathi Spoken English Course
● Bangla & Marathi Personality Development Course
● Online Business Marathi with Anand Dixit
● Master the Skill of Mobile Photography
● Global General Knowledge Course
● Online Blogging se Paise Kaise Kamaye?
● Graphic Designing
● How to get a Job?
● Learn Video Editing Professionally!
● Content Writer Kaise Bane?
● Time Management

Spoken English:
Ab English bolna sikhe bina kisi jhanjat ke, ghar baitey sikhe english. Sudhare aapni angrezi bina koi class mein admission liye, english sikho aapne mobile se kissi bhi umar mein. Top english sikhne ka app

Personal Finance:
Ghar baithe paise kamaye, sikhe stock market aur personal finance k bare main. Learn about investing, growing your money, paise banane ke nuskhe, sikhe taxe k bare main and every other complicated finance factor from the comfort of your homes

Personality Development:

Learn about personality development, how to make yourself dynamic when it comes to creating a professional impression. Learn speaking english course and make an impact

Public speaking:

A very common lesson that most people find difficult is public speaking, learn how to grow your confidence when speaking in front of a group of people, sikhe bolne ke aur apni pehchan banane ke tarike

Digital Marketing:

This is the age of digitalization, learn digital marketing and the skills around every digital aspecting. As the markets are getting digital, this is the best time to take this up and enter the digital market

Computer Skills:

Iss naye daur mein waqt ke saath kadma se kadam mila ke chale, aapne ghar baithe computer chalana sikhe. Use this as a computer learning app & master basic as well as advanced computer skills to create a huge impact

Content Writing:

You know that you have the ability to write but you want to master it on a professional level, this is the right place for you. Opt for the best content writing courses and leave a lasting impression

This useful app contains a lot of English lessons that will help you improve listening and speaking abilities. All lessons of this app are in American accent. You can also read the full transcript of each lesson while listening to the audios.

With this app, you can find great resources and lessons to improve your pronunciation, listening and grammar skills.

Main features:

- Speak Like A Native: 48 daily topics and 1200+ sentences for everyday conversations.
- Audios and Transcripts of over 200 English Lessons: listening lessons and short conversations (in American English);
- Short stories;
- Grammar learning;
- Vocabulary Learning;
- Sentence builder;
- Dictation Test;
- Hangman game;
- Online/Offline Audio.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New Scrape Policy About old Vehicles

 New Scrape Policy About old Vehicles

CarWale app is one of the top rated car apps in India for new and used car research. Today, finding a suitable car for your needs can be exhausting with a multitude of options available.

CarWale app answers all your car related queries online. At CarWale, we work towards simplifying your car buying journey by providing accurate on road prices of cars, genuine user and expert reviews, and the option to book test drives with nearest dealers. You can also compare different cars with the car comparison tool. This app also helps you to connect with your nearest car dealers for the best offers available.

If you are looking to buy second hand cars, this app provides more than 50,000 verified used car listings from genuine sellers. You can also sell your second hand car in just a few steps and know the right price for your car with the car valuation tool.


• Easy claims management: Tap-Upload-Done!

What you don’t get with the ACKO

સ્ક્રેપેજ પોલિસી એનાલિસિસ અંગે ડીટેઇલ ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ અહિંથી વાંચો

You can do all this and more using CarDekho - best car app in India. Do your car research - find out about the latest cars, popular cars and upcoming cars in India. Check out on-road price of various car models in your city, compare specs and features of two or more cars. Find out about the latest car offer and discount, get assistance with car loan, car insurance and more. You can even buy and sell used car easily using the CarDekho App, which has over 1 lakh used cars for sale in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities.

Benefits of downloading CarDekho App:

Compare Cars on-road price, specs and features

Use the CarDekho app to get accurate and up-to-date on-road prices of new cars like Hyundai i20, Renault Kwid, Maruti Baleno, Jaguar XF, Jeep Compass etc in your city. You can also compare car prices and specs, and even different variants of the same car to decide which one to buy.

Car Loan, Car Loan EMI Calculator

Find out more details about car finance you might need using car loan EMI calculator and get best deals on car loan interest rates.

સ્ક્રેપ પોલીસી અંગે VTV GUAJRATI ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ અહિંથીં વાંચો

Scrapyards and fitness centres

Unlike in developed countries, India’s vehicle scrapping industry is highly unorganised and controlled mostly by roadside garage owners. The scrapping process is labour-intensive and largely done manually.

“The scrapping facilities are highly unorganised, located in major cities, who buy the vehicle and do the dismantling manually without any machinery, which makes the process inefficient. So, the recycling, recovery and reuse from the scrapped vehicles is very limited, which causes serious economic loss,” Aramane said.

The ministry hopes the scrapping scheme will help address the dearth in availability of key raw materials like rare earths and metals. About 60 vehicle scrappage centres will be set up by the private sector with help from state governments.
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Monday, June 21, 2021

PM Mentoring YUVA Scheme full Detail

 PM Mentoring YUVA Scheme full Detail

The Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education today launched YUVA-  Prime Minister’s Scheme For Mentoring Young Authors, an Author Mentorship programme to train young and budding authors (below 30 years of age) in order to promote reading, writing and book culture in the country, and project India and Indian writings globally.

The launch of YUVA (Young, Upcoming and Versatile Authors) is in tune with PM’s vision to encourage young writers to write about India's freedom struggle.  It was during Mann ki Baat on 31 January 2021, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi called upon the young generation to write about freedom fighters, incidents associated with freedom, the saga of valour during the period of freedom struggle in their respective areas - as the best tribute to the heroes of India's freedom - as we celebrate 75 years of Indian Independence.

Highlights of YUVA (Young, Upcoming and Versatile Authors):  

  • A total of 75 authors will be selected through an All India Contest to be conducted through from 1 June - 31 July 2021.
  • The winners will be announced on 15 August 2021.
  • The young authors will be trained by eminent authors/mentors.
  • Under the mentorship, the manuscripts will be readied by 15 Dec. 2021 for publication.
  • The published books will be launched on 12 January 2022 on the occasion of National Youth Day (Yuva Diwas).
  • A consolidated scholarship of Rs.50,000 per month for a period of six months per author will be paid under the Mentorship Scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced the launch of the YUVA Mentoring scheme, a programme that will help young authors pursue their love for writing by promoting the Indian heritage and history through their works.

PM Modi said that the scheme aimed at creating a pool of under-30 authors to promote Indian heritage, culture and knowledge offers an "interesting opportunity" for youngsters to harness their writing skills and contribute to the nation's intellectual discourse.

SELECTION PROCEDURE OF YOUNG AUTHORS / युवा लेखकों की चयन प्रक्रिया

A total of 75 authors will be selected through an All India Contest at MyGov.

The selection will be made by a Committee to be constituted by NBT.

The contest will run from 4th June to 31st July 2021.

The contestants will be asked to submit a manuscript of 5,000 words to judge its suitability to develop as a proper book under the Mentorship Scheme.

The names of selected authors will be announced on the occasion of Independence Day on 15th August 2021.

PM YUVA યોજના વિશે ડીટેઇલમાં અહિંથી જાણો


Based on mentorship, the selected authors will prepare manuscripts for final selection under the guidance of the nominated mentors.

The entries of the winners will be readied for publication by 15th December 2021.

The published books may be launched on 12th January 2022 on YUVA DIVAS or the National Youth Day.

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RMC Apprentices Recruitment 2021

RMC Apprentices Recruitment 2021

RMC Recruitment 2021 : Rajkot Municipal Corporation under Apprentice Act - 1961 and Government's "Mukhyamantri Apprentice Scheme" recruitment for Wire man, Mechanic Motor Vehicle, Programming and System Administration Assistant, Computer Operator Cum Programming Assistant (COPA), Fitter, Lineman, Electrician, Car Painter, Plumber, Refrigerator and Air Conditioning Mechanical, Mechanical Diesel, Draftsman (Civil), Horticulture, Assistant, Gardner (Mali), CAD Cam Operator Cum Programmer, Health Sanitary Inspector, Surveyor, Welder (Electrics + GAS), Laboratory Attendant Operator, (Chemical Plant), Pump Operator, Library Assistant, Painter, Call Center Assistant Trades. Eligible can Apply RMC Apprentices Recruitment 2021 through official Web Site.

RMC Recruitment 2021 

Article Name : RMC Apprentices Recruitment 2021
Post Type : Apprentices
Location : Rajkot (Gujarat) 
Organization : Rajkot Municipal Corporation
Announced Date : 19-06-2021
Official Web Site :
Post Date : 19-06-2012
Application Mode : Online

RMC Apprentices Recruitment 2021 : Its Good Opportunity for Job in RMC Apprentices Recruitment 2021. For More Information about Post Name, Post Type, Total Post, Education Qualification, Salary, Age Limit, Application Fees, Selection Process, How to Apply as below.

Post Name

Wire man
Mechanic Motor Vehicle
Programming and System Administration Assistant
Computer Operator Cum Programming Assistant (COPA)
Car Painter
Refrigerator and Air Conditioning Mechanical
Mechanical Diesel
Draftsman (Civil)
Gardner (Mali)
CAD Cam Operator Cum Programmer
Health Sanitary Inspector
Welder (Electrics + GAS)
Laboratory Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)
Pump Operator
Library Assistant
Call Center Assistant

Education Qualification

Must have passed ITI course in that Trade

Salary / Pay Scale

Monthly Stipend given (as per government rule)

Age Limit

Read Official Notification

Application Fees

Read Official Notification

Selection Process

Candidate must be selected based on Qualification, Merit OR Interview (as per rules)

How to Apply :

Eligible Candidate apply through official website

Note : Candidates only have to apply online then attach the required copies shown in the application form along with the online printout to the Assistant Manager Shree, Establishment Branch, Room no. 1, 2nd Floor, Rajkot Municipal Corporation, Dhebarbhai Road, Rajkot - 360001 address should be sent by post or in person to the office by 10/07/2021 (10.30 am to 06.10 pm).

Important Link

Advertisement : Click To View
Full Notification : Available Soon. 
Apply Online : Now (start : 21-06-2021)
Advertisment Link : Here 

Important Date

Online Application Start Date : 21-06-2021
Online Application Last Date : 30-06-2021
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RRC WR Railway Apprentice Recruitment 2021

RRC WR Railway Apprentice Recruitment 2021:  RRC WR Released Recruitment Notification For 3591 Apprentice Posts.Eligible & Interested Candidates Apply Online After Read Official Notification. RRC Recruitment 2021, Western Railway Apprentice Recruitment 2021.

RRC WR Railway Apprentice Recruitment

RRC WR Railway Apprentice Recruitment 2021

Department Name: Western Railway
Posts Name: Apprentice
No.Of Vacancy: 3591
Application Mode: Online
Category: New Job
Advt No: RRC/WR/01/2021
Job Location: India

Job Details :

Welder (G&E)
Painter (General)
Mechanic (DSL)
Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)
Operator and Programming Assistant
Electronics Mechanic
Refrigeration & AC Mechanic
Pipe Fitter
Draftsman (Civil)
Stenographer (English)

Division Wise Vacancy :

Mumbai (MMCT ) Division-738
Vadodara (BRC ) Division-489
Ahmedabad Division-611
Ratlam (RTM) Division-434
Rajkot (RJT) Division-176
Bhavnagar (BVP) Division-210
Lower Parel (PL ) W/Shop-396
Mahalaxmi (MX) W/Shop-64
Bhavnagar (BVP ) W/Shop-73
Dahod (DHD) W/Shop-187
Pratap Nagar (PRTN) W/Shop,Vadodara-45
Sabarmati (SBI ) ENGG W/Shop,Ahmedabad-60
Sabarmati (SBI ) Signal W/Shop, Ahmedabad-25
Head Quarter Office-83

RRC WR Railway Recruitment 2021 Education Qualification

Matriculate or 10th Class in 10+2 examination system with minimum 50% marks in aggregate from recognized Board.

TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS :- ITI certificate affiliated to NCVT / SCVT is compulsory in relevant trade.

Age Limit :

The Applicants should have completed 15 years of age and should not have completed 24 years 
of age as on 24/06/2021.

How To Apply

Applicants are required to apply ONLINE by visiting Detailed instructions for filling up ONLINE applications will be available on the website. 
Applicants are required to fill up the personal details/Trade/Aadhaar number/Marks/CGPA/preference for Divisions/Workshops etc.very carefully as the Computerised Merit list will be prepared only on the basis of the information filled by the Applicant in the ONLINE application.In case of any discrepancy observed at the time of Document Verification,the Applicant will be disqualified summarily.

Application Fees

Application fees (Non-refundable)-Rs.100/-. 
No fee is required to be paid by SC/ST/PWD/Women Applicants.

Selection Process : 
selection of the eligible Applicants for imparting training under the Apprentice Act, 1961 will be based on the merit list which would be prepared taking the average of the percentage of marks obtained by the Applicants in both Matriculation [with minimum 50% (aggregate) marks] and ITI examination giving equal weightage to both.
 In case of two Applicants having the same marks the Applicants having older age shall be preferred.In case the dates of birth are also same, then the· Applicants who passed matriculation exam earlier shall be considered first. There will be no written test or viva. 
Applicants need not send any copies of application/certificates/documents to RRC-WR by post but have to upload the same online.

RRC Recruitment Notification : Click Here 
RRC Recruitment Apply Online : Click Here

Important Dates

Online Application Starting Dates:  25/05/2021
Last Date For Application: 24/06/2021

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SUMUL Dairy Recruitment 2021, Apply for Various Vacancies

SUMUL Dairy Recruitment 2021, Apply for Various Vacancies

SUMUL Dairy Recruitment 2021 | Fitter/ Wiremen & Other Posts | Total Vacancies Various | Last Date 20.06.2021 | Download Surat Cooperative Milk Union Notification @

SUMUL Dairy Recruitment 2021: Surat District Co-Operative Milk Producer’s Union Ltd invites online mode applications via SUMUL Careers. Recently it has announced the new job notice for various posts. Applicants who are seeking Jobs in Gujarat kindly submit the online application form on or before the last date. As per the SUMUL Recruitment notification, these various vacancies are assigned for Fitter/ Wiremen & Other Posts. The last date for receipt of the application is 20.06.2021.

Surat Cooperative Milk Union Notification & SUMUL Dairy Recruitment apply online link is available @ Before apply to these openings candidates must check their eligibility i.e. educational qualification, age limit, experience and etc. SUMUL recruitment process will be done on the basis of test/ interview and shortlisted candidates will be appointed at Surat [Gujarat]. More details of recruitment, Surat Cooperative Milk vacancy, upcoming Surat Milk Union Jobs notices, syllabus, answer key, merit list, selection list, admit card, result, upcoming notifications and etc. will be uploaded on official website.

SUMUL Dairy Recruitment 2021

Post Details :
MBA Marketing
B.SC Chemistry
M.SC Chemistry
M.SC Microbiology
Fitter / Wireman

Educational Qualification

MBA Marketing
Pass In University
3 Year Experience In Marketing
B.SC Chemistry
Pass In University
3 Year Experience In Dairy Sector
M.SC Chemistry
Pass In University
2 Year Experience In Laboratory Sector
M.SC Microbiology
Pass In University
2 Year Experience In Laboratory Sector
Fitter / Wireman
I.T.I Pass

How to Apply

Interested Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website. (More Details: Please Read Official Advertisement)

Official Website :

Important Date :

Online Application Opening Date : 14 June 2021
Online Application Closing Date : 20 June 2021

Important Link
Online Apply : Apply Online

Notification :

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GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2021 for Apprentices Post

GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2021 for Apprentices Post

GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2021 for Apprentices Post
byBittu Jadav—6/18/20211

GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2021 : Gujarat State Road Transport Corporations (GSRTC) Ahmedabad Division has recently published advertisement for MMV, Diesel Mechanical, COPA + 12 PASS, Electrician, Welder, Painter, Sheet Metal Worker Trade Apprentices Post. Eligible Apply GSRTC Ahmedabad Divisions Apprentices Recruitment 2021 with necessary document.

GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2021 for Apprentices Post

Post Name : GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2021 for Apprentices Post
Post Type : New Job
Location : Ahmedabad
Organization : GSRTC
Announced Date : 18-06-2021
Post Date : 18-06-2021
Application Mode : Offline

GSRTC Ahmedabad Apprentices Recruitment 2021 : For more details like Post Name, Total Post, Education Qualification, Salary, Age Limit, Application Fees, Selection Process, How to apply as below.

GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2021 Details

Post Name

  • MMV
  • Diesel Mechanical
  • COPA + 12 PASS
  • Electrician
  • Welder
  • Painter
  • Sheet Metal Worker

Total Post : Not Specified

Education Qualification : 10th pass + ITI in relevant trade, 12th pass

Salary : monthly stipend As per rules
Age Limit : Not Specified
Application Process: Please Read Official notifications.
Selection process : Candidate will be selected based on Qualification & Merit OR Interview

How to Apply

Application form, a copy of the online registration and self-certified copies of all the proofs of education qualification and registration on the website along with a hard copy of the application from should be submitted to the unit from which it was obtained.

Address :

Vahivati Shakha,
Vi. Kacheri,
Gita Mandir,

Important Link :

Advertisement : Click Here

Apprentice Registration : Click Here

Important Date :

Start Date : 18-06-2021
Last Date : 25-06-2021

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Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU) Recruitment for Various Posts 2021

Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU) Recruitment for Various Posts 2021

BKNMU Recruitment ( Bharti) 2021 : Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU) has published Recruitment Notification for Operation Assistant (SSIP Cell), Operation Assistant (Media Cell), PA to Vice-Chancellor, Senior Engineer (CIVIL), Supervisor (CIVIL) Posts 2021. you can apply Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU) Bharti Notification 2021 Interested Candidates may Send Applications and Relevant Document Given Below Address On or Before 16/06/2021.
You can find Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU) Jobs 2021 other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee, and how to apply are given below.

BKNMU Recruitment for Various Posts 2021

Total Posts: 05

Posts Name:

Operation Assistant (SSIP Cell)
Operation Assistant (Media Cell)
PA to Vice-Chancellor
Senior Engineer (CIVIL)
Supervisor (CIVIL)

Advertisement: Click Here

Educational Qualification, How to Apply & Other Details: Please Read Official Advertisement.

Advertisement :

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Sabar Dairy Recruitment For Trainee posts 2021

Sabar Dairy Recruitment For Trainee posts 2021

Sabar Dairy Recruitment For Trainee posts 2021
Sabarkantha District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd is Going to Fill up Trainee Sr. Veterinary Officers Posts. Interested Applicants May Mail Their Application With Complete Biodata Within 10 Days For Sabar Dairy Recruitment 2021

Post Details :

Post Name : Trainee Sr. Veterinary Officers

Qualifications :

BVSc & AH From Recognized University.

Age Limits :

Not More Than 30 Years

How to Apply :

Eligible candidates who fulfilling the criteria as per the notification or the Above Details can apply in the enclosed prescribed format and send a copy of their biodata, recent passport size photo, educational qualification, certificate of experience, And all Necessary Documents with the application.

Email Address: Jobs@sabardairy.Coop
Official Website :

Advertisement :

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Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University (SDAU) 58 Assistant & Officer Recruitment 2021

SDAU Recruitment 2021 | SDAU Sr. RA | SDAU Assistant | Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University published New Jobs official notification for the post of Sr. Research Assistant / Agri Officer & Equivalent & Agri. Assistant & Equivalent Jobs at given below details.

Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University (SDAU) Recruitment 2021

Total No. of Post : 58

Name of Posts:

Sr. Research Assistant / Agri. Officer
Equivalent & Agri. Assistant & Equivalent

Educational Qualification: Post wise various educational degree (Please read Jobs Notification)

Selection Process: Final selection will be on an interview base.

How to Apply:

Interested Candidates may Apply Online Through the official Website at given below link.

Detailed Jobs notification : Click Here

Apply Online: Click Here

Important Dates:

Online Application Start Date : 01-06-2021
Last Date Online application : 30-06-2021

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The co-operative bank of Rajkot Ltd recruitment for clerk and manager posts- 2021

The co-operative bank of Rajkot Ltd recruitment for clerk and manager posts- 2021

The co-operative bank of Rajkot Ltd, Rajkot Published An Official Notification For Recruitment Of Clerk-cum-cashier, Assistant manager, Deputy manager and IT Head Posts. Eligible Candidates Can Apply For This Recruitment. You Can View More Details About This Recruitment in Online Gujarat website Including No. Of Posts, Name Of Post, Educational Qualification, Age Limit, Selection Process, How To Apply Etc... You Can Also View Official Notification And Other Important Facts About This Recruitment E.G. Important Links And Important Dates.

Posts Name: 

Clerk-cum-cashier : 17 Posts
Assistant manager ( HR Department ) :  01 Post
Assistant manager ( Marketing, Recovery ) : 02 Post
Deputy manager : 01 Post
IT Head : 01 Post
Educational Qualification

Clerk-cum-cashier : 
SSC, HSC and  with first class. or MBA with 60 % and best knowledge of computer skill. 
Assistant manager ( HR Department ) :  
SSC, HSC and  with first class. or MBA with 60 % and best knowledge of computer skill. 
Assistant manager ( Marketing, Recovery ) : 
SSC, HSC and  with first class. or MBA with 60 % and best knowledge of computer skill with 5 to 7 years experience.
Deputy manager : 
SSC, HSC and  with first class. or MBA with 60 % and best knowledge of computer skill. 
IT Head : 
Graduation with IT department Course and 8 to 10 years experience in that field 
Age Limit

18 To 30 Years 
For IT head : 45 years 
Selection Process

Final Selection Will Be Based On Exam.
How To Apply

Interested And Eligible Candidates Can Apply Offline By Send Application Form To  Mentioned Address By RPAID / Speed Post.
Document List For Send Application :

Hand Written Application
Curriculum Vitae
Passport Photo-1
All Qualification Certificates
Experience Certificate (If)
School Leaving Certificate
All Document required self attested .
Important Dates

Advertisement : Download

Last Date For Application: 06/07/2021 
Address For Application :
Bhishmrajsinh Zala, AGM-HR, The co-operative bank of Rajkot Ltd, 'Sahkar Saurabh' Near Indira Circle, Surashtra University Road, rajkot- 360005

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Brand365 Provide Business Marketing & Daily Festival Images for Promote Business

Brand365 Provide Business Marketing & Daily Festival Images for Promote Business

Create a Professional  Business Marketing Post only in 1 second & Boost Your Business.

Brand365 Post helps you to promote your business by Share greetings and wishes with your Brand Name and Logo.

Brand365 is a Festival poster maker & brand marketing tool for small business owners & startups. Brand365 is a Digital Marketing Concept. Provide Daily Festival Images for your Business.

You can easily add Your Logo, Company Name, Contact Number, Email, Website & Address.

Feature Of Brand365:

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large collection of HD images
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Using this app you will easily create & editing Social Media Posts with ready-to-use poster design. Brand365 will help you to create personal social media posts as well as a business card with your own business details.

How Brand365 Work?

Step 1: Install Brand365 on your phone
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Step 4: Choose the custom brand template
Step 5: Download and share it

Create stunning designs and digital experiences that will help you stand out in the digital market. Create Outstanding Designs and digital Experiences in a matter of seconds.

Brand365 Post will help you to Boost & Promote your Business by share business posts with your own branding for your customer.

ગુજરાતી ન્યુઝ રિપોર્ટ અહિથી વાંચો

This app is designed to help small business owner boost their business, promote their business, business marketing, to digital marketing of their business with the Brand365 app.

અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો લોગો એપ

Download Brand365 and start Business Marketing & Business Promotion App today.

Disclaimer: All wallpaper contained in this application is collected from different sources. All the copyrighted image credit goes to their respected owners.

Note: If you want your content to be included or removed from this app, please contact us at

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Invest in bluechip funds, giving a return of 64% in the last 1 year

 Invest in bluechip funds, giving a return of 64% in the last 1 year

If you are looking for a place to invest these days where you can get a good return with low risk then you can start investing in mutual fund bluechip funds. Bluechip funds have returned 64% in the last 1 year. Today we are telling you about Bluechip Fund so that you too can make a profit by investing in it.

What is a Bluechip Fund?

They are large-cap mutual funds. However, some large-cap mutual funds have also attached bluechips to their names. Such as, Axis Bluechip Fund, ICICI Pru Bluechip Fund, SBI Bluechip Fund, Kotak Bluechip Fund or Franklin Bluechip Fund. Apart from that, Mira Asset Emerging Bluechip Funds from the Large and Mid Cap segment are Principal Emerging Bluechip Funds.

It carries less risk

Bluechip companies are companies that are very large in size and have a strong financial position. It is believed that their stocks have low volatility, so investing in them is less likely to result in losses, especially in the long run.

Download NOW & avail following benefits:

1. Make quick lumpsum or SIP investments:

Enter the scheme you want to invest in, decide the amount and select bank from which you want to pay and make an online payment. And you are done.
Choose from multiple online payment options - net banking, debit card, NEFT/RTGS transfer, OTM.
Whats more? You can make multiple investments in a single order! Why should investing online be different than shopping online :)

2. Save tax under 80C:

Save up to Rs. 46,350* in taxes. Invest Rs. 1.5 lakh in DSP Tax Saver Fund, and save your income from the tax! You can also opt to automate your tax saving investments for every year by starting a SIP in this fund.
*Assuming a tax rate of 30.90% (comprising of 30% income tax, 2% education cess & 1% secondary & higher education cess). The above tax exemption is as per Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

3. Find the right scheme with easy to use filters & scheme pages:

Use filters to shortlist schemes based on your time horizon, risk profile, and investment goals.
Get in-depth details of the schemes you shortlist with easy to understand historical performance charts, latest portfolio, and returns calculator.

4. Unfix Your Money:

Invest in debt funds & get a chance to earn better, tax efficient returns than FDs. When you stay invested for 3 years or more in debt funds, indexation benefit reduces the tax outgo on returns!

5. Easy Account Access:

No need to remember any password or even username! Just enter PAN & tap to get an OTP to get auto-logged into your account!

6. One tap to withdraw investments:

You can put a redemption request as easily as you invest. We will also go the extra mile to show you the exit load applicable, if any.

7. Manage SIPs in few clicks:

Modify your SIPs’ tenure, alter your monthly investment amount, opt for a Top-up or convert existing SIP into a Top-up SIP. Moreover, invest commitment-free with an option to cancel your SIP anytime without any penalties!
DSP also allows you to use the payment instruction set for 1 SIP to be used for starting future SIPs on the fly.

Large cap mutual fund schemes are required to invest at least 80% of the funds collected from investors in the top 100 companies. Bluechip funds are advised to invest in those investors who want to enter the stock market with less risk.

It is worth investing in for a long time

According to Pankaj Mathpal, a personal finance expert and founder and CEO of Optima Money Managers, investing in these schemes should be done with a time period of at least 5 years. One thing to keep in mind is that short-term stock market fluctuations can have a greater impact on your investment while in the long run the risk is lower.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

With BLUECHIP MF PORTFOLIO App, you can get several views of your portfolio which will not only keep you abreast about its latest status, but also help you making important decisions for investment re-balancing, profit booking or stopping loss.

Here are some of the many features of theBLUECHIP MF PORTFOLIO App:

• Get a summary view of the current status of your investments across asset classes

• Get a summary view of the insurance cover of all members in your family

• Drill down to full detail

• View Upcoming portfolio events

• Get alerts about your important events such as life insurance premium due, general insurance renewals, SIP due, FMP maturity, etc.

• Buy / Redeem / Switch Mutual Funds online from any AMC

• Get best in the class MF advisory

• Raise a service ticket to your advisor

• Host of useful financial calculators to help you plan your short term and long term financial goals

• Digital Vault – access your important documents anytime from your Smartphone

• Provides coverage of all major General Insurance sections such as Health, Motor, Fire etc.

• Track small saving investments like PPF, NSC, KVP, FD, RD etc.

• Maintain your investments in Stocks, Bonds, Bullion, Commodities etc


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