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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What are the risks of drinking less water?


Harmful to the body: If you forget to drink water, this habit will improve quickly, otherwise serious problems like urinary tract infections can occur.

Whether it is at home or in the office, work does not feel like hunger and thirst. We drink water according to thirst, not considering how much water we should drink throughout the day. Dietitian Anita Jha explains how the habit of drinking less water is harmful to health.

Why should a healthy person drink 8-10 glasses of water daily?

Drinking water keeps the body active. Sweating removes toxins from the body and keeps the person healthy. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily reduces the risk of skin and urinary problems. Dehydration is often caused by headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. So the doctor advises a healthy person to drink 3-4 liters of water. However, problems related to the kidneys or liver are said to be caused by drinking less water.

If you forget to drink water, set a reminder on your mobile, which will remind you to drink water periodically.

If you forget to drink water, set a reminder on your mobile, which will remind you to drink water periodically.

What are the risks of drinking less water?

Constipation can be exacerbated by poor water intake, which prevents the body from digesting food properly, which in turn does not clear the stomach. The habit of drinking less water for a longer period of time increases the risk of stomach related problems.

Problems with eczema may increase - Problems such as red rashes, inflammation and itching on the skin are signs of eczema. Lack of water in the body does not cause sweating which causes red rashes on the skin in the form of toxins.

There is a risk of blood pressure - drinking less water thickens the blood and raises the blood pressure. There is also a risk of heart attack or stroke due to high blood pressure.

Lack of water causes headaches. Always carry a water bottle when going out of the house.

Lack of water causes headaches. Always carry a water bottle when going out of the house.

Problems of dehydration- Dehydration is a problem due to lack of water in the body. In it the body feels tired. Headache. In addition the glow on the face is reduced, the person looks older than his age.

ઓછું પાણી પીવાથી થતા નુકશાન વિશે અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ
કઈ ઉંમરે કેટલું પાણી પીવું એ અહીંથી વાચો
હાલતા ચાલતા કે ઉભા ઉભા પાણી પીવાથી થતું નુકશાન વિશે અહીંથી વાચો
રોજ સવારે ગરમ પાણી પીવાના ફાયદા અહીંથી વાચો


Increased risk of urinary tract infections - Not drinking enough water throughout the day increases the risk of urinary tract infections. In fact, drinking water does not dilute the toxins in the urine and makes the urine thicker, which increases the risk of infection in the private parts.

Affects brain functioning - Drinking water keeps both body and brain active. As well as lack of water also starts depleting energy in the body. It does not allow the brain to concentrate. Affects the ability to think, work and even has a headache.

Lack of water increases obesity - When we drink less water, our diet increases. We feel more hungry and we start overeating to fill our stomachs. Whether it's lunch or dinner. Weight gain is fast due to prolonged adoption of this habit.

  • If there is any problem or illness, he should drink water only as advised by the doctor.
  • If there is any problem or illness, he should drink water only as advised by the doctor.
  • Do not ignore these things of drinking water

  • Those who have any kind of problem or any disease should drink water only as per the advice of the doctor.
  • If you are breastfeeding, drink more water so that the body does not become dehydrated.
  • Keep filling the bottle with water and giving it to the children to drink little by little, if you want, mix sugar.
  • Drinking water sometimes depends on the weather and temperature, be careful.
  • Instead of water, coconut water, juice, smoothie can also be taken in liquid.
  • Drink less tea-coffee. Caffeine in it can cause dehydration in the body.
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Benefits of potable wate

 Benefits of potable water: Potted water protects against seasonal diseases and removes toxins from the body; Learn how potable water cools

The importance of pots increases with the onset of summer season. Its water is as good for health as it is cold to drink. Today people prefer to drink potable water instead of RO and fridge water. The potable water balances the pH level of the body and by drinking its water reaches the natural mineral body of the pot. According to Professor Achyut Tripathi at the National Ayurveda University of the Ministry of AYUSH, fridge water contains a type of gas, which is harmful to health. The gas further damages the white matter stored in the refrigerator, destroying the alkaloids. Drinking water from the fridge does not quench thirst. Filtered water filters the natural oxygen in the pot, which makes it more beneficial for health.

Anjani Kirodiwal, Chairman, Amrut Mati India Trust, has been conducting research on the scientific benefits of pottery for the last 15 years. Explaining the research done in 1993 in Germany, he said that according to this research, the pH level of a person has been raised to 1-14. Our bodies have different liquids and all of them have different pH. A person whose pH level is seven is not acidic and alkaline means he is neutral. The body of a person whose pH goes below 7 is acidic.

If the pH level goes from 7 to 14, it means that the alkalinity in the body increases. Having a pH 7-14 means you are not at risk of serious illness in the future. The soil is in alkaline format i.e. has alkalinity activity. So drinking water from a clay pot increases the salinity of the body. Overall potable water is considered to be the most beneficial for the body.

How does potable water cool down?

The process of cooling the water in the pot is the same as the process of drying the sweat from the skin. It can also be understood in such a way that when you sweat in the heat, the skin feels cool after sweating. In this way, after filling the pot with water, air continues to pass through its tiny pores which keep the water cool. The more air passes through the pot, the more water will cool.

Why is it important to drink potable water in summer?

According to Achyut Tripathi, Professor, National Ayurveda University, Ministry of AYUSH, drinking potable water does not cause problems like cough and cold, while drinking potable water weakens the immune system and potable water keeps the body healthy. Drinking potable water does not cause frequent thirst. This water maintains proper oxygen content in the body. Drinking potable water also flushes out toxins from the body.

Anjani Kirodiwal says that drinking potable water increases salinity in the body, which prevents bad breath. When that water goes into the stomach, the problem related to digestion is removed. Alkaline water balances hormones. Reduces the effects of aging. Weight gain. Removes toxins from the body. Keeps skin well.

આ પણ વાંચો:- 

A new invention, the Alkaline Water Jug

Amrut Mati India Trust has prepared alkaline water jugs by collecting soil from different parts of Rajasthan which has also been certified by IIT Roorkee. This jug eliminates the problem of pollution and fluoride from the water and also increases the water quality. According to Anjani Kirodiwal, low pH level water is converted into alkaline water as soon as it is poured into this jug and alkaline water is considered to be the best for one's body.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

There are so many things to keep in mind when buying a pot

According to Kirodiwal, when buying a pot, check the pH level with the pH level solution and see that it is beneficial to drink the pot water if the pot water is above pH 7. The quality of potted soil can also be known from that pH level.

According to Professor Achyut, the pot should not be more than two years old. The floor should not be greasy. It should not have any kind of polish on it.

When should potable water not be drunk?

According to Anjani Kirodiwal, potable water can be drunk in any season. There is no harm in drinking this water. Even when the fridge was not in this world, people drank only potable water and it did no harm. Giving an example, Anjani explains that well water never goes bad because it contains minerals, similarly potable water never goes bad and it is beneficial for health in every season.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

How to avoid the heat of summer

How to avoid the heat of summer

Drink plenty of water

Wear loose-fitting white or light-colored cotton clothing to keep out the heat of summer. The stomach should be filled with water after eating a little something before leaving the house. The body should not be dehydrated. Resting periodically during work. Simultaneously drink water at short intervals during work.

1-Carry intake

In the summer season, mango baffle is called a health tonic. Drinking mango buffalo every day does not make the body feel cold.


People use coriander to enhance the taste of food. But drinking coriander water can prevent heat. After soaking fresh coriander in water, add sugar and drink water

3- Consumption of buttermilk

There are several benefits to drinking tea. In hot season, adding chilli powder and cumin to the tea leaves does not cause heatstroke. At the same time the amount of water in the body does not decrease.

4-Amber intake

To avoid heat, crush the mango seeds and make a powder of it. Add sugar and mango powder in water and drink it to keep the digestive system healthy.

5-Green Coconut

Coconut water is rich in properties. Consumption of coconut water in hot weather does not require any medicine. Drinking coconut water every day does not make you feel hot.

6- Consumption of onion

Onion is a quick remedy to get rid of the problem of heat stroke. Eating onions every day keeps the body temperature good. You can also drink onion juice.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી 


7-Lemon Syrup

Consumption of lemon juice does not reduce the amount of water in the body to avoid heat. Drinking lemon water keeps energy in the body.

Remedies for Sunstroke

Excessive heat is harmful to human health. As a result, cases of sun stroke (loo) occur especially among workers and farm laborers. The Chief District Health Officer has issued instructions to the public to avoid sunstroke (heatstroke) in view of the cases of heatstroke during the summer season.

Accordingly, in hot weather, wear white cotton open clothes, use hat, goggles, umbrella, if you have to go out of the house, cover your whole body and take care that your head is not exposed. Avoid direct sunlight. Drink plenty of water and fluids during the day. If possible, drink lemonade. Cover the head with a damp cloth and wipe the body with a damp cloth from time to time. Young children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and the infirm and sick should take special care in the sun. Especially for children, use cassava flower and neem leaves in bath water. Don't eat open, stale, food found in the market in summer. Avoid using ice sold in the market. On the occasion of marriage, do not eat milk, food made in mava. Don't go hungry during the summer season. In case of headache, restlessness, dizziness, nausea or fever, go to the nearest hospital immediately. The Chief District Health Officer, District Panchayat Jamnagar has stated in the list to contact the primary health center or hospital.

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Tips to control a bloated stomach

Tips to control a bloated stomach 

 15 ways to reduce bloating 

Utmost people witness bloating at some point. Exercises, supplements, and massages can be all help to the reduce a bloating snappily, and simple  in a life changes can help it from the reenacting. 

Abdominal are bloating is when the tummy feels full and tight. It is a generally occurs due to a buildup of  the gas nearly in the gastrointestinal (GI) in a  tract. Bloating causes in  the belly to look larger than usual, and it may  be also feel tender or a painful. Fluid retention in the body can also lead to the  bloating. 

In this composition, we can give to ways for a getting relieve of the  bloating snappily and explain how to the  reduce bloating in the long- term. 

Quick tips to get relieve of bloating 

Bloating are generally happens when a redundant gas builds up in the stomach or a bowel. When bloating occurs right after a mess, it is a  generally resolves itself, but it is a frequently possible to the speed up in  this process. 

The stylish way to  the attack bloating is to the  determine it is a cause. Common triggers for bloating include 

  • Digestive issues  Constipation, food disinclinations, and illiberalism can lead to bloating. When proliferate becomes backed up in the large bowel, it can be get bloating and a feeling of  the discomfort. Redundant gas may also make up behind  in  the proliferate, making in  the bloating worse. 
  • Diet a Effervescent in a  drinks, too important swab or  a sugar, and not a enough fiber in the diet can all be get bloating. 
  • Hormonal changes Numerous people are witness bloating ahead and during  in their ages due to hormonal changes and water retention. 

Numerous home are remedies can help to the  manage in  the pain and discomfort of  the bloating. The following quick  in a tips may help people to the  get relieve of a bloated belly in a snappily 

1. Go for a walk 

Physical  are exertion can get in the intestine moving more regularly, which can be help to  the release redundant gas and proliferate. Getting in  the intestine to the move is a especially important if a person is a feeling constipated. A walk around  in the block can give a fast relief from gas pressure. 

2. Try yoga poses 

Certain in a yoga acts can place in  the muscles in the tummy in a way that encourages the release of the redundant gas from the GI tract. This can be  reduce are bloating. 

Child’s Disguise, Happy Baby Disguise, and squats can all the  help people to the  relieve a buildup of the gas snappily. Learn a further about yoga acts for  a flatulence. 

3. Use peppermint capsules 

Peppermint canvas capsules may bee also be helpful for a indigestion and affiliated in a  gas. Manufacturers are  generally vend them as a treatment for the symptoms of  the perverse bowel pattern (I B S), but the  people without a I B S can also use them to the  relieve bloating. 

Peppermint works by a relaxing in the intestinal muscles, which allows gas and proliferate to the  move on more effectively. People can should always follow  in the instructions on the packet. Anyone who is a prone to the  heartburn may need to the  avoid peppermint. 

Peppermint in a  capsules are available to the  buy over  in the counter (OTC) at the  medicine stores or a online. 

4. Try gas relief capsules  

Methodicalness  are capsules and liquid are anti-gas are specifics that can help to  the move redundant air out of the digestive in a  tract. It is a essential to the  always take a drug according to the instructions on the marker. 

People can find a gas relievers in a medicine stores or a online. 

5. Try abdominal massage 

Puffing in  the tummy can help to  get the intestine are moving. A massage that follows in  the path of the large intestine is a especially helpful. People can follow the way are below to do this 

  • Placing  in the hands just above the right hipster ism bone. 
  • Rubbing in a indirect stir with a light pressure up toward  in the right side of the rib cage. 
  • Rubbing  in a straight across the upper belly area toward  in the left caricature pen. 
  • Moving a sluggishly down toward  in the left hipster-ism  bone. 
  • Repeating as a necessary. 
  • Still, it is a stylish to the  discontinue it is a  incontinently, If the massage causes any pain. 

6. Use essential canvases 

A study from 2016 tested in the effectiveness of  the supplements containing a combination of  the fennel and cur-cumin essential canvas in a 116 people with a mild-to-moderate I B S. After a 30 days, people are reported an a enhancement in their I B S symptoms, including a bloating and abdominal pain. 

People should not consume in a essential canvases without a speaking to a croakier in a  first. This is because some phrasings may be a poisonous or can intrude with a drug, and there is a no regulation of the tablets. 

7. Take a warm bath, soaking, and  the relaxing 

The heat of the bath can give a relief for a sore tummy. Relaxation can reduce stress situations, which may be allow in the GI tract to the  serve more effectively and help to reduce a bloating. 

Long- term results for bloating 

Quick a fixes are not a always effective for a some causes of  the bloating. Still, people who have a frequent bloating may be find that certain  in your life changes can attack the causes and reduce bloating over time. 

People can use these simple way  to try to help the bloating in the long- term 

8. Increase fiber gradationally 

 Adding a fiber input may help to the  treat bloating. 

Eating a further in a fiber helps to the  help constipation and bloating. Utmost
people in a America do not get a enough fiber, with a only 5 percent of  the people meeting  in their recommended diurnal  in a fiber input of  the 25 grams (g) for a  ladies and 38 g for males. 

 Still, it is a important to bear in the  mind that eating too important fiber or a adding fiber input too snappily can be get indeed more gas and bloating. People may notice adverse goods from eating further than 70 g of  the fiber a day. 

 When adding fiber input, it is a stylish to  the start sluggishly and increase the input over several weeks to allow the body to he  acclimate to this change in the diet. 

9. Replace sodas with water

Effervescent, carbonated drinks are contain in a gas that can make up in the stomach. The carbon are dioxide  in that makes a pop and analogous potables are effervescent can also beget washing and bloating in the stomach. 

Sugars or a artificial in a sweeteners in the diet can also beget gas and  the bloating. Drinking a water eliminates these issues and helps to the  treat constipation as well. 

10. Avoid chewing gum


The sugar are alcohols in a goo can beget bloating in a some people. Swallowing air while a chewing also may lead to the  bloating and gas pain. People can use gusto mints or a peppermints to the  refreshes  in their breath rather. 

11. Get more active every day 

Exercise in a  helps your body move proliferate and gas out of the colon and may bee a make bowel movements more in a regular. Exercise also releases a redundant sodium from in the body through sweating, which can bee  help to the  relieve water are retention. 

 It is a vital to the  drink plenitude of the  water before and after exercising to the  stay doused, as demystification can make a constipation in a  worse. 

12. Eat at regular intervals 

Numerous in a people witness are bloating are directly after a big in a mess. It is a possible to the avoid this by a eating several in a  lower refection each day, which can bee  help to keep the digestive in a system are moving. 

Swallowing food snappily can be a introduce air into the digestive tract. Drinking from a straw can also lead to the  people swallowing further air, which in turn leads to the  gas and bloating. People who have a bloating should avoid a using straws if is a  possible and try to eating a sluggishly to  the avoid swallowing air during a reflections. 

13. Try probiotics 

Macrobiotics are good bacteria that live in the bowel. Taking to a probiotic supplement may help to  the regulate  in the colon bacteria that can produce gas and beget are bloating. 

14. Cut down on swab 

 An a excess of the  sodium causes the body to  the retain water. This can be get a blown and bloated feeling in the belly and other areas of the body, similar as the hands and  the bases. 

અહીં થી વાચો પેટની ચરબી ઘટાડવા માં  ઉપચાર ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

15. Rule out medical conditions 

In a some cases, bloating may bee a affect from a medical in a  condition. To get  the relieve of this bloating, a person may need help from a croakier to the diagnose and manage  in their condition. 

Seditious bowel complaint, including a Croon's complaint and ulceration colitis, may be get people to the  witness bloating. Perverse bowel in a pattern (I B S), can also beget this symptom. 

Gynecological in a conditions, similar as a endometriosis and ovarian excrescences, can also beget pain, swelling, and passions of the  bloating in the abdominal  in the area. 

People with these symptoms should bandy them with a croakier, who will also want to know about any applicable in a family medical history and other medical in a  conditions. The croakier may be order individual tests to the look for any problems. These may include an a X-ray, ultrasound, colonoscopy, or a blood tests. 

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