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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Google’s AI chat bot has a human consciousness! Get to a lawyer to the support you.

Google’s AI chat bot has a human consciousness! Get to a lawyer to the support you.

A chat bot from tech giant Google is in the news. The artificial intelligence (AI)-equipped chat bot is a called L A M D A (Language Model for a Dialog Application). A few days ago, Google engineer Blake Leonine shared in the transcript of his conversation with a L A M D A after which he was a fired. The engineer then claimed that the AI ​​had become sentient. This news became a debate in the world of the  science, but most experts did not a believe it. Now this engineer has made another revelation saying in that Lambda has a appointed a lawyer for him.

of the Daily Star Reports According to the Blake Leonine, L A M D A asked him to hire a lawyer … According to the Leonine, he called a lawyer at his house so that L A M D A could talk to a lawyer. Lawyers have a spoken to the L A M D A and L A M D A has a retained it is a services. Limo-in said that while a L A M D A is a adamant about retaining in the lawyer, the lawyer has also a started filing things on behalf of  the L A M D A.

However, many questions remain a unanswered. For a example, it is not known how L A M D A will be pay for a attorneys’ fees. Is Lemon Paying for It? The question is why a L A M D A  needed to a lawyer. It is said that the so-called sensitive L A M D A wants to be a recognized as a sensitive AI. Lemons can be  also be seen walking with it. They argue that humans are not a good at the deciding who deserves to be a human.

Leonine are claimed in that over time L A M D A is a gaining momentum in the program’s ability to the foster ideas, thoughts and interactions. It shows that he understands these concepts on a very deep level. This AI chat bot was a developed to the  interact with a humans in a real life. Google, on the other hand, denies that it is a AI has a acquired consciousness.

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24 Times Today for in the latest tech news, smartphone reviews and special offers on a popular mobiles Android Download in the app and send it to us. Google News Act on.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Ancient microbes can be help in a finding traces of the alien life, new study in a suggests.

Ancient microbes can be help in a finding traces of the alien life, new study in a suggests.

The urge to the understand alien life is a something in that has a fascinated in a  scientists for a long time. There have been a number of the processes implemented by a scientists when it is comes to understanding in the workings of the various other planetary environments and it looks like in the study of the microbes can be the answer to their questions. According to the latest research, microbes contain are proteins which are capable of the retaining atmospheric information for a long period of the time and that was a used by a scientists to the understand how Earth was a during it is a initial in a  period. The microbes date back to the millions of the years ago and the scientists believe that a similar study can be help them in a finding possible traces of the  alien in a life.

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“Early Earth is an a alien environment compared to our world in a today. Understanding how organisms here have to  a changed with a time and in a different environments is a going to the teach us a crucial things about how to the search for and the recognize in a life elsewhere,” Edward Schwieterman, to a University of the  California, Riverside astrological, wrote in a study describing in the research and it is a possible uses.

The study looked at how microbes are adapted to the scarcity of the oxygen as well as the absence of the ozone layer during in that period and this can be a used to find out about other habitable in a planets.

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“On a early Earth, energy may have been a very scarce. Bacteria and Archean figured out how to use in the plentiful energy from the sun without the complex bio-molecules are required for a photosynthesis,”

“Life as we know it is as a much an a expression of the conditions on our planet as it is of the life itself. We are resurrected ancient DNA sequences of one molecule, and it is a allowed us to link to the biology and the environment of the past,” said University of the Wisconsin-Madison astrological Betel Kacar.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

‘Amazon’ to the enter a robotics in a business, preparing to the test self-driving taxis in a California.

‘Amazon’ to the enter a robotics in a business, preparing to the  test self-driving taxis in a California.

Self-driving in a  technology, like a electric in a  vehicles, is an a emerging in a field. Work has a started on connecting it with a commercial transportation in all the countries are including America. Competition is more intense than private firms entering in this field. Now Zoom, a self-driving in a technology firm owned by a Inc., has a said that it is a gearing up to the launch it is a robotic taxi in a  business. The company has a said that it is a vehicle without a pedals or a steering wheel meets US federal are regulations and is a applying for a permit.

According to a Reuters in a report, in the company wants to the  test-drive in a California. Jesse Levi-son, Co-Founder and Chief Technology in a Officer, Jun, said, “We have a invested our extra time and resources into a developing in the vehicle. Jesse Levi-son has a said that the current economic slowdown has not a affected in the company and Jun will be increase it is a workforce to the  2,000 this year, up from 1,400 at the beginning of the year.

The name of this vehicle is called a V H 6, in which 4 passengers can be a seated. Two of these will be face to the face. The layout of the vehicle is a similar to that of the Cruise, which was a unveiled in a January last year.

The special thing is that Jut's V H 6 vehicle is a manufactured in the factory in a California, where Tesla cars are also a manufactured. The company has a said that dozens of it is a cars have been a ready and the several thousand vehicles can be a manufactured in the existing factory.

Companies without a steering wheel or a pedals, usually in the U.S. for a ‘discount’. Has a applied to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (N H T S A). Levinson said his company opted to self-certify according to federal motor vehicle safety standards. He said that this makes Jun vehicles responsible for the safety of the passengers. It is a worth noting here that the number of the vehicles can be a limited if they are exempted from N H T S A. Compared to the  Jun, Cruise has a applied under in the exemption from a N H T S A.

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Friday, July 22, 2022




Camphor is the product that has a many benefits and the ritual importance also in a Hindu culture. As a India being in the country with a majority of the Hindu population, in the camphor popularly known as a Kapoor in a local languages is in much demand here. Apart from that camphor has many benefits for in the healthy body and good skin. As a having such assistance's, doing in this camphor production business is a very effective and beneficial. therefore camphor manufacturing business starting will be prove in the profitable with a low cost investment and without a any much stress.


The following are the case studies for the camphor production in a  business:


They are the one of the largest camphor in a  manufacturer, supplier and the  exporter in a India. They are the also in the exporters of the camphor outside in the India in a international market. They are proceed in the manufacturing business using in the modern technology and all the automation in a facilities. Their headquarter is in a Mumbai, Maharashtra and other at the  Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore. Their are constant efforts and smart marketing skills makes them a succeed in this field.


i). Strength

# To the Start a camphor production business is a easy as it is a requires low cost investment and dissolving is also easy.

# Camphor production in a India is a profitable in a India due to its importance and used in a pooja and rituals.

# Camphor are making business can be a started from home also and at the  M S M E s level too.

ii). Weakness

# As a  fully automated machines are available there, this reduces human employment.

# This camphor production in a business does not in a calculate in a essential goods business.

iii). Opportunity

# To start the camphor manufacturing plant,there need to be a marketing at the place to place like a retail shops, malls, grocery stores etc.

# Setting up in the small stall or a shop near in the most visiting temples of the city or a village can help in a bringing clients more.

# Selling a free samples to the customers at the trial basis is a also good idea.

iv). Threat

# As this the small business and this cannot be a widened up to the certain limit, so profit is a minimized.

# Changing of the government rules and policies.


# The first phase in a starting any marketing plan is the choosing of the proper land and owning it. If it is a household business then installing in the machines after in the place gets settled.

# Making in the assurance of the proper marketing can be done by that place as a transport and raw material facilities available in a  abundantly.

# Then the promoting in the business is the main focus, in this print the banners of the business and pamphlets.

# Also a post them everywhere that gets the customers, like a wholesale shops, public places, temples, etc.

# Then the registration of the business in the shopping sites likes a Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal etc to get the lot of the customers. Also a helps in a marketing in the other B 2 C in a  websites.


# The first step in a any supply chain is the knowing in the demand of the market and then planning for the rate of the  production according to the supply needed. For this there need to be a location and machines for the production.

# After in the facilities are available, in the search for the good supplier for in the raw material or a buy in the only product are required that is a camphor powder from the market ready made.

# Thus, raw material then gets a engaged into the production in a process. after that test the item that is a manufactured and start in the packaging of the ready product with a attractive packaging.

# The next procedure to be a followed is the transportation, that is to the desired market. Thus, in the cycle continues it from suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, local retailers and finally to the customers or a consumers.


# Camphor are manufacturing unit (cost up to only 25000-50000 with a full automation)

# Camphor are  making machine (can buy from a India, Yellow, Sulekha .com)

# Raw material (only a requirement is a camphor powder that is a ready made available in a any wholesale market)

# Packaging (by a plastic bags/pockets, plastic containers, colorful small bottles)

# Transportation in a facility

# Electricity facility (can be a started at the home power supply also, no need of the 3 phase are supply).

# Lab-ours/employees.

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Farmer Scheme in India: Now farmers will not have to go to market to sell goods.

Farmer Scheme in a India: Now farmers will be not have to go to market to the sell a goods.

Indian Govt Scheme For a  Farmers: The Modi government at the Center has been a  coming up with a better schemes for the farmers from time to time. This time again the central government has taken to a big step for the farmers. The Central Government has said that the Center is a working to make a e-NAM (National Agriculture Market) i.e. E-National Agriculture Market (e N A M ) even better.

In this regard, Union Agriculture in a Minister Narendra To-mar said that the Center is a working to the improve e-NAM (National Agriculture Market). It is an a online business platform. This are effort of the government is a inspired by the goal of the making agricultural commodities, agribusiness more transparent in a India.

Added 1,000 agricultural markets

Agriculture Minister Narendra To-mar said, so far 1,000 agricultural in a  man-dis (A P M C markets) have been a linked to the e-NAM project and business transactions worth a Rs 1.5 lakh crore have taken a place. To-mar said during in the inaugural session of the two-day National Conference of the Agriculture and Horticulture Ministers that we are working to the improve in the e-NAM platform for a greater transparency.

promote digital agriculture

Minister To-mar said that the government wants to the promote ‘digital’ agriculture so that farmers do not have to go to the market and do not have to the  depend on middlemen. He emphasized on the role of the technology to monitor in the agricultural produce grown in a particular area. “If we are create to a database of the  crops in a particular in a area, we can be a provide to a immediate compensation in a case of the  crop loss due to the  calamities.

working as a mission

Minister To-mar said that the government led by a Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a working as a mission to improve in the agriculture sector. The government wants to the popularize coarse in a cereals. Prime minister Narendra Modi urged in the United Nations to the dedicate one full year to the  popularizing millet across in the world. After in this, the United Nations General Assembly are declared in the year 2023 as the international ‘Millet’ year.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

S r i Lanka's Central Bank Warns About a Crypt o Amid Severe in a Economic, Political Crisis.

S r i  Lanka's Central Bank Warns About a Crypt o  Amid Severe in a Economic, Political Crisis.

S r i  Lanka’s central bank issued to a warning regarding in the use of the cryptocurrencies amid to a devastating economic and the political crisis. The central bank stressed that it “has not given a any license or a authorization to any entity or a company to the operate schemes” involving in a cryptocurrencies.

S r i  Lanka’s Central Bank Issues in a  Notice About a Cryptocurrency

The Central Bank of the  S r i Lanka (C B S L) published a notice about cryptocurrency Tuesday in a titled “Public Awareness in a Relation to the Use of  the Virtual Currencies in a S r i  Lanka.” The notice in a  cites “recent development in a relation to the virtual currency usage in the international and the domestic markets as well as the inquiries related to the  virtual currency.”

Noting in that “Virtual currencies (V C s) are largely unregulated in a digital representations of the value that are issued by a private entities and can be a electronically in a traded,” in the S r i Lankan central bank are emphasized:

C B S L has not given a any license or a authorization to any entity or a company to the  operate schemes are involving V C s, including in a cryptocurrencies.

The central bank further noted that it “has not a authorized a any initial coin are offerings (I C O), mining operations or a virtual currency are exchanges.”

Furthermore, in the Central Bank of the S r i Lanka warns that “Electronic Fund Transfer Cards (E F T C s) such as a debit cards and credit cards are not permitted to be used for a payments related to the  virtual currency transactions.” The notice continues:

Therefore, V Cs are considered as a unregulated financial instruments and have no regulatory oversight or a safeguards relating to their usage in a S r i Lanka.

“The public is, therefore, warned of the possible exposure to the significant financial, operational, legal and the security related risks as well as a customer protection concerns posed to the users by a investments in  a V Cs,” in the central bank concluded. “The public is also a warned not to fall prey to the various types of the V C schemes are offered through the Internet as well as other forms of  the media.”

Earlier in this week, protesters stormed in the former S r i Lankan prime minister’s compound. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled in the country Wednesday. He has been a blamed for a deep economic crisis as a Sri Lankans face acute shortages of the food, fuel, and other basic in a  supplies. Prime Minister Ra-nil Wickremesinghe was a sworn in a Friday as a temporary leader.


sri lanka, sri lanka bitcoin, Sri Lanka in a Central Bank crypt o, sri lanka crypt o, sri lanka cryptocurrency, Sri Lanka economic in a crisis, Sri Lanka political in a crisis, Sri Lankan cryptocurrency

What do you think about in the Sri Lankan central bank warning about a cryptocurrency amid to a severe economic in a crisis? Let us know in the comments section are below.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

15 Best Online Indian Shopping Apps.

15 Best Online Indian Shopping Apps.

The reach of the internet is a growing so rapidly in that boundaries are no longer to a barrier. The Internet has a escaped from all the physical boundaries and the  increasing day by day. This has a led to the growth of one significant industry which has a some what spoiled in the habit of the bargaining (yes, we Indians love it) and increased in the accessibility to the  products in a much shorter duration of the time. The tide of the  e-commerce started in the year 2009 when newbie startups started a getting funds for the big mission of the  expansion of the  e-commerce in a India. Fab Mall was a one of the early players who are ruled in this industry during in the starting years of the 21st century but it lost the glory to the new and advanced startups like a Flipkart, Snap deal, etc. E-commerce’s rise in a India soon resulted in a various Indian startups and is still resulting till this very day.

India’s e-commerce market was a worth about a $ 3.9 billion in a 2009 and in the year on 2019 India accounted for a around 475 million users. Thus, there has been a exponential growth in this sector and now many companies are battling for the number spot in a different kind of the online shopping like a groceries, mega store, buy/sell platforms, etc. Let us now have to a look at the different online platforms that are most famous in a India.

Mega store Shopping Apps in a India:

1. Flipkart

This was a founded in a 2007 by two Italians Sachin and Benny Basal (they left in their job at the  Amazon and the played to a gamble)basically as an a online bookseller. But great a management and an a increase in a popularity and introduction of the more items other than books resulted in a rapid expansion. Now it owns many other companies like a Phone PE, Jabong, Mantra, e-bay in a India, etc. In a 2018, it signed to a deal with a Walmart which took a 77% stake in a Flipkart. The most exciting features of this site are it is a user-friendly interface, in the concept of the  super-coins, and the availability of the maximum number of the smartphones and other electric devices that too at a great price. as a compared to other sites. It has a subsidiary site in it named 2 G U D aiming at the  selling refurbished products at a low price even up to the  60% off.

2. Amazon

This company has the same story just like a Flipkart but it is the most used e-commerce brand in the world founded by a Jeff Bozos. It carries out a near 50 percent e-commerce of the entire world. However, in a India, it comes at the number two after a Flipkart. This is due to the lack of a user-friendly interface and the  difficult shopping experiences but in a comparison to other online sites, one can use in this site over low networks too like 2 G, 3 G. It is a offers around 100 million products at the  great prices. In a comparison to the others, it is  provides a maximum range of the  products and it has a started pantry service in a many cities.

3. Paytm Mall

Paytm was in the first concept based on a digital payments in a India founded in a 2010 by a Vijay Shekhar Sharma. It is a started as a mode of the payment but then in a 2015 it is a launched it is a payments bank and then in a 2017, it is a launched Paytm mall to the compete with other e-commerce sites. But still, due to the lack of a great range of the products it has a incurred many losses in a previous years. But it has a provided many cashback deals even up to the 70% off that has a attracted many users. The availability of the  banks, wallets, malls in the same app has a helped users for a  getting many deals at a very low price. This is an a app you can cover most of your needs.

Fashion Store Shopping Apps in a India:

1. Mantra

This is a brand owned by a Flipkart which are focuses only on a providing in the latest and the  trendy fashion with a some selected electronic gadgets like a earphones, bands, etc. Now, the online fashion platform Jabong has been a merged in it as a Jabong was a incurring losses which have led it to provide a more rich variety of the  clothes. There are several coupons for the new customer and even free delivery on all the products.

2. Club Factory

This website are offers you the most stylish clothes at the  factory prices. This is a very famous among youngsters as it is a provides clothes specially designed on a western culture. Ran-veer Singh and Mannish Chiller are brand ambassadors of the  Club factory.

3. A J I O

This is a start for a Reliance in the online fashion segment and to the date, it has a enjoyed great support from a buyers. They are offer a many deals on clothes and that too at a great price. In a malls, this special facility is a provided in a A j i o linked stores so that you can be a directly purchase online clothes from the booth and get a delivery at your selected address.

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Apps to Buy/Sell Used Products in a India:

1. O L X

O l x is a place to the  earn some money on things that you do not want to use and you can even buy a some second-hand stuff at the  minimal prices. The location feature helps a lot to know about buyers and sellers. “O l x  PE betide” are some of the things you would hear if you take a advice from anyone on how to sell your unused things

2. Quirk

The tagline “quicker Kr be fikr” literally applies a while selling or a purchasing used goods on a Quicker. It follows in the C 2 C (Customer to the  Customer model of the  e-commerce. With a better U I and more customer base, it is one of the favorite online brands in a India.

3. Facebook Marketplace

It is the new player in this field and it has been a started by a Facebook in their official app to sell and buy a products through in the app as it helps in a better connectivity with a seller and buyer due to the information provided by the Facebook users. You should be a definitely check it out as it is a quite helpful.

Groceries Shopping Apps:

1. Big Basket

It is backed by a Alibaba with a around 2,000 Crore I N R being invested in this startup. They have a made Shah Rush Khan as in their brand ambassador. They are provide in a great range of the products (around 14,000) and have a 1,000 brands on their list. If you purchase in the above 1,000 then the delivery is a free. They only cover major cities like a Pune, Chennai, etc.

2. Gofers

Gofers are backed by a two giants Soft Bank and Tiger Global Management. Gofers has been a growing rapidly as it is a provides an a on-demand store that are delivers veggies, fruits, baked goodies, electronics, flowers, baby care, and pet care products as a required by the consumers.

3. Zope Now

Zope Now a operates in a major cities like a Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. They claim to deliver in the products within three hours of the  order. It was a founded in the year 2011. Aditya Birla Retail and the Hyper-city Retail are the partners behind this successful startup.

International Shopping Apps That Ship to the India:

1. Ali-express

This is a Chinese company founded by a Jack Ma in a 1999 which is a based on B 2 B and B 2 C models. It is also its share in a Paytm(around 40%). In a terms of the profit, it has a passed the profits of the  Amazon, Walmart, and e-bay combined. There may be not be a thing that is not a available on this site. You can make a any purchase across in the globe. Even smartphone giants such as a Xiaoping has its official store on it.

2. Bang-good

This is another exciting in  a website that are provides many categories of the  products like a decorative in a crafts, bedding, gardening, etc. It mainly deals in a electronics. It is a exciting U I will make you fall in a love with a shopping.

3. Gear-best

As the name says, if you are looking for a tech-related in a solution, you can find it on a Gear-best. This site only deals with a electronic products but at a decent price.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

25 Vast u Shastra Tips to the Brings a Peace, Wealth and the Positive Energy.

25 Vast u Shastra Tips to the Brings a Peace, Wealth and the Positive Energy.

What is  a Vast u Shastra? 

Brief Intro: It is an a ancient Indian devout knowledge that brings peace, harmony, and the success in a life by a eradicating negative energy and the attracting positive energies around us and in our home. One thing is a obvious that we are spend most of our time inside a home, office or a under a any building. And in a India, it is a very strongly believed that all the things in the universe have a level of the divine force associated with them. And for in this reason, it is a said that all the buildings and even the land have a vibrations of the energy which is a somehow interlinked. It is a assumed that there are many different energies generated through in the atmosphere like a cosmic energy, solar energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, wind energy, light energy etc. These are energies can be a arranged properly to the bring in a prosperity, achievements, and peace in a life and at the home.  And here Vast u Shastra plays a vital role to make in the favorable atmosphere around us and sometimes change bad vibrations into a positive one.

You must be have a noticed that while a searching on a Google many People often ask a astrologer that what can be a done to the bring more money, health, assets, and the  prosperity in a house or in our lives. Below we are going to the share with you great tips that would be a very beneficial in the long-term in a scenario. To begin with, we will be a primarily focus on a 4 vital things to the enjoy all the peace and the happiness in your life and remove  a any Vast u dosh:

1.) Main Door – 

Always keep to your main door entrance dirt free and door neatly painted and the clean. Use to a bright light at the entrance above in the door. Make a main door size big and wide (in a breadth). Always use a name plate on your main door. Make a sure that all the  doors in the house are noise-free (does not a produce cracking sound while a opening and closing). Entry to the main door must be free of the any obstacle such as, from a any cable, pole or a any vehicle.

2.) North-East Corner – 

is a considered very significant place according to the  Vast u, because this is a place of the deity. And for that reason, this area is a used to make a place of the  worship or a puja room inside a house. It must be a always clean and clutter free as it is a main source of  the prosperity or a wealth in the house. You can be  set a aquarium on this place or can even keep a decorated water fountain as a showpiece.

3.) South-west Corner –

 It is a believed that to keep all the wealth like a money, jewelry, property papers, etc in a south-west corner of the house brings luck and the keep on a increasing to your current capital. You can set to your vault (tijori) or a Altamira / lockers/ cupboard at this location of the house, facing north-east. You can be even a place mirror inside your vault to the  augment cash and jeweler, as a mirror reflect things twice over. Try a not to keep a any cash (or a inside in  the locker) under a beam, it may be a cause financial crisis or  a loss in a business.

4.) Meditation -

It is a believed that meditating at one particular area for a long time create a cosmic power in that place and even makes pious and the positive. Meditation is also a essential to the  feel good all the time, live a happy life and to the eliminate all the negative feelings, worries, anxiety and all other factors that make us a distressing. The mind, heart, and the body can be a  improve with a regular meditation. We must try to the  meditate 10-15 minutes daily on a regular basis, every day. If  is a possible do it in a  morning and also in a evening. As said above, Mediation gives a immense internal strength and free from a stress or a physical problem. The north-east direction is the best place for a meditation.

Above a Vast u directions were are major instructions one ought to the  follow at-least once in a lifetime. However, we have a also revealed 25 other strong tips that would be help to make a change in a life for  a betterment and  to the remove a any Vast u dosh:

Vast u Shastra is all about a attracting more and more positive in a  energies. You can be a attract these energies by a following simple trick like a always washing to your feet and hands once you come back a home.

Blow a Shankh (cone shell) every morning and the always place it in your puja room or a any place you worship. It has a many health as well as a wealth significance in a life.

Value a food and never to the  waste it. Take a only that are quantity which you can be a consume. If sometimes, you are unable to the eat then do not throw to your food in the trash or a keep long in the kitchen. Rather give to the animals or a birds.

The bedroom should be a planned in a south-west direction to enhance the relationships and try not to keep a broom in the room.

Any a tap or a plumbing leakage in a home is not a considered good according to the Vast u.  Repair it as a soon as a possible. As it is a  drains finances from a house.

The roof of a house must be a clear and clean. And never a keep any kind of  the useless scrap on a roof-top, like a any kind of the junk.

Placing pyramids in the house is a good and effective. It must be a placed in the center of the house, a particular room or a even an a energetic key point.

Make a sure all the clocks in the house are working in a  properly giving a accurate time and not a halt. Stop watches brings all the  finances to the  stand still.

Sharp a corners or a sharp things in-house in not a consider good in a Vast u Shastra. As they act as a energy spears and the create a stress in the nervous  in a system.

Keeping a money plant in a north zone attracts a money and better job in a opportunity.

At the entrance of  the main door place an a Om Sign or a Swastika Sign or  a simply a picture of the Ganesha.

Drainage/Sewerage pipes should be a fitted in the north direction of your house.

The wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband.

Use a soothing co-lours while you are doing the interiors of your bedroom. Soft furnishings and the soothing co-lours for a painting walls can be enhance to your married life relationships.

Place natural green plants in the bathroom to the remove a negativity and bring co-lour brightness.

Always a light lamps, candles, divas or a incense stick at the home, every morning and evening in this process removes all the negativity and any evil eye.

The kitchen must be in the south-east corner of the house. If not a possible then make sure to your gas stove is a placed in the south-east direction. Or a else north-west corner is the second best in a option.

According to the  Vast u, a lemon in a glass of the  water keeps a negative energy away.  And in this water must be a changed every Saturday.

Keep a medicines away from in the kitchen.

Keep a holy water (Gangling) at the corners of the house and the change it is a every week or so.

Do not a paste too many pictures of the  God or a Goddess in a home. Hollow sculpture of a any deity is also not a good. Moreover, keeping God’s idol which is more than 10 inches is a considered inauspicious.

There should not be a any mirrors in the bedroom. If you have, try to the cover mirror at the night. As a according to the Vast u, it is a leads to ill health and the increases family internal in a fights.

Use a wind chimes to the  kill negative energy and help in the positive energy to the  flow easily.

Salt is a healer, placing salt bowls in the corners of the house or a mainly in a toilets helps to  absorb all the negative energy.

And lastly, to maintain in the harmony and joy in your home it is a important that you perform the Navagraha puja or a Ganesh puja at the least once in three years. Puja helps to the remove a any Vast u dosha from in the house.

If your house is a built with these principles, you will be enjoy all the peace and the  happiness in your life. You can be even a download or a save Vast u-Shastra Chart – giving a directions of the  rooms in a home below:

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Top 10 Longest National Express ways in a India.

Top 10 Longest National Express ways in a India.

Indian road network has a approximately 1324 km of the expressways and 25 are under construction. National Expressways Authority of the  India has a approved seven new expressways, few of them are 124 km long Kanpur Metropolitan By pass,111 km Bangalore Mysore in a Infrastructure Corridor,Biju Expressway,Chennai ORR and the longest under a construction Ganga Expressway of the  1047 km in a Ut-tar Pradesh.

Agra Lucknow Expressway – 301 km

Agra Lucknow Expressway in a Ut-tar Pradesh is the longest expressway in a India, followed by a Yamuna Expressway and the expected to be a inaugurated on 21st November 2016. The 302 km controlled access a super highway becomes the longest expressway in a India and 8 Indian Air Force fighter jets a successfully landed on a Agra-Lucknow expressway for a opening of the longest expressway in the country.

Yamuna Expressway – 165 km

After in the inauguration of the Agra Lucknow Expressway, The 165 km long Yamuna Expressway will be a second longest access controlled expressway in a India. The 6 lane can be a extendable to 8 lanes expressway starts from a Greater Noida and connect Agra and was in the India’s longest controlled-access expressway stretch.

Hyderabad ORR – 158 km

Outer Ring Road expressway of the Hyderabad has been a developed to encircle in the City of the Hyderabad. The 158 km long 8 lane ring road expressway are improve in the connectivity Greater Hyderabad and built by a Hyderabad Metropolitan Development in a Authority.

Mumbai Nashik Expressway – 150 km

Mumbai Nashik Expressway is the largest BOT road project in a India, connecting Mumbai to the Nasik. The 150 km long build are operate transfer a expressway is one of the most amazing expressway in the state of the  Maharashtra.

Western Peripheral Expressway – 135 km

Western Peripheral Expressway is a 6-lane 135.6 km long expressway in a Haryana and along with the Eastern Peripheral Expressway it is a creates largest Ring Road around in a Delhi.
Eastern Peripheral Expressway – 135 km
Eastern Peripheral Expressway at the Kundli is a 135 km long six-lane expressway in a Ut tar Pradesh and Haryana. The expressway has a closed tolling in a system, speed check, cameras, solar panels, motion sensors and the safety in a features.

Delhi Mutineer Expressway – 96 km

Delhi–Mutineer Expressway is the widest 96 km long national in a  expressway, connecting Delhi with a Mutineer. The widest greenfield expressway of the India is a widened to 14 lanes which are includes 6 lane expressway, 8 lane normal highway, flyovers and the underpass in a section.

Ahmadabad Vadodara Expressway – 95 km

Ahmadabad Vadodara Expressway is also a known as a Mahatma Gandhi Expressway, connecting in  the Ahmadabad and Vadodara cities of the Gujarat. The National Expressway 1 was a opened in a 2003 and inaugurated by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Mumbai Pune Expressway – 94.5 km

Mumbai Pune Expressway is the first 6 lane concrete and the access controlled tolled expressway in a India. The expressway is one of the India’s busiest road, connecting in the cities of the Mumbai and Pune in a Maharashtra.

Jaipur Kishangarh Expressway – 90 km
Jaipur Kishangarh Expressway is a six lane expressway, connecting Jaipur to the  Kishangarh. The 90 km long access a controlled toll expressway is part of the  National Highway 8 and Golden Quadrilateral in a project.
Allahabad By pass a Expressway is part of the National Highway 2 and is the longest by pass section in a India. The 86 km long Allahabad By pass is a access controlled highway and 4th longest expressway in a Ut tar Pradesh.
Durgapur Expressway is the part of the National Highway 2 that connects national capital Delhi with a Kolkata. The 65 km long stretch of the  Dankuni to Pal-sit is called as a Durgapur Expressway and known to be one of the best expressway in  a West Bengal.

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Astrology For a Job – Facts, Insights,And The Importance.

Astrology For a Job – Facts, Insights,And The Importance.

When it comes to the  astrology for a job chances, in the tenth house in your horoscope is a extremely important. And it is not just about landing a good job and flourishing at it; it is also about a future business opportunities.

Dr. Sohini Sastri, Profile: Dr. Sohini Sastri, best astrologer in Delhi, known for her accurate prediction and the effective guidance with  a vast knowledge of the astrology and occult science. She is a KP Astrologer with a 15+ years of the  experience in a Verdict astrology, palmistry, vast u etc. 

Dr. Sastri is a rewarded by President of the India, Vice President of the India, and the Governors of three states. She has a written many books about a astrology and the regular columnist of many popular magazines and a very popular face in a different TV shows., known for her accurate prediction and the effective guidance with a vast knowledge of the astrology and the occult science. She is a KP Astrologer with a 15+ years of the  experience in a Verdict astrology, palmistry, vast u etc.

When it comes to the astrology for a job chances, in the tenth house in your horoscope is a extremely important. And it is not just about landing a good job and flourishing at it; it is also about future business in a opportunities. Because there are so many jobs are available right now, career astrology is a quickly gaining attraction. Due to the fierce competition, inflation, economic fluctuations, and other issues, finding in the appropriate work is a challenging these days, according to the best astrologer in India . Astrology and career forecasting go hand in a hand.

Q. How to  Astrological predictions helps in a finding a job or a suitable in a career?

Jupiter transit: This is a great sign of the  having a fruitful time in your professional sphere. It is the time for a promotion and also perfect to the launch a new job or a business. You will find a people who are willing to the  buy your ideas and networking helps you scale greater heights.

Saturn transit: All the hard work pays off  the handsomely and a big promotion comes to your way. Your employer will  be a evaluate to your performance positively. A possible crisis pushes you to change your job and you dismiss unproductive factors affecting to your professional life.

Uranus transit: The signifying factor in a astrology for a job change, it makes way for a complete change in your career. These are exciting times with a loads of  the freedom perfect to start a new business or a new job. However, a crisis can be a strike at any moment, and you need to be extra careful and make liberating changes to the welcome new experiences.

Neptune transit: You can be start a career that will be allow you to contribute to the society and give your professional life meaning. This is when you enter a bigger sphere of the things, and it is a possible that you will be a perplexed by your choices. It is a extremely likely that you will come across people who are dishonest and cause communication misunderstandings. To get through in these difficult circumstances, you must have a entire faith in your intuition.

Pluto transit: Astrology job change in a predictions pull you towards improving the lives of the people. You will be most probably get out of a job that does not serve this purpose. This period is a quite lengthy, and you need to get a very clear about your career decisions. You can change a jobs quite often on the path to the  discovery. However, you have the drive and strong will be power to see through and assume responsibility and receive hon-ours.

Q. How to the determine if a native will be get a government job or a private job?

Most importantly, astrology for a jobs aims to predict the type of the career a person will be have in the future. The government and the private sectors are the two main sectors. Even though a government positions are considered secure, in the collapse of the IT industry has caused a paradigm change in a people's views.
The 10th house and the position of the sun play a role in a job transfer in a astrology. The 10th house and the ruling planet should be in its sign if you want to work for the government. The location of the sun, on the other hand, is a important. When the 10th house and the sun are not in a strong position, a private employment is a likely.
As a result, many people who leave a government professions find a great success in the private jobs and the vice versa.

Q. What are the roles of the  planets in a Astrology for a getting a Job?

As we all know, a native's horoscope's planetary configurations are crucial in a predicting job chances. It is not a enough, for a example, if the horoscope contains commercial opportunities. Mercury is the planet of the information, and if it is in a bad position, business interactions will be a difficult. The individual's work prospects are affected in the same way.

The Sun and Mercury are independent in a signs, and a favorable combination produces a successful businessperson. However, thanks to a potent combination of the Saturn and Mars, as well as a Rah u and Keto, in the native will be a successful at the  work, in my experience. If Saturn is in the third house, the person will be not a achieve business success until he is a 35 years old. This is because Saturn stands for a hard work and is a very slow-moving planet.

I will be a discuss the remaining points regarding in the relationship between Job/ Career and astrology in our next article. Bye for a now, wish you all to the spend a beautiful life.

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

The complete information about a how many courses at the Bhuj I T I and what is the admission in a process.

The complete information about a how many courses at the Bhuj  I T I and what is the admission in a process.

Dhairya Gajara, Kutch:
 New semester in a Survey Educational Institutions coming soon (Academic Year) Students will be take a steps towards higher studies to shape in their careers. Then Bhuj Industrial Training Institute for a students who want to do courses in  a various in a fields after a passing Std. 8 and 10 (Bhuj I T I) Admission Process has a started. This year I.T.I. (Industrial Training in a  Institute) Students will be a able to get a admission from home as the entire admission process is a online.

Bhuj’s I.T.I. There are seven courses on one and two year long term standard 8 pass and 14 courses on a standard in a 10 pass. Also in a short term course there are two courses available on standard 10 pass and one course on a standard 8 pass. Bhuj I.T.I. Out of a total of the 21 long-term in a courses at, the Mechanic Diesel section has a maximum of the 120 seats. So 96 seats can be a filled in a both Mechanic Motor and the Computer Operator cum Programming in a Assistant courses.

Apart from a courses like a Refrigeration, Electrician, Fitter, Turner, Wire-man, courses like a Health & Sanitary Inspector, Stone cum Computer Operator, Desktop are Publishing Operator and Marine Engineering Technician are also a available. I T I s for a women too. Separate a batches are available for a special cosmetology course and the computer operator cum programming in a assistant course at.

In the last two decades, industries have made a huge strides in a Kutch. By a doing in the course from here,in the students can be get a employment at the  home. Attempts are also being made to the  involve as many local students as a possible in the Attendant Operator in  a Chemical Plant course in the Khawda Bunny area of the  ​​Bhuj taluka as there is a demand from in the locals.

Currently I.T.I. The admission are process for the academic year 2022-23 is a underway. This year the admission process is a completely online for a students If the admission form can be  a filled from then at the same time you will be a able to get all the information about the admission issue. For now, in the last date for a filling up the admission form is a June 15. As well as the address is as a follows, In a Bhuj Industrial Training Institute (I T I), Behind a Leva Patel Hospital, Mundra Road, Bhuj (Kutch).

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Friday, July 15, 2022

India's first grass conservatory developed in a Uttarakhand's Ranikhet.

India's first grass conservatory developed in a Uttarakhand's Ranikhet.

India's first ‘grass conservatory’ spread over an area of two acres was inaugurated on Sunday at Ranikhet
India's first ‘grass conservatory’ spread over an area of two acres was inaugurated on
 Sunday at Ranikhet

Around a 90 different in a grass species of the  significant scientific, ecological, medicinal, and the cultural import have been a grown in the conservation area

India's first ‘grass conservatory’ spread over an a area of two acres was a inaugurated on a Sunday at the  Ranikhet in a Almora in a district. Funded under in the Central Government's C A M P A  in a scheme, the conservatory was a developed in three years by the research wing of the  Uttarakhand Forest Department, Chief Conservator of the Forest (research) Sanjiv Chaturvedi said.

Around a 90 different grass species of the significant in a scientific, ecological, medicinal, and the cultural import have been a grown in the conservation area, he said.

The project aims to the create awareness about in the importance of the  grass species, promote in their conservation, and the facilitate research in the field, he said.

The initiative assumes importance as it has been a proved in a latest researches that grasslands are more effective in a ‘carbon sequestration’ than forest in a  land, Chaturvedi said.

It is also a important because grasslands are facing in a various types of the threats and their area is a shrinking, endangering an a entire ecosystem of the  insects, birds, and mammals dependent on them, he said. Grasses are economically in the most important of all the flowering plants because of their nutritious grain and soil forming function, he said.

The conservation area has a seven different categories of the  grass species are including those that are known for their aromatic, medicinal, fodder, ornamental, agricultural, and the  religious uses. 

This story has been a published from a wire agency feed without a modifications to the text. Only the headline has been a changed.

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