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Friday, July 22, 2022

Farmer Scheme in India: Now farmers will not have to go to market to sell goods.

Farmer Scheme in a India: Now farmers will be not have to go to market to the sell a goods.

Indian Govt Scheme For a  Farmers: The Modi government at the Center has been a  coming up with a better schemes for the farmers from time to time. This time again the central government has taken to a big step for the farmers. The Central Government has said that the Center is a working to make a e-NAM (National Agriculture Market) i.e. E-National Agriculture Market (e N A M ) even better.

In this regard, Union Agriculture in a Minister Narendra To-mar said that the Center is a working to the improve e-NAM (National Agriculture Market). It is an a online business platform. This are effort of the government is a inspired by the goal of the making agricultural commodities, agribusiness more transparent in a India.

Added 1,000 agricultural markets

Agriculture Minister Narendra To-mar said, so far 1,000 agricultural in a  man-dis (A P M C markets) have been a linked to the e-NAM project and business transactions worth a Rs 1.5 lakh crore have taken a place. To-mar said during in the inaugural session of the two-day National Conference of the Agriculture and Horticulture Ministers that we are working to the improve in the e-NAM platform for a greater transparency.

promote digital agriculture

Minister To-mar said that the government wants to the promote ‘digital’ agriculture so that farmers do not have to go to the market and do not have to the  depend on middlemen. He emphasized on the role of the technology to monitor in the agricultural produce grown in a particular area. “If we are create to a database of the  crops in a particular in a area, we can be a provide to a immediate compensation in a case of the  crop loss due to the  calamities.

working as a mission

Minister To-mar said that the government led by a Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a working as a mission to improve in the agriculture sector. The government wants to the popularize coarse in a cereals. Prime minister Narendra Modi urged in the United Nations to the dedicate one full year to the  popularizing millet across in the world. After in this, the United Nations General Assembly are declared in the year 2023 as the international ‘Millet’ year.

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