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Friday, July 22, 2022




Camphor is the product that has a many benefits and the ritual importance also in a Hindu culture. As a India being in the country with a majority of the Hindu population, in the camphor popularly known as a Kapoor in a local languages is in much demand here. Apart from that camphor has many benefits for in the healthy body and good skin. As a having such assistance's, doing in this camphor production business is a very effective and beneficial. therefore camphor manufacturing business starting will be prove in the profitable with a low cost investment and without a any much stress.


The following are the case studies for the camphor production in a  business:


They are the one of the largest camphor in a  manufacturer, supplier and the  exporter in a India. They are the also in the exporters of the camphor outside in the India in a international market. They are proceed in the manufacturing business using in the modern technology and all the automation in a facilities. Their headquarter is in a Mumbai, Maharashtra and other at the  Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore. Their are constant efforts and smart marketing skills makes them a succeed in this field.


i). Strength

# To the Start a camphor production business is a easy as it is a requires low cost investment and dissolving is also easy.

# Camphor production in a India is a profitable in a India due to its importance and used in a pooja and rituals.

# Camphor are making business can be a started from home also and at the  M S M E s level too.

ii). Weakness

# As a  fully automated machines are available there, this reduces human employment.

# This camphor production in a business does not in a calculate in a essential goods business.

iii). Opportunity

# To start the camphor manufacturing plant,there need to be a marketing at the place to place like a retail shops, malls, grocery stores etc.

# Setting up in the small stall or a shop near in the most visiting temples of the city or a village can help in a bringing clients more.

# Selling a free samples to the customers at the trial basis is a also good idea.

iv). Threat

# As this the small business and this cannot be a widened up to the certain limit, so profit is a minimized.

# Changing of the government rules and policies.


# The first phase in a starting any marketing plan is the choosing of the proper land and owning it. If it is a household business then installing in the machines after in the place gets settled.

# Making in the assurance of the proper marketing can be done by that place as a transport and raw material facilities available in a  abundantly.

# Then the promoting in the business is the main focus, in this print the banners of the business and pamphlets.

# Also a post them everywhere that gets the customers, like a wholesale shops, public places, temples, etc.

# Then the registration of the business in the shopping sites likes a Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal etc to get the lot of the customers. Also a helps in a marketing in the other B 2 C in a  websites.


# The first step in a any supply chain is the knowing in the demand of the market and then planning for the rate of the  production according to the supply needed. For this there need to be a location and machines for the production.

# After in the facilities are available, in the search for the good supplier for in the raw material or a buy in the only product are required that is a camphor powder from the market ready made.

# Thus, raw material then gets a engaged into the production in a process. after that test the item that is a manufactured and start in the packaging of the ready product with a attractive packaging.

# The next procedure to be a followed is the transportation, that is to the desired market. Thus, in the cycle continues it from suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, local retailers and finally to the customers or a consumers.


# Camphor are manufacturing unit (cost up to only 25000-50000 with a full automation)

# Camphor are  making machine (can buy from a India, Yellow, Sulekha .com)

# Raw material (only a requirement is a camphor powder that is a ready made available in a any wholesale market)

# Packaging (by a plastic bags/pockets, plastic containers, colorful small bottles)

# Transportation in a facility

# Electricity facility (can be a started at the home power supply also, no need of the 3 phase are supply).

# Lab-ours/employees.

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