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Saturday, July 23, 2022

‘Amazon’ to the enter a robotics in a business, preparing to the test self-driving taxis in a California.

‘Amazon’ to the enter a robotics in a business, preparing to the  test self-driving taxis in a California.

Self-driving in a  technology, like a electric in a  vehicles, is an a emerging in a field. Work has a started on connecting it with a commercial transportation in all the countries are including America. Competition is more intense than private firms entering in this field. Now Zoom, a self-driving in a technology firm owned by a Inc., has a said that it is a gearing up to the launch it is a robotic taxi in a  business. The company has a said that it is a vehicle without a pedals or a steering wheel meets US federal are regulations and is a applying for a permit.

According to a Reuters in a report, in the company wants to the  test-drive in a California. Jesse Levi-son, Co-Founder and Chief Technology in a Officer, Jun, said, “We have a invested our extra time and resources into a developing in the vehicle. Jesse Levi-son has a said that the current economic slowdown has not a affected in the company and Jun will be increase it is a workforce to the  2,000 this year, up from 1,400 at the beginning of the year.

The name of this vehicle is called a V H 6, in which 4 passengers can be a seated. Two of these will be face to the face. The layout of the vehicle is a similar to that of the Cruise, which was a unveiled in a January last year.

The special thing is that Jut's V H 6 vehicle is a manufactured in the factory in a California, where Tesla cars are also a manufactured. The company has a said that dozens of it is a cars have been a ready and the several thousand vehicles can be a manufactured in the existing factory.

Companies without a steering wheel or a pedals, usually in the U.S. for a ‘discount’. Has a applied to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (N H T S A). Levinson said his company opted to self-certify according to federal motor vehicle safety standards. He said that this makes Jun vehicles responsible for the safety of the passengers. It is a worth noting here that the number of the vehicles can be a limited if they are exempted from N H T S A. Compared to the  Jun, Cruise has a applied under in the exemption from a N H T S A.

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