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Monday, August 31, 2020

About UIDAI The Unique Identification Authority of India

About UIDAI The Unique Identification Authority of India 

(UIDAI) is a statutory authority established by the Department of Electronics on 12 July 2016 under the Aadhaar (Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Targeted Delivery of Services) Act, 2016 (“Aadhaar Act 2016”). Conducted under the Ministry of Information Technology (MEITY).

Prior to its establishment as a statutory authority, UIDAI on January 28, 2009 by the then Planning Commission (now the Policy Commission) in its Gazette Declaration no. - A - 43011/02/2009-Admin.I) was functioning as one of its affiliated offices. Subsequently, on September 12, 2015, the Government amended the Business Rules allotted to UADAI to link it with the then Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MEITY).

UIDAI was created to issue Unique Identification Numbers (UIDs) called "Aadhaar" to all Indian citizens which are (a) accurate enough to eliminate double and fake identities and (b) which can be verified and standardized under a simple, low cost method. . The first UID number was issued to a resident of Nandurbar, Maharashtra on September 29, 2010. The Authority has so far issued more than 111 crore UID numbers to residents of India.

Under the Aadhaar Act 2016, UIDAI is responsible for Aadhaar registration and accreditation, including the operation and management of all stages of the Aadhaar life cycle, the policy, the process of issuing Aadhaar numbers to individuals and the development standards of the system. A record of the identity and authenticity of individuals was created.

Registration and update in the ecosystem

Registration in the ecosystem involves registrars and registration agencies. The Registrar is a unit accredited or authorized by UIDAI for the purpose of registration of persons. Registration agencies are appointed by the Registrar and are responsible for collecting demographic and biometric information of individuals during the registration process by involving certified operators / supervisors.

Registration centers are set up by registration agencies in coordination with registrars, where residents can register for Aadhaar. Most fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, and cameras certified by STQC and UIDAI are used for registration, and all tools are connected to a standard application programming interface (API) designed by UIDAI. The appointment of multiple registration agencies, and multiple technology providers, has created an environment of healthy competition.

Standardization ecosystem

UIDAI has established a comprehensive ecosystem for the purpose of immediate authentication of residents. The Aadhaar authentication ecosystem is capable of managing hundreds of millions of authentications on a daily basis, and its scope can be further expanded as needed. A number of Certification Service Agencies (ASAs) have been set up by UIDAI, which in turn appoint various governmental and non-governmental organizations as Certification User Agencies (AUAs). UIDAI, in partnership with STQC, has also established technical standards for biometric devices, and certified a number of them.

As the authentication service is provided online and in real-time, UIDAI has also set up two data centers where online services like authentication and other KYCs are deployed in active-active mode to ensure high availability. Banks and payment network operators have also established Aadhaar standardization in micro-ATMs to facilitate branchless banking anywhere in the country in a real-time, comprehensive and inter-managerial manner.

Vision and MissionVision

To empower the residents of India with a digital platform of incredible identity and authenticity at any time, anywhere.


Delivering the Universal Aadhaar number to the residents within a well-defined time limit and following strict quality criteria.
Partnering with partners to set up structures to facilitate citizens updating and standardizing their digital identities
Partnerships with partners and service providers to provide effective, efficient and even support services to citizens
Provide a platform for public and private agencies to develop Aadhaar linked applications and promote innovation
Ensuring availability, scalability and resilience of technology infrastructure
Building a long-term sustainable organization to advance the vision and values ​​of UIDAI
To make UIDAI attractive for collaboration with companies with the best global expertise in various fields and to provide valuable insights.

Core values

Integrity is valuable to us
We are committed to building a united nation
We believe in collaborative approaches and values
We will strive to provide the best service to citizens and service providers
We will continue to focus on learning and improving quality
Our driving force is innovation and we provide a platform for innovation to our partners.

We believe in a transparent and free organization

Authentic and purposeful::

UIDAI Established as an affiliated office under the Planning Commission, its role is to develop and implement the institutional, technical and legal support structure required to issue unique identification numbers to Indian residents. On June 2009, the Cabinet approved the appointment of the Chairman of UIDAI and appointed Mr. Nandan Nilekani as its Cabinet Minister and the first Chairman. Shri Ramsevak Sharma was appointed as the Director General


To empower the citizens of India with a unique identity and a digital platform of individual authenticity anytime anywhere.

Core values

  • Integrity is valuable to us
  • We are committed to building an inclusive nation
  • We believe in collaborative approaches and values
  • We will strive to provide the best service to citizens and service providers
  • We will continue to focus on learning and quality improvement
  • Our driving force is innovation and we provide a platform of innovation to our partners.
  • We believe in a transparent and open organization

Mission statement

  • Aadhaar number is to be given to 100 crore citizens by 2015 and this work is to be completed keeping in view certain quality standards.
  • Partnerships with partners to establish infrastructure to facilitate citizens updating and standardizing their digital identities
  • Partnerships with partners and service providers to provide effective, efficient and even support services to citizens
  • Provide a platform for public and private agencies to develop support linked applications and promote innovation
  • Ensuring the availability, scalability and resilience of technology infrastructure
  • Building a long-term sustainable organization to advance the vision and values ​​of UIDAI
  • To enable the UIDAI organization to collaborate with companies with the best global expertise in various fields and provide valuable insights.

Financial advice / consent

  • Engage in policy as well as program structure activities to properly assess financial impacts;
  • Advising on Cabinet / EFC / SFC proposals and revised cost estimates;
  • Advice on representation of financial powers;
  • Provide financial advice on all matters pertaining to Government Expenditure / Consent to Financial Proposals for Acceptance of Requirements (AOA) and Consent on Effects of CFA Expenditure (EAS);
  • Evaluation and determination of proposals in terms of policy and rules, administrative requirements as well as due diligence;
  • Verification of contract, RPF documents / tender including review of contract from financial point of view;
  • Participation and nomination in financial representation on various committees (CAB, Tender Opening and Evaluation Committees, Commercial Negotiation Committee, Other Committees); And
  • Internal control systems through the Procurement Manual to ensure compliance with the Ministry of Finance's policies and guidelines regarding various receipts and contracts and to ensure due diligence.

Budget preparations

  • Budget preparation and related operations (budget estimates, revised estimates and supplementary grants);
  • Allocation of budgets to functional divisions at headquarters and regional offices;
  • Preparation and re-allocation of final requirements and timely deposit of savings; And
  • Review and oversee progress of expenditure against grants approved on a monthly basis.

Cost inspection

  • Monitoring and reviewing the progress of expenditure against grants approved on a monthly basis;
  • Ensuring compliance with instructions issued by the Expenditure Department on rationalization of economy / expenditure; And
  • Oversee the operation of the Pay and Accounts Office (PAO).
  • Internal audit
  • Internal audit plan (quarterly audit of HQ, annual performance audit of HQ's working departments and annual audit of RO / Tech Center) and manpower arrangements for the same;
  • Finalizing the internal audit report and submitting it to the concerned department / RO / Tech Center; And
  • Follow-up of internal audit observations.

Other activities

  • Matters relating to UIDAI of CAG / PAC / Audit Paras;
  • O / o Verification of follow up / response of functioning departments on audit paras issued by Director General of Audit, CE, New Delhi
  • To prepare a note of the steps taken regarding CAG Paras
  • Providing input for annual report, economic survey, monthly PMO report; And
  • Verification and consent of foreign deputation proposals of UIDAI officials

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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Apple will launch its own search engine

Apple will launch its own search engine to compete with Google, first installing it on its device

  • Google has recently made a lot of changes to its product with search engines
  • Google will have to work on a number of strategies in the near future to maintain its position

Google, which has been running its own monopoly in search engines till now, is now going to get a hit because Apple is also going to launch a search engine. Google's dominance could be shaken if that happens. Apple may first install it on its device as an alternative to Google. It is then expected to be launched to the public.

Google pays Apple millions of dollars every year

The story of Apple's entry into the search engine sector is also related to its earnings. Google pays Apple millions of dollars every year to keep the default search engine Google in iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. According to the report, the deal could be completed soon. The UK's Competition and Marketing Authority could take a hard line on the deal between Apple and Google's search engines.

Apple is working on an independent engine

Apple's market share worldwide is very high, according to a report by the UK's Competition and Marketing Authority. The authority believes that since Google search is the default, other search engines do not get a chance to come to the mobile phone. For this reason Apple is working on an independent search engine.

Apple is hiring engineers

Apple is hiring engineers for its Spotlight search engine. Spotlight is an important search feature in Mac OS, where users can search web content from their MacBook. Jobs for Apple's search engines include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (LLP). Through this the company wants to hire engineers in its search engine.

Google has recently made changes to its search engine as well as its products. While Apple is doing a better job at the moment. Shares of this company are also performing well in the stock market. In such a scenario, its customers around the world are already ready if Apple brings its own search engine.
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Thursday, August 27, 2020


On Friday, August 28, the well-known astrologer Dr. Learn from Ajay Bhambi according to your zodiac sign.


Positive: - Today you have made a little plan regarding your daily routine without telling anyone. In which you will succeed. There will also be a program to go to a religious place with the family.

  • Negative: - Keeping in touch with a friend of any negative activity can cause you disgrace. It is important to monitor the child's movements and actions.
  • Occupation: - There is a need to pay more attention in the field.
  • Love: - Will spend time in entertainment with spouse and family.
  • Health: - Health will be excellent.


  • Positive: - There is a risk of making a mistake in the investment policies you are formulating at the moment. Think about it again or just postpone it today.
  • Negative: - Feel unrest in the mind without any reason. It would be appropriate to spend some time with nature and in meditation. The youth class needs to pay more attention to their career related work.
  • Business: - It is becoming a beneficial condition for the business connected with property.
  • Love: - Spouse will not be able to focus on family due to overwork.
  • Health: - Mom can get skin.

Gemini: -

Positive: - For some time now you have been focusing on whitening your personality and personality. In which you have also found success. At this point even your little important plans will be successful.

Negative: - Spend time on yourself and maintain a good relationship with family and relatives. There is also a risk of any disagreement with the brothers.

Occupation: - There is a need for a change in any kind of place or procedure in the field of work.

Love: - The spouse will be fully devoted to the care of the family.

Health: - Use the vehicle with caution.


Positive: - There is an excellent chance of success in any kind of competition. So focus on your goal with full concentration.

Negative: - Sometimes excessive haste and arousal can lead to irritability. There is a risk of misunderstanding with a close relative.

Occupation: - An interview with an important person can be helpful in your business.

Love: - Husband and wife will not be able to spend time with each other.

Health: - Health will be good.


Positive: You will be able to overcome negative situations with your confidence and words. Your respect and dominance in society will be maintained.

Negative: - Sometimes your distracted mood can make you a little upset in making a decision. Paying too much attention and discipline to children will upset them.

Business: - Profitable conditions are emerging in trade.

Love: - A state of conflict can arise with the spouse.

Health: - Stress can cause gas problems.

Girls: -

Positive: - If you are thinking of buying a new house or property then your decision is very appropriate. Work on it with full concentration.

Negative: - You may lose money due to a friend or close relative. Students can spend more time thinking and understanding.

Occupation: - Entertainment and beauty products related business will be promoted.

Love: - Husband and wife's relationship will be sweetly maintained.

Health: - Health will be good.

Libra: -

Positive: - Nowadays it will be auspicious for you to believe in your positive thoughts such as karma in anticipation of destiny. Doing karma will give strength to destiny. There will be an opportunity to go to a relative's house with the family for a religious program.

Negative: - Any small thing in the house can be a big issue. The reason will be the interference of an outsider.

Business: - Public dealing, media and marketing related business will be profitable today.

Love: - There can be a dispute between husband and wife regarding ego.

Health: - Any old disease can re-emerge.

Scorpio: -

Positive: - You will have a special contribution in political and social activities. There will be satisfaction in having unexpected benefits in economic conditions. There may also be a plan for a change of home.

Negative: - Your anger can turn you away from your own people. Children will be stressed about their careers.

Occupation: - The government person will be successful in fulfilling his target.

Love: - Husband and wife keep their relationship sweet.

Health: - There is a possibility of an accident. Be careful.

Dhan: -

Positive: - Your interference in your idealistic thinking and social wrong activities becomes a precedent for others and you will also get an honorable position.

Negative: - Do not allow any kind of humiliating situation to arise with father or father-like persons.

Business: - In business today, fortune will be completely in your favor.

Love: - There will be sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife.

Health: - Health will be well maintained.

Capricorn: -

Positive: - It is your specialty to make an informed decision and try to complete more work yourself. The positive change in your nature is connecting with spirituality and divine power.

Negative: - Being more self-centered will have a negative effect on your personal life and family. Co at home
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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Family Pensioners receiving Pension have been given an extension of two years for verification of annual survival.

Pensioners / Family Pensioners receiving Pension have been given an extension of two years for verification of annual survival.

  • Annual survival of pensioners / family pensioners receiving pension
  • Verification term extended by two months: Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel

Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel has said that pensioners / family pensioners receiving pension in the state have to verify their annual survival. For which pensioners have to go to the bank or treasury in person. It was submitted to the finance department on behalf of the pensioners that it was not appropriate for the elderly pensioners to go to the bank or the treasury during the Corona epidemic. Therefore, the verification period should be extended. With this in mind, the term of two months has been extended by the Finance Minister Nitinbhai Patel. So now till October 2020, pensioners / family pensioners will be able to verify their existence in person at the concerned bank or at the District

Treasury or Pension Payment Offices. In addition, pensioners / family pensioners can verify their survival online on Jeevan Pramaan Portal (

The Deputy Chief Minister added that the period for verification of annual survival has been extended till August 31, 2020, taking into account the prevailing Corona epidemic. As a rule, pensioners are required to verify their annual subsistence by the end of June of that year. But considering the representations received by the pensioners as well as the prevailing situation, this important decision has been taken by the state government in the interest of the pensioners.

He added that at present, more than 2.61 lakh pensioners / family pensioners in the state are being credited with a monthly pension of Rs 1,200 crore directly through e-payment.



Thus, all the pensioners whose survival is yet to be verified have been requested by the State Government to verify their survival immediately during this extended period i.e. by 31.10.2020.

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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Amazon-Pay launches digital gold service, now gold can be bought for just Rs.

Amazon-Pay launches digital gold service, now gold can be bought for just Rs.

  • The customer will be able to buy and sell gold at any time
  • Facility to buy gold at Rs 1 also on Paytm, Google Pay and Phone Pay

With the rise of digitalization, people are now using digital sources not only for payment but also for buying gold. For a long time now, digital platforms like Phone-Pay, Google-Pay, MobiQuick, etc. have been offering online gold purchases. So now e-commerce company Amazon India's digital payment company Amazon-Pay has also launched a digital gold service. Under this, anyone can buy gold from any platform for just Rs. Amazon-Pay has dubbed this digital gold investment facility Gold Wallet. For this the company has partnered with SafeGold. SafeGold will offer buyers 99.5% pure gold of 24 carats.

Customers can buy and sell at any time

Under this offer, Amazon customers can buy and sell gold at any time. The special thing is that customers do not have to spend a locker for the safety of this gold. Customers can buy gold at a competitive price on this platform.

Other digital platforms also offer this feature::

Other digital payment platforms also offer this facility to buy digital gold. These include platforms like Paytm, Phone-Pay, Google-Pay, MobiQuick, Axis Bank's freecharge, etc. Most of the platforms like Paytm, Google-Pay, Phone-Pay also offer their customers the facility to buy Rs 1 gold.

Who started the Digital Gold Service?

Google-Pay launched the digital gold service in April last year.
Paytm and Phone-Pay have been offering digital gold purchases on their platform since 2017.


MobiQuick launched the service in 2018.

On Akshay Tritiya, Paytm sold 37 kg of gold
In April this year, on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya, Patim sold 37 kg of digital gold through its platform. As well, Phone-Peno claims to have sold 100kg of digital gold so far this year, including the festive season. Flipkart-owned PhonePay says digital gold transactions have increased 125% this year compared to last year. As a result, it is not wrong to say that the number of digital gold buyers has increased during the lockdown.
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You just need to find your customer id or unique identification number calculator given in your old electricity bill & go in to this recharge all electricity bill payment app and find your meter electricity provider from the list and open respective page where you have to enter that unique number to view & pay your bijli bill online under digital india program. You may need your aadhar card link with Mobile Sim number and bank EPF Balance to pay bills.

A Very Warm Welcome to DGVCL 

DGVCL is one of the four discs of Gujarat Energy Development Corporation Limited (GUVNL), a government-owned public undertaking. Of Gujarat. It has a power supply network of 85 divisions, 5828 km of HT and LT lines which are supplied to its customers through 1919 divisional offices monitored by sub-divisions.

The app is providing rich features for registered and non-registered users.

1> The user can contact the Customer Care Center

2> The user can register and track without registering

3> User can sign up and add multiple customer numbers to file a complaint

>> The user can view the complaint history in his / her account

5> The app is available in Gujarati and English



pay your bill  online 


GUVNL Through its four electricity distribution companies (DSCCOM) namely DGVCL, MGVCL, PGVC L. And UGVCL GUVNL is offering electricity bill payment and other seamless services to its customers. Has created a Electricity Bill Payment Mobile App for Android platform.

  • 1> Fast bill payment
  • 2> Schedule outage information in the Customers area
  • >> History of payment and bill of last six months Power complaint redress application GUVNL (Former GEB) Complaint for all Gujarat Electricity Distribution Companies (DGVCL, MGVCL, PGVCL, UGVCL) is easy, fast, intuitive and easy to use.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Atal Pension Scheme all information

Atal Pension Scheme all information 

The Government of India wants to strengthen as well as secure the economic condition of the country. The way in which the country has been neglecting the middle class and the poor for years, the citizens of the country who have been neglected for years feel that this government is a government that takes the poor of the country along and wants to secure their future.

If the poor people of the country develop then the country will move forward automatically and the greatest security of any person is its economic security and to provide this economic security the present government has implemented a new pension scheme. This scheme is Atal Pension Scheme

The main objective of this scheme is to provide pension benefits to the people in the unorganized sector of the country. The scheme provides social security facility to the common people of such unorganized sector with minimum participation i.e. the beneficiary of the scheme does not have to be dependent on others in case of illness, accident or old age.

In addition, those in the private sector of the country who do not get such pension benefits can also claim a pension through this scheme and can get a pension ranging from Rs 1,000, Rs 5,000, Rs 5,000, Rs 5,000 to Rs 5,000 on completion of the age limit of 60 years. If the person who is a part of this scheme gets the premium paid and considering his age, he will get the amount of this pension. If he dies in the meantime, his spouse can also claim this pension.

Benefits of Atal Pension Scheme

  • Income security during old age.
  • The purpose of this scheme is to invest in voluntary retirement.
  • Will be focused on workers in the unorganized sector.
  • Implementation will take place from 01-09-2018.
  • Eligibility: Minimum age will be 18 years and maximum age limit will be 60 years.
  • The administration will be done by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).
The Atal Pension Scheme is like a safety net for aging Indians. At the same time the scheme promotes a culture of saving among the lower and lower middle class people of the society. The biggest feature of this scheme is that it benefits the poor citizens of the country. In this too, the Government of India is giving the facility to those who are involved in this scheme till 31st December 2018 to pay 50 per cent of the amount to be paid for 3 years or Rs. 1000 whichever is less.

Eligibility of the beneficiary of Atal Pension Scheme

The Atal Pension Scheme (APY) is for all Indian citizens between the ages of 18 and 40. To avail the benefits of this scheme, everyone has to pay the amount fixed by the government for at least 30 years. Any bank account holder who is not a member of any such social security scheme can avail this scheme.

For monthly pension of Rs.1000 / - to Rs.3000 / -, the beneficiary will have to pay an age based contribution of Rs.5 / - to Rs.21 / -.

The level of contribution will vary with the age of the person. A person who joins at a younger age will have less contribution and more for older age.

To encourage investment in this scheme, a new account will be credited to the account holder by the Central Government before 31-12-2017 within a maximum limit of Rs.1000 / - per annum or whichever is less than 50% of the total contribution in the account. (From 2013-14 to 2017-20) The savers of the present Rashtriya Swavalamban Yojana will be automatically transferred to the Atal Pension Yojana.

To take advantage of this scheme

The account holder has to fill up the authorization form and submit it to his bank. In which details of account number, spouse and nominee (heir) have to be written. Under this scheme, the account holder has to ensure that there is a fixed amount in his account every month. If that doesn't happen, it's time to dump her and move on. These penalties are common, such as Rs 1 for every Rs 100, Rs 5 for 101 to 200 contributions, Rs 5 for Rs 201 to Rs 1,000 and Rs 10 for more than Rs 1,001.

atal pantion scheme official site:: view from here

If payment is not made ... If payment is not made for 6 months, the account holder's account can be sealed. If the payment is not deposited within 15 months, the account holder's account is deactivated. The account of the person who does not make this payment for 6 months is completely closed. Anyone who does not have an account has to open a bank account first and provide Aadhaar card and KYC information. At the same time, the form of 'APY' has to be submitted. If you want to exit the plan ...

Under normal circumstances, an account holder cannot opt ​​out of the Atal Pension Scheme till the age of 60 years. The account can be closed only in certain special circumstances, such as after his death.

State Level Bankers Committee - Gujarat Frequently Asked Questions - Atal Pension Scheme

What is a pension? Why do I need it?

  • Pensions provide people with a monthly income in their retirement.
  • Pension requirement
  • Decreased ability to earn income with age
  • Becoming a New Nuclear Family - Migration of Income Members
  • Increase in subsistence costs
  • Longevity
  • Ensuring a monthly income ensures a dignified life in old age.

atal pantion scheme official site:: view from here

What is Atal Pension Scheme?

The Atal Pension Scheme (APY) is a pension scheme for the citizens of India, focusing exclusively on unorganized sector workers. Under this Atal Pension Scheme, customers are entitled to a minimum of Rs. 1000 / -, 2000 / -, 3000 / -, 4000 / - and 5,000 / - Guaranteed monthly pension will be given at the age of 60 years.

Who can become a member of APY?

Any citizen of India can join the APY scheme. The criteria for eligibility are as follows.

  • The age of the customer should be between 18 to 40 years.
  • They should have / open a savings account in the bank.
  • The prospective applicant should have a mobile number and details of which should be given at the time of registration with the bank.
  • Customers who have joined the scheme from June 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 and who are not covered under the legal social security scheme and have not paid income tax, will be eligible for five years from the government i.e. from 2015-16 to 2019-20. Co-contributions are available.

Which other social security scheme beneficiaries are not eligible for government co-contribution under APY?

Beneficiaries who are covered under a legal social security scheme are not eligible to receive co-contributions from the government. For example, members of a social security scheme covered under the following structures are not eligible for government co-contributions.

Employees Provident Fund and Various Provisions Act, 1952.
Coal Provident Fund and Various Provisions Act, 1948.
Assam Tea Plantation Provident Fund and Various Provisions Act, 1955.
Marine Farmer Provident Fund Act, 1966
Jammu and Kashmir Employees Provident Fund and Various Provisions Act, 1961.
Any other legal social security plan.

How much pension will be received under APY?

Customers are required to pay a minimum of Rs. 1000 / -, 2000 / -, 3000 / -, 4000 / - and 5,000 / - Guaranteed monthly pension will be given at the age of 60 years. The minimum pension benefit under the Atal Pension Scheme is guaranteed by the government which means that if the return on the contribution required for the minimum guaranteed pension is less than the actual return estimated, the declining compensation will be provided by the government. In addition, if the actual return of the pension contribution is higher than the estimated return, it will be credited to the customer's account, thereby increasing the benefit to the customer.

What are the benefits of joining APY scheme?

In APY, the government will contribute 50% of the customer's contribution or Rs.1000 / - per annum, whichever is less, to each eligible customer who joins the scheme between 1st June, 2015 to 31st December, 2015. Co-contributions are available from the government for five years i.e. from 2015-16 to 2019-20.

How are APY contributions invested?

The APY contribution will be invested in accordance with the investment policy laid down by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. This APY scheme is administered by PFRDA / Government.

How to open an APY account?

Contact the bank branch in which you have a savings account.
Filling the APY registration form.
Provide support / mobile number.
Ensure that required amount is deposited in the bank savings account for monthly contribution transfer.
Is Aadhaar number mandatory to join the scheme?

Aadhaar number is not mandatory for opening APY account. However, for admission, the Aadhaar number will be the primary KYC document for long term avoidance of disputes related to pension rights and entitlement as well as identification of beneficiaries, spouses and nominees.

  • Can I open an APY account without a savings bank account?
  • No, to join APY, a bank savings account is mandatory.
  • How will the contribution be credited to the account?

atal pantion scheme official site:: view from here

All contributions will have to be paid monthly through auto debit facility from the customer's bank savings account.

What will be the due date for monthly contribution?

The due date for monthly contribution will be as per the date of initial contribution submitted in APY.

What happens if the required or sufficient amount for contribution is not maintained in the Savings Bank account on the due date?

Failure to keep the required amount for contribution in the savings account on the due date will be considered as default. In case of late payment, the bank will have to levy an additional penalty of at least Rs. 1 to Rs. 10 per month as shown below.

Penalty of Rs. 1 per month on monthly contribution of Rs.

A penalty of Rs 2 per month for contributions ranging from Rs 101 to Rs 500 per month.

A penalty of Rs. 5 per month for contributions ranging from Rs. 501 to Rs. 1000 per month.

A penalty of Rs. 10 per month for contributions exceeding Rs. 1001 per month.

The following will be the situation when the payment of contribution is stopped.

  • The account will be frozen / frozen after 6 months.
  • The account will be deactivated after 12 months.
  • The account will be closed after 24 months.
  • The customer should make sure that the amount of contribution required in the bank account is sufficient for auto debit.
  • The fixed penalty / interest amount will be part of the customer's pension fund.
  • How much do I have to invest in APY to get a guaranteed pension of Rs.1000?
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Saturday, August 15, 2020

What is Your Rights and Duties, India is the fourth country in the world to bring a Charter of Taxpayers

Taxpayer Charter / Experts Know What is Charter, What is Your Rights and Duties, India is the fourth country in the world to bring a Charter of Taxpayers

  • Taxpayers will get privacy, respect, the right to complain and also the duty to file a tax return.
  • India, the fourth country in the world to introduce a taxpayers' charter, was previously implemented by the United States, Canada and Australia.

Bhopal / New Delhi. According to CA Naveen Gupta and CA Kirti Joshi, they had earlier announced to bring taxpayers charter in the budget. In about six months the government has given it a solid shape. With this, India has become the fourth country in the world to bring a charter of taxpayers. India has been implemented by the US, Canada and Australia before. The taxpayers' charter determines, as long as the taxpayer has committed tax evasion or malpractice.

The right to rational behavior::

The income tax department has to treat all taxpayers with courtesy and respect. There will be honesty and fair dealings. A fair and just decision has to be made according to the law.

Respect as honesty::

The taxpayer will be considered honest until evidence is found against someone. And the information he provided is complete and accurate. Taking the time to check information does not mean that you are dishonest.

The right to certainty::

Provide you with information about tax issues as soon as possible. Provide appropriate time and place for taxpayer interviews related to inquiries and investigations.

Right to information::

Will help provide an understanding of the taxpayer's legal rights, tax charges and benefits. Updated information in clear and simple language must be made available on the department's website or in printed form.

The right not to charge more taxes::

The department has to deal honestly with the taxpayer in all the work. The rest of the tax amount will be paid. Proper approval of all deductions, credits, and other items

The right not to retrospectively fill::

Laws change from time to time. A general principle is that such changes only apply to revenue growth, supply of goods and services or transactions.

The right to reduce costs::

Understand your tax payments and make it easy for you. Making it easier to reduce workload, time and effort in relation to your tax payments.

The right to represent::

You can represent yourself in the matter of taxation or in dealing with the department. Or you can take the help of someone else.

The duty of taxpayers

  • Be honest
  • Follow the rules, cooperate with the income tax department when dealing
  • By law, keep records
  • Appropriate and submit all documents and taxes on time
  • Inform the Income Tax Department when the situation changes
  • Be aware of your own liability and the consequences of not following the rules.
  • The Delhi-based NEC will now be a touch point between taxpayers and assessment centers.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

GANDHINAGAR Jilla Aanganvadi Bharti 2020 at

GANDHINAGAR Jilla Aanganvadi Bharti  2020 at

Gandhinagar anganwadi recruitment 2020 latest notification| application form Anganwadi Recruitment 2020: Women and Children Development Department, Government of Gujarat (E-HRMS) have invited online application for the latest recruitment for the Anganwadi Worker and Helper Vacancy District-Wise.

Candidates who want to apply can check the Anganwadi Bharti 2020 in Gujarat Latest Notification  on the WCD Gujarat Website at and submit their apply online / application form by the last date.

The Women and Child Development Department {WCD}, Gujarat goes to publish the Recruitment notification to fill the varied Latest Anganwadi Vacancy altogether over State. The aspirants who are seeking to urge Govt Jobs In Gujarat they'll Apply Gujarat Anganwadi Recruitment form 2020 2021 Online. But before go to apply You may Read the Gujarat Anganwadi Bharti Notification to check eligibility Criteria. Here On this site, we've updated all necessary details about Anganwadi Vacancy in Gujarat like as Supervisor/ Worker/ Helper Posts. You may Keep tuned to the present site to use Gujarat Latest Anganwadi Jobs Forms 2020 2021 Online.

How to Apply For Aangadvadi Bharti In Gujarat :

  • First Open  For AAngadvadi bharti 2020 In gujarat
  • Then Open Recruitment Option In it. 
  • then Select your Job and district
  • Fill up all Detail properly and submit your application
  • Here We also put Pdf file for Aangadvadi bharti 2020 All guidelines


  • Post Name : Anganwadi Worker, Anganwadi Helper 
  • Qualification : SSC Pass, HSC Pass
  • Age Limit : 18 to 33 Years
  • Selection Process : Base on Merit.

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

The period till 17th August will be auspicious for the people of Baray zodiac

The period till 17th August will be auspicious for the people of Baray zodiac

  • Dr. According to Ajay Bhambi, the period till August 17 will be auspicious for the people of Baray Rashi.
  • The famous astrologer Acharya Dr. about the days from 10 August, Monday to 17 August, Sunday will be for you. Learn from Ajay Bhambi according to your zodiac sign.


  • Positive: - This week the planetary position is providing amazing power to hone your practical qualities. Jupiter is also contributing. Take full advantage of planetary conditions. Today, beneficial conditions regarding wealth will be created.
  • Negative: - Be aware that sometimes your ego can cause difficulties in your actions. Your image can also be tarnished by people close to you. Control your ego at this point.
  • Business: - The current source of income in the business sector will be less.
  • Love: - Make time for your family along with work
  • Health: - Health will be good.


  • Positive: - You spend time with friends and entertainment while avoiding all important tasks. So you can relax and concentrate on your work by regaining your energy.
  • Negative: - Your family will not like spending too much time with friends. Also take care of their comforts.
  • Business: - With a little effort, your home and family atmosphere will be beautifully maintained.
  • Love: - Treat all people with love
  • Health: - Health will be excellent.

Gemini: -

  • Positive: - Gemini people are the best in making contacts and you will also benefit from these contacts. There will be excitement when a guest comes to the house.
  • Negative: - There will be some kind of worry about the offspring. You can get a solution by thinking of telling someone the problem.
  • Occupation: - Any new responsibility can be found in the business.
  • Love: - The family atmosphere will be beautiful.
  • Health: - Health will be good but headache or migraine may remain.


  • Positive: - This week will be busy with household chores. The focus will be on future plans and plans to strengthen the economic party.
  • Negative: - Receiving any unpleasant or inauspicious news can make the situation negative and disrupt the work.
  • Business: - Meeting someone important will be beneficial for you.
  • Love: - Spending time with family members will bring positivity in the home.
  • Health: - Health will be good.


  • Positive: - This week will come against the positive result of a few important decisions related to family and finance. If you are making a few plans for home renovation, get help from Vastu.
  • Negative: - There may be some kind of dispute with a close relative. Anyone can take advantage of your sentimentality and generosity.
  • Occupation: - Trusting strangers and new people can lead to financial loss.
  • Love: - The cooperation of family and spouse will keep your morale strong.
  • Health: - Joint pain may remain.

Girls: -

  • Positive: - There will be engagement in economic and real estate related activities and also some good news will be received. It will be a pleasure to get the job done to the best of your ability.
  • Negative: - Dispute can happen with a friend. You control your temper. Sometimes your authoritative full speech can disappoint others.
  • Occupation: - There will be stability in career.
  • Love: - The family atmosphere will be pleasant.
  • Health: - Eating moderation.

Libra: -

  • Positive: - This week you will be able to make a few changes in your routine by learning from the bitter experiences of the past. Which will prove to be the best and the car of life will come back on track.
  • Negative: - An outsider may try to help you. Don't make any hasty decisions. Work on the policies you create.
  • Business: - Business activities will continue to run properly.
  • Love: - Don't try to flirt somewhere at this time.
  • Health: - Panic can be caused by heat.

Scorpio: -

  • Positive: - Now is the auspicious time to achieve the goals that you have worked so hard for in the last few years. Your qualifications and skills will come in front of people.
  • Negative: - Problems can increase financially. You will face every difficulty fearlessly and you will also find a solution.
  • Business: - Your work ethic in business will be very excellent.
  • Love: - An elder's health may deteriorate.
  • Health: - There will be a condition like fatigue.

Dhan: -

  • Positive: - This week, before you do any work, do thorough research about it and speed up by thinking about its positive and negative levels. Also have faith in religion and spirituality.
  • Negative: - If any work related to land is going to be done, complete the work without expecting much benefit from it. Relationships with a close friend can be strained.
  • Occupation: This week job seekers will be under stress due to some work.
  • Love: - There will be sweetness in love relationships.
  • Health: - Take special care of health.

Capricorn: -

  • Positive: - You will captivate everyone because of your balanced nature. Students are also more likely to succeed in interviews and career-related exams.
  • Negative: - Don't let laziness and over-comfort dominate you. Maintain your physical energy. Don't get too close to friends.
  • Occupation: - Occupation will get proper opportunity.
  • Love: - Love relationships will get family acceptance.
  • Health: - Be careful about health


Aquarius: -

Positive: - Your full time will be spent on family and money related activities. Any inherited property

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Gold is setting new record levels every day, soon to hit Rs. Probably 60,000

Gold is setting new record levels every day, soon to hit Rs. Probably 60,000

  • Today in Ahmedabad, gold is sold at Rs. Reached the level of 58 thousand

Ahmedabad. Investment in gold has increased globally due to the economic downturn caused by the Corona virus. Countries around the world, including India, have cut interest rates. As a result, investment in gold is on the rise and as a result, prices are rising steadily despite not much demand for jewelery in the domestic market. In the past one week, the price of gold in Ahmedabad has gone up by Rs. 2500 to Rs. Have reached a historic level of 58,000. According to gold experts, if the rally continues like this, gold will soon touch Rs. 60,000 can happen. Gold in the international market has reached the level of 2060 dollars per ounce.

Increased investment in gold for security

According to Kedia Commodities, the state of the economy in India and globally is currently bad. Gold has gained more than 35% in the last 6-8 months against returns in the stock market. Investment in precious metals has increased as it is not certain when the economic situation will improve. However at the current level little profit booking may occur. But gold is likely to remain bullish in the coming days.

Gold rose 4.50% in one week

In the Ahmedabad spot market, gold prices have continued to rise. According to jewelers, on July 31, gold traded at Rs. 55,500 which today is Rs. 58,000 per ten grams. Thus, in just one week, the price of gold has risen by 4.50%.

read news report : click here

Gold traded at a new high on the MCX

With the opening of gold futures on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) on Friday, Rs. 685 and in a short time Rs. 56191 created a new surface per 10 grams. Anuj Gupta, deputy vice-president, Angel Broking, said that in the coming days, gold prices will touch Rs. Can live up to 60,000.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Google launches Pixel 4a smartphone, learn features

Google launches Pixel 4a smartphone, learn features

  • Google said in a blog post that 'last year' Pixel 3a 'gave people the opportunity to use the good features of Pixel at a cheaper price. This year 'Pixel 4a' will give them the opportunity to use incomparable camera and many other features.

 Google will launch its new smartphone 'Pixel 4a' in the Indian market in October. However, the company will not launch its 5G technology based Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A (5G) in India and Singapore. In October last year, the company did not even launch its 'Pixel 4a' and 'Pixel 4 XL' in the Indian market.

Google said in a blog post that 'last year' Pixel 3a 'gave people the opportunity to use the good features of Pixel at a cheaper price. This year the 'Pixel 4a' will give them the opportunity to use the incomparable camera and many other features that will make their phone better over time. It will be launched in India in October.

read news report: click here
read news report:  click here

Google said about the price of the phone that it will make its announcement around its release.

more features:: click here

Google says 'Pixel 5a' and 'Pixel 4a (5G)' will not be available in India and Singapore this year

American tech company Google has launched the new Pixel 4a smartphone. The company has also announced Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 5G. Although Google has clarified that it will not launch the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G in India, the company said that the decision was taken keeping in view different factors like local market and trend.

Speaking of the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 5G smartphones, these phones have just been launched in the US, no announcement has been made as to when they will arrive in India. As 5G is not available in India at present.

Talking about the price of the Google Pixel 4a smartphone, the first variant is 4G, priced at 34 349 (approximately Rs. 26,250), and the second variant is 5G, starting at કિંમત 499 (approximately, 37,534). The smartphone will be available in India from October. In the market, this phone will compete with OnePlus Nord, Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71.

Speaking of features ...

The Google Pixel 4a smartphone has a 5.8-inch OLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space. It has a 12.2-megapixel camera and an 8-megapixel front camera. It also has a 3,140mAh battery with rear-mounted fingerprint sensor fast charging technique.

This is Google's first 5G smartphone, with 5G variants available in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Pre-order bookings have begun in the US. The 4G variant of Google Pixel 4a will be available in India in October 2020. This will be sold on Flipkart in India.
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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Vhali Dikri Yojna goverment scheme for girl child full detail information

Vhali Dikri Yojna goverment scheme for girl child

  • 1st instalment For admission in First Class Rs.4000
  • 2nd instalment For admission in Class 10th Std Rs.6000
  • 3rd instalment At the age of 18 years Rs.1 lakh

A girl child among first two children of family will get benefit of this scheme. Beneficiary girl child on her entry to first standard in school will get Rs. 4,000, in 9th standard she will get Rs. 6,000 and when she completes 18-year age she will get Rs. 1 lakh,’ Nitin Patel said.

He said the scheme will improve sex ratio, it will encourage girl child education and avail a big amount for higher education and wedding.

Gujarat Vahali Dikri Yojana Eligibility

Gujarat Vhali Dikari Yojana is going to improve the birth rate of girls and will strengthen the socio-economic status of the girls in society. All the applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to become eligible for Vahali Dikri Yojana:-

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Gujarat state.
  • The girls must belong to a poor family with annual income of less than 2 LAkhs.
  • Gil Must  Born after 2-8-2019
  • Vhali Dikri Yojna Benefits Till 2 Girl.
  • Age Of mother Nust be more than 18 year At time of Birth of Girl
  • The scheme according to Patel will be availed to families with upto Rs. 2 lakh income per year.

The State government has made allocation of Rs. 133 crore for this scheme in financial year 2019-20 budget.

In an effort to increase the birth rate of girls and to combat female feticide, the Gujarat government has launched 'Vali Dairy Scheme' in the budget. Under the scheme, when the girl crosses the age of 18, the Finance Minister, Nitin Patel, announced in the Assembly that the government will give him Rs one lakh.

Fiancial Assistance In Vahali Dikri Yojana

The amount to 1st and 2nd daughters of the family would be given in the following manner

Document  Require For Vhali Dikri Yojana ::: 

  • Birth Crtificate Of Daughter
  • Adhar Card Of Father
  • Adhar Card Of Mother
  • Birth certificate Of mother
  • Income certificate
  • Other Document

Key Features of the Vahali Dikri Scheme::

The below listed are the key features of the scheme:

  • The Gujarat Government wants to ensure that every girl child of the state should be adequate education.
  • With the implementation of this scheme, the Government will offer financial assistance to the parents of female students as they receive the amount to send their girls to school.
  • This scheme eliminates the social evils in the society and helps the girls with a better standard of living.
  •  Under this project, the Gujarat government has promised financial assistance of Rs.1,10,000 to every applicant who becomes a registered beneficiary.
  •  The full amount will be deposited in the beneficiaries accounts in three separate instalments.
  • The beneficiaries will get the subsidy in their account at the fixed time frame by the government.
  • In the recent Gujarat Budget 2019-20, the state government has allocated Rs.133 crore for Vahli Dikri Yojana.
  • This scheme aims to create sustainable growth of all these people that further helps with improving their standard of living in society.
  • When the girl will take admission in class 1, then the sum of Rs. 4000 will be credited to her account. Again, when she successfully completes the 8th standard examination and gets admission in 9th standard, the government will credit her account with Rs.6000.
  •  After completing and passing the examination of class 12, the Gujarat government will make the transfer of Rs.1 lakh in the bank accounts of the respective beneficiaries.
  • The registered beneficiary will be able to withdraw the sum of Rs.1 lakh from her bank account once she attains the legal age of 18 years. She is free to use the funds for vocational training, higher education or to meet the expenses of marriage.


Download Vhali Dikri Yojna Form click here

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