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Saturday, August 15, 2020

What is Your Rights and Duties, India is the fourth country in the world to bring a Charter of Taxpayers

Taxpayer Charter / Experts Know What is Charter, What is Your Rights and Duties, India is the fourth country in the world to bring a Charter of Taxpayers

  • Taxpayers will get privacy, respect, the right to complain and also the duty to file a tax return.
  • India, the fourth country in the world to introduce a taxpayers' charter, was previously implemented by the United States, Canada and Australia.

Bhopal / New Delhi. According to CA Naveen Gupta and CA Kirti Joshi, they had earlier announced to bring taxpayers charter in the budget. In about six months the government has given it a solid shape. With this, India has become the fourth country in the world to bring a charter of taxpayers. India has been implemented by the US, Canada and Australia before. The taxpayers' charter determines, as long as the taxpayer has committed tax evasion or malpractice.

The right to rational behavior::

The income tax department has to treat all taxpayers with courtesy and respect. There will be honesty and fair dealings. A fair and just decision has to be made according to the law.

Respect as honesty::

The taxpayer will be considered honest until evidence is found against someone. And the information he provided is complete and accurate. Taking the time to check information does not mean that you are dishonest.

The right to certainty::

Provide you with information about tax issues as soon as possible. Provide appropriate time and place for taxpayer interviews related to inquiries and investigations.

Right to information::

Will help provide an understanding of the taxpayer's legal rights, tax charges and benefits. Updated information in clear and simple language must be made available on the department's website or in printed form.

The right not to charge more taxes::

The department has to deal honestly with the taxpayer in all the work. The rest of the tax amount will be paid. Proper approval of all deductions, credits, and other items

The right not to retrospectively fill::

Laws change from time to time. A general principle is that such changes only apply to revenue growth, supply of goods and services or transactions.

The right to reduce costs::

Understand your tax payments and make it easy for you. Making it easier to reduce workload, time and effort in relation to your tax payments.

The right to represent::

You can represent yourself in the matter of taxation or in dealing with the department. Or you can take the help of someone else.

The duty of taxpayers

  • Be honest
  • Follow the rules, cooperate with the income tax department when dealing
  • By law, keep records
  • Appropriate and submit all documents and taxes on time
  • Inform the Income Tax Department when the situation changes
  • Be aware of your own liability and the consequences of not following the rules.
  • The Delhi-based NEC will now be a touch point between taxpayers and assessment centers.

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