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Sunday, November 29, 2020

A unique beekeeping experiment to obtain pure honey.

Beekeeping was started by us in the year 2014 with the intention of obtaining pure and sattvic honey in a completely non-violent manner by breeding bees.  Very few people know that beekeeping is not an exploitation but a nutritional activity, based on the principle of coexistence and not parasitism.  Meaning beneficial not only for humans but also for both humans and bees.  In fact, beekeeping is beneficial to farmers, agriculture and nature.

 What started as a small hobby in the vicinity of nature has taken the form of a business over time and today we have more than 300 bee colonies of our own.  Our area of ​​work is the inland rural area around Kutch, Porbandar, Gir Somnath, Panchmahal, Dahod, and Dang.


 We guarantee you 100% Pure Satvik and Natural (Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurized) honey.  Not a single fly, egg or chick is harmed during the honey extraction process.  This honey is not processed in any way and no external substances like preservatives, sugar are added to it.  Honey is delivered to you only by straining it with a cotton cloth.


 A bee colony has a queen bee, 200-300 male bees and 20,000 to 80,000 worker bees.  This family of bees is raised in a scientifically made wooden box.  These boxes are kept in areas full of perennial flowers.  By getting perennial flowers, bees make more honey than they need.  This excess honey is extracted by non-violent method.  Not a single fly, egg or chick is harmed during this honey extraction process.  This honey is not processed in any way.

 Humans have a very old relationship with honey.  Honey was also the first sweet eaten by humans in ancient times ...!  For thousands of years humans have been using brutal methods to obtain honey.  To get honey from a bee hive, honey is obtained by lowering the hive by making a lot of smoke under it.  During this time a large number of bees, eggs, chicks and larvae die.  During the process of lowering the honeycomb, the eggs and chicks are depleted and biological impurities are mixed in the honey and such honey cannot be stored for long.  Many species of bees have become extinct because of this ruthless method of obtaining honey.


 Nutritious and rich in honey, Indians have been using very little.  Honey has no place in the daily diet of Indians, it is only used as a medicine.  There is also a religiosity behind this, as a large number of flies die due to the violent method of extracting honey, so Indians use very little honey.

અમારો કોન્ટેકટ નંબર 9586963525

 Centrifugal machines are also used to obtain honey in beekeeping centers, in which pure and sattvic honey can be obtained without harming a single bee or its eggs and chicks.  In addition, the extra honey produced by the bees is taken as the bees have a system of perennial flowers.  We therefore urge people to prefer pure, sattvic and non-violent honey obtained from beekeeping which promotes beekeeping and stops killing of innocent creatures.

 "If the bees perished from the earth, in just four years, all living things would be gone."

 - Albert Einstein

 Such a statement by a great scientist may seem a little ridiculous and questionable, but today the effect of this statement is slowly being seen.  After World War II, the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hybrid seeds (GM seeds) began to increase in agriculture.  In the early stages these things prove to be slightly beneficial.  But gradually the situation began to worsen.  Excessive use of chemical fertilizers led to desolation of fertile and quality lands, excessive use of pesticides also destroyed useful insects like bees.  The food chain that has been running for thousands of years has been destroyed.

 Even after spending billions of rupees on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, according to multinational companies, global agricultural production is declining.  Its side effects are not limited to the environment;  Its side effects are also beginning to occur on human health.  The basic cause of serious diseases like diabetes, cancer is the change in our diet. Small looking bees have a high place in our diet.  In search of food, bees move from one flower to another.  During this time, unwanted pollen is also transferred from one flower to another (pollination).  Due to which fruits are produced on the flowers.  In more than 80% of plants, bees produce flowering stage to fruiting stage.  Using pesticides we destroyed useful insects like bees.  As a result, fruits and seeds are not produced properly despite being healthy and green plants.

 If pollen carriers like bees are destroyed, seeds or fruits will not be produced which will break the food chain. We use pesticides to hit the ax on our own feet.

 The use of pesticides is controlled by the government in almost all countries except India.  The government has no control over the use of pesticides in our country, so these toxic pesticides are used indiscriminately in crops.  There has been a lot of agitation in developed countries and the government has to listen to the people.  The use of pesticides has been banned worldwide for years.  It is licensed by the Government of India as there is no one to speak to.  Why should the government oppose a company that pays crores of rupees in taxes to the government?  We have to take the initiative to protest.

 To what extent is it appropriate to take bee honey?

 The life of bees depends entirely on flowers.  The only source of its food is flowers.  During the year, during the spring and rainy seasons when the flowers are in full bloom, bees collect nectar from the flowers to make honey.  This honey is used as food when there is a lack of flowers.  As I read this, another question arises in my mind, is it appropriate to take honey?

 In beekeeping, arrangements are made for the bees to get perennial flowers.  The constant flowering of bees makes the bees produce more honey than they need.  This extra honey is removed with the help of a modern machine without harming the flies.  Thus honey obtained not only from the absorption of bees but also from nutrition has 100% purity and also 100% sattvicism.

 Frozen honey is mixed honey?

 There is a belief in Indian society that frozen honey is adulterated honey. But this belief is wrong.  Most people have misconceptions about frozen honey.  For this reason, chemically processed honey or heated honey is sold more in India than raw honey.  Which does not usually occur.  Heating honey once destroys its germination properties, but at the same time destroys the medicinal properties of honey.  The reality is that antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, many anti-aging properties, acids, etc. are destroyed at temperatures above just 45 ° C.  This medicinal element provides health to the body and gives strength to fight diseases.  That is why honey should be kept away from heat.  Most companies sell honey processed or pasteurized, the quality of such honey being exactly like sugar syrup.  That is why most Ayurveda doctors recommend the use of "raw honey".

 Queen bee

 Some of the characteristics of the queen bee are shown here.

 There are thousands of bees in the hive but there is only one queen bee. The queen bee and the worker bee are born from the same type of egg, but are much larger than the queen bee and the worker bee.  This difference in appearance is due to the amount of royal jelly given to them during their development.  The queen bee does not use honey and pollen as food, but has a special diet called royal jelly.  Royal jelly is a secretion from the worker bee's brain gland that is rich in protein.  When the queen bee flies out into the air for the first time four days after hatching, a strong odor called pheromone attracts the male bees behind it.  Males mate with bees while flying in the air.  The male bee dies after mating.  This is how many males mate in a single day, until their uterus is completely filled.  The queen bee never needs to have sex for the rest of her life.  Using these seeds throughout her life, the queen lays eggs according to her needs.  The queen bee can lay more or less eggs, depending on the favorable and unfavorable environment.  The queen bee decides whether to lay male eggs or female eggs according to time and need.  The lifespan of a queen bee is 3 years and that of a worker bee is only 3 months.  This is also due to the special food it gets. The queen has mating only once in her life and then lays eggs throughout her life. The queen bee can lay eggs only, not the worker bee.  , Thousands of worker bees (underdeveloped females) that can never mate and are fully developed females i.e. queen bees.

 The queen bee can lay 1500 to 2000 eggs in the flowering season.  The working bees feed and feed her. The queen bee spends her entire life as a "queen", but when the queen is unable to give birth, her children, the working bees, kill her and make her a new queen.

 The work done by a bee to prepare a teaspoon of honey

 A bee can produce as much as one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its entire life.  He does it not only for himself but for generations to come.  You may know that the life span of a bee is only 45 to 60 days.  The sole purpose of his life is to manage (store) food for his family and protect them.

 The bee has to collect the juice of more than fifteen flowers to make a drop of honey.

 There are millions of bees in the hive.  The journey made by all the bees to make one kg of honey is more than 42000 km.  This distance is equal to 3 revolutions around the earth.

 Our business is bee keeping.  It may sound a little strange to hear this, that if this is what happens, how can a bee be reared?

 The answer is simple, just as cows get buffaloes to get milk, we get bees to get honey.  Speaking of Mandi, the desire to do something different and the activity started just to learn something out of curiosity turned from a hobby and a hobby to a business.

 What started in 2014 with just 25 hives of bees has today become a beekeeping center with 300 hives.  Darshan Beekeeping Farm today is able to provide you with pure, organic honey.

 When beekeeping was decided to become a business, the only goal was not to compromise on the quality and purity of honey under any circumstances, only 100% pure, organic honey would be provided to the customer.  Due to our quality standards, honey production is 40% less than capacity, which limits our annual production capacity to 2500 kg, but because of these strict standards, our customers trust us for quality honey.

 The longer the honey stays in the hive, the better the taste and quality of the honey.  Because of this we are able to extract honey only 3 to 4 times a month but only 2 times a month.  So that the honey stays in the hive for 15 days and matures.

 As a consumer, it is important to know a little bit about the honey you consume for good health.  So that you can understand the difference between honey sold in the market and honey produced by us.

 Honey is a natural food, prepared by bees.  The color, taste, density, sodium of the honey that you find in the area depends on the climate there, due to which it is not possible to get honey with uniform taste, color and sodium for many months.  The taste of all the mangoes of the same mango is also a little different, then there are thousands of different types of flowers.  It is not possible to expect the taste of honey produced by bees to be the same, but when you go to the market to buy honey, you will see honey with similar taste and color in attractive packaging from different companies.  It is not possible to get a uniform color, flavored honey on such a large scale.  If you look around you will see that beehives are not found in large numbers anywhere.  If one wants pure honey, one cannot get pure honey even if one pays for it.  How can a private company give you honey at a cheap price with a one-on-one free parental lure offer.

 In today's age of adulteration, when every food item is found to be adulterated on a small scale, we guarantee you 100% pure, organic honey.

 The bee hive is moved to a place where more flowers are available so that the bees can get flowers for many months.  By transplanting we get various natural flavors from flowers like anise, ajmo, sesame, eucalyptus, acacia and pure honey with natural properties of those flowers.
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Friday, November 27, 2020

Eat high ore food to avoid corona in winter and follow expert advice, here is expert advice

Eat high ore food to avoid corona in winter and follow expert advice, here is expert advice

  • Vitamin C, Zinc, Protein, Selenium, Antioxidants are all included in the diet to boost immunity.
  • To make the lungs strong, it is necessary to eat food with high ore value

Corona cases are on the rise again in the country and in Gujarat. In Gujarat, the cases of Corona have reached record highs. The cold from above is also increasing, along with the fear that the corona will get worse in winter. In this regard, Divya Bhaskar, Dr. Intensivist and Critical Case Specialist of Star Hospital, Ahmedabad. Puneet Rawal as well as nutritionist Rita Bhardwaj talked to him and tried to find out why such a situation arose and what should be done for protection and vigilance in this situation.

Why did Corona's case suddenly increase?

Dr. "The current peak is directly related to Diwali," Rawal said. The time for people to meet each other on Diwali had also increased. People came in contact with each other and Corona's case escalated. Respiratory diseases occur in winter, but there is no reason for this at present. No one grows for a single reason. Pollution, winter, meeting, lack of social distance, shopping, all these reasons come together only when such a peak comes. Therefore, it cannot be said that the cases of Corona have increased due to any one reason.

What to do if you come in contact with a corona positive person?

'Suppose I had a fever earlier because of the corona, it would have spread seven days earlier. So if you know that this person has corona after fever, then you should keep social distance from that person. In addition, if you come in contact with a person infected with corona, first check whether you have a fever or not, whether there is pain in the body. Cold-cough or not. If any of these three symptoms appear, get tested for corona immediately after consulting a doctor. Dr. "Corona needs to be tested for the common flu," Puneet said. Often the RT-PCR test is positive even if it is corona, but the test is never positive if it is not corona. Often being an asymptomatic carrier the report comes out positive.

Symptoms of corona::

Corona, cough and fever occur in the first week of corona. In addition the corona spreads the infection in many different ways. Such as paralysis, seizures, abdominal pain, diarrhea, often allergic skin reactions. All of these are also symptoms of corona.

Some people have diarrhea and vomiting, some have body aches, many have skin rashes, blood clots and paralysis. There are many patients with paralysis who test positive for corona. Corona can be present with any such symptom. However, its number is very low.

There is a difference between corona and corona damage

Corona is most likely to occur in people who meet a lot of people. So people between the ages of 25 and 45 meet an average of 15 to 20 people. That is why they are more likely to get a corona infection. As well as children are more likely to have corona. Because, they are always playing in the crowd and those people do not have much symptoms. So there is a higher risk of other people being coronated by those people. In addition, corona is dangerous for people between the ages of 50 and 60. Even if they do not go out much, they are more likely to get corona from exposure to an outsider, as their immune system is not as strong as that of young people and children. So sanitize clothes when you come out before meeting any elders in the house, or meet the elderly only after taking a bath.

When is oxygen needed?

He further said that the need for oxygen from the corona is high in people who have not been properly cared for after the corona occurs and immunity has been reduced. They need oxygen in the second week. Corona affects the lungs in the second week after infection in the first week. If you miss even a little bit of attention in essence-care, corona will happen. However, in people under the age of 40, the symptoms last for up to 1 week. Then will not remain. People over the age of 50 are more likely to have corona, as well as more likely to be damaged by corona.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

Special attention should be paid to hygiene

Rita Bhardwaj, a nutritionist from Ahmedabad, said that the first step in preventing coronavirus is to take care of personal hygiene and increase immunity, which means controlling both external and internal factors. External factors are to protect oneself from infection. For that wear a mask, keep hands clean with sanitizer. As well as being careful not to infect anyone we have external factors. 

External factors

There are many things to eat, such as lentils, beans, flour, rice, etc. Ideally keep all these things out of the house for 2 to 3 days. If there is no space outside, decide a corner inside the house and name it Quarantine Corner. So that whatever items we bring in from outside are kept in the quarantine corner. Keep items in it for 72 hours and spray disinfectant or sanitizer on it before touching it.

Similarly, if you bring any milk product, take it directly to the kitchen and wash the packet with soap or water. Wash hands well too. Similarly, if you bring yoghurt, cheese, etc., which spoil quickly, wash them thoroughly with hot water or soap.

Caring for fruits and vegetables

1. Potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate can be used to disinfect food. It eliminates up to 90 percent of germs by cleaning vegetables and fruits. Potassium permanganate also comes in powder form. Although it is a type of poison, using it properly and in the right proportions makes vegetables and fruits up to 99 percent germ free. Remember, use only 0.1 percent of it. Put just a pinch of powder in a bucket of water and keep the vegetables and fruits soaking in it for 15 minutes. Then remove it and wash it with clean water.

2. Baking soda

Soak vegetables and fruits in hot water and add baking soda. Keep in water for 10 to 15 minutes. Removing vegetables and fruits from it then does not kill all the germs, but to some extent destroys the bacteria in the vegetables.

3. Vinegar and salt

Put a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt in hot water. Soak the vegetables in it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it off with clean water and use it. Take special care to keep vegetables and fruits dry and do not use them for 24 hours.

Internal factors

Everyone's immunity is different. We have some fighter cells in our body to boost immunity. Fighter cells are cells that fight disease. Which are called T cells.

Why increase immunity?

Vitamin C, Zinc, Protein, Selenium, Antioxidants. If all these elements are included in the diet, then the body's immunity will increase. Nowadays, whether it is a vitamin or a protein, everything has to be quadrupled. This means that eating one orange a day for vitamin-c will not work. One should eat a glass of orange juice or two oranges and one kiwi throughout the day.

Eat roasted chickpeas for zinc. Eat shing chana with its husk. Its husk also contains nutrients. Also eat more beans. Cheese can be used to increase protein. If you eat eggs, you can eat a boiled egg. If you are a vegetarian, you also get good nutrients from vegetarian foods.

Make the lungs strong

To make the lungs strong, it is necessary to eat food with high orec (ORAC = oxygen radical absorption capacity) value. To keep two spice cans at home until the corona is gone for high orek value, keep turmeric, chilli salt in one and high orec value spice in the other spice can and use all the spices in each vegetable. Cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, black pepper, a few basil leaves are dried and powdered and kept in a spice box. Apart from that, there are many other spices like black cardamom, ajmo, anise, as well as black and white sesame are also high orek value masala That is, add one teaspoon of this spice in any vegetable or lentil you make.

That's all there is to it. Except to steam twice a day until the corona is gone. As well as pranayama is the most important for strengthening the lungs. Namely, Anulom Vilom, Bhadrika, Deep Breathing. Deep breathing every day never lowers the oxygen level. Even if Corona happens! All of these things are coronary prevention and healing.

Nutritionist Rita Bhardwaj further said that one should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water during the day. Also, whenever you drink milk, add black pepper powder and turmeric. This will not only increase immunity, but also protect against corona.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

There are 5 types of skin, so identify your skin, learn how to make it shiny and smooth

CARE OF SKIN IN WINTER; There are 5 types of skin, so identify your skin, learn how to make it shiny and smooth

  • Dandruff in the hair and dry skin are the biggest problems in the cold
  • Be sure to apply moisturizer, glycerin or oil to the body before going to bed at night.

In winter, the skin becomes dry. In such a situation people do not understand what they should do? How to make your skin glow? There are 5 types of skin, so we need to know what kind of skin we have to keep our skin healthy and radiant. This will allow you to take proper care of your skin.

There is a risk of acne, pimples and allergies on your face if you do not take care of the skin according to your skin type.

It is necessary to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily

Dr. Akhilesh Agarwal, a dermatologist in Bhopal, says that the biggest problem in winter is dandruff in the hair and dryness of the skin. Especially for people who have dry skin. In such cases, it is important that you do not bathe in excessively hot water during this time. Be sure to apply a moisturizer, glycerin or oil to the body before going to bed at night.

Learn what kind of skin care to take

Colds are meant to create good health, not for weight loss

Nidhi Pandey, a food expert and dietitian from Raipur, says two dried fruits should definitely be eaten in the cold. It is Charoli and Chilgoja. It is eaten only in winter. If you eat them for two months, you will not need to eat them all year round. Eating it does not cause dryness in the skin.


Also, keep in mind that colds are for good health, not for weight loss. In such a situation we can eat more seasonal things. Especially routine vegetables, such as sorghum, sweet potatoes, etc.

Also, wear a dryer under a woolen garment. People drink less water in the cold, so our skin becomes drier. In such a situation we need to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

Sitting in the sun in winter makes the skin tan

Everyone likes to sit in the sun during winter, but sitting in the sun for a long time makes our skin tan. Dr. Akhilesh Agarwal says that instead of sitting directly in the sun, you should sit under a sheet tent so that the sunlight does not reach you directly and also avoids the problem of tanning.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Maharshi Charak Samhita all Ayurveda info book pdf

Maharshi Charak Samhita all Ayurveda info book pdf

Charak Samhita is a famous book which gives a very detailed introduction to the subject of Ayurveda of Hinduism. This book is written in Sanskrit language. The preacher of this scripture is Atriputra Punarvasu, the author is Agnivesh and the antithetical Maharshi Charak.

introduction to the subject of Ayurveda

Acharya Charak is famous all over the world for his invaluable contribution in ancient art and science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a medical science and a way of life that was developed during the time of ancient India. Maharshi Charak is world famous for writing "Charak Samhita". Charak, known as a native of Kashmir, is considered to be the father of Ayurveda.

Maharshi Charak was the first person to advocate the English proverb "Prevention is better than cure" i.e. "Prevention is better than cure". The following statement is dedicated to Acharya Charak. A physician who goes deep into a patient's body with the lamp of his knowledge and does not understand the root cause of the disease can never eradicate the patient's disease. He should first study all the factors related to the disease of the patient, the first of which is the environment, he should be treated only after his study. It is more important to prevent the root cause than to treat the disease. Apart from this, Maharshi Charak's contribution in physiology, pathology and embryology is also widely considered.

It is known from the study of ancient times that at that time the scripture or system was formed under the name of branch. As Kathopanishad has become in Kath branch. Branches or Charan was the university of the time, where many subjects were studied. Therefore, it is possible that the Charaksamhita was transcended in the Charaka branch.

There are three main names in Indian medicine - Charak, Sushruta and Vagbhatt. Just as the name Charak is the Charak Samhita, so is the name Sushruta the Sushruta Samhita. The Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Vagbhatt's Ashtanga collection are still the standard texts of Indian medical science today. The authenticity and relevance of these texts can be inferred from the fact that even the physicians of the medical system themselves do not know the names of the books of the then Greek and Roman medical systems. This book is still part of the curriculum today.

Creation time

Some words of Pali literature are found in Charaksamhita, such as Avakranti, Jentak, Bhangodan, Khuddak, Bhootdhatri. From this matter the period of teaching of Charaka Samhita is fixed after Upanishads and before Buddha. It is believed that the transmigration of this scripture took place in the time of Kanishka around the time of 6 AD.

The Chinese translation of the Tripitaka mentions Charak as Kanishka's royal physician, but Kanishka was a Buddhist and his poet Ashwaghosh was also a Buddhist, but the Charak Samhita strongly refutes Buddhism. Therefore, the relationship between Charak and Kanishka seems to be not only ambiguous but also impossible. It is difficult to settle on any vote in the absence of adequate proportions.

Organization of Charak Samhita

Acharya Charak was an ardent scholar of Ayurveda. He compiled the main texts of Ayurveda and the knowledge of Ayurveda. Charak Muni traveled and held meetings with all the physicians, gathered ideas and formulated theories and made them suitable for reading and writing. The Charak Samhita Granth is divided into eight parts and contains a total of 150 chapters. The Charak Samhita contains all the principles of Ayurveda and what is not in this scripture is not in any other literature. This book is considered to be the complete book of the principles of Ayurveda.


According to the Charak tradition, Ayurveda has six science schools which were founded by the disciples of Rishi Punarvashu Atreya. Each of the disciples wrote the Agnivesh, Bhela, Jatukaranan, Parashar, Harita and Ksharapani Samhita, but the Samhita made by Agnivesh is considered the best of them all. This Agnivesh Samhita was later revised by Maharshi Charak, which is read today as "Charak Samhita". The Charak Samhita was further amended by Dridhabala.

ચરક સંહિતા 

The main 9 sections of Charak Samhita are as follows:

  • 1. Formula location
  • 2. Diagnosis location
  • 3. Viman location
  • 4. Body location
  • 5. Sense location
  • 6. Medical location
  • 7. Aeon location
  • 8. Place of achievement

Thus the book had 6 main chapters in which there were 150 sub-chapters and all together 15000 verses and 3000 medicines were described. Treatments were shown for diseases related to almost every part of the human body, not all drugs and no chemicals were used in the treatment. All diseases were cured by natural elements and plants.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

The importance of ‘Vitamin-K’ in the diet for staying healthy

 The importance of ‘Vitamin-K’ in the diet for staying healthy

Our body needs all kinds of nutrients. Such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc.… Every nutrient has an important function in the body in one way or another. It is also important to get adequate amounts of nutrients through food or supplements to keep the body healthy and strong.

Earlier we talked about many vitamins. Today we will talk about Vitamin-K which is essential for our body.

Vitamin K keeps our bones and heart healthy, as well as bleeding from anything. Vitamin-K helps prevent it. In addition, Vitamin K helps fight many other ailments.

Benefits of Vitamin K

Vitamin-K prevents blood clotting and plays an important role in preventing internal bleeding, osteoporosis, excessive menstruation and pain during menstruation. Vitamin-K works to increase calcium in the body.

Vitamin-K strengthens bones and reduces the risk of fractures. And calcium is used to strengthen the bones and the body needs vitamin-K to deliver calcium to the bones.

Vitamin-K should be specially adopted in the diet of the heart patient. Good for them. It helps in preventing the formation of minerals in the arteries and lowers blood pressure.

Vitamin-K works to fight cancers in the body such as stomach, colon, liver, mouth, prostate and nose.

Taking vitamin-K helps in the processing of insulin in the body. Which maintains proper blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of diabetes.

There are 6 main types of Vitamin K.

  • Vitamin K-1 and Vitamin K-2
  • Vitamin K deficiency and its symptoms
  • Prolonged bleeding from the beating.
  • Bleeding from the nose as well as the gums.
  • Deficiency of vitamins also causes blood to flow in the digestive system.


Spinach is rich in iron. It is also a source of vitamin A and beta-carotene.


One cup of turnip contains about 21 micrograms of vitamin A, 20 micrograms of vitamin-K. There are 5 calories. It can be taken in the form of vegetables or salads.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 2



Flower juice contains about 20 micrograms of green vegetables containing iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, chromium, vitamins A and C. The flower can be taken raw as well as cooked.


1 cup of beetroot contains 3 mg of vitamin A, 2 micrograms of vitamin K. There are only 16 calories.

Contains fruits like broccoli, tomato, capsicum, blueberry, kiwi, grape, strawberry, sprouts, soybean, yogurt, cheese, cheese, green tea, olive oil.

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ આપને માત્ર સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે, કોઇપણ ઉપચાર નિષ્ણાંત ની દેખરેખ અને આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવો


Injections are given to children or those who do not get enough vitamin-K through their diet.

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Vitamin E source and its benefits

 Vitamin E source and its benefits

  • This prevents infertility, this oil is found inside cereals, peas, spinach, almonds, peanuts etc.

Works to make red blood cells in the blood. This vitamin acts as an anti-oxidant in the body. It helps keep every color active. It also keeps the skin young while keeping the fatty acids in balance. Tamin E deficiency in premature infants leads to decreased blood flow. This can lead to anemia. Vitamin E deficiency in children and the elderly can lead to cerebral vein or neurological problems. Infection with any disease can occur quickly. Apart from this, problems like jaundice, impotence, diabetes, hair loss can occur. Vitamin E is found in wheat, barley, dates, chickpeas, green leafy vegetables, cream, butter, vegetable oils, sunflower and corn oil.

Vitamin E helps prevent hair loss

Vitamin E has an antioxidant fold to repair your hair tissue and produce new ones. Applying vitamin E to your scalp prevents inflammation of your scalp and repairs damaged follicles. After which healthy follicles increase the growth of your hair.

Everyone has a different need for vitamin E.

Eating a diet rich in vitamin E can prevent diseases, but higher doses of vitamin E are needed to prevent damage from toxins. In addition, the need for vitamin E increases with age. It turns out that the need for vitamin E varies from person to person. Exercise, diet, medications, and exposure to a polluted environment all contribute to a person's vitamin E needs.

This is a natural source of vitamin E.

Vitamin E is found in wheat, barley, dates, chickpeas, green beans, green vegetables, cream, butter, vegetable oils, sunflower and corn oil. While in meat, substances like marine fish, eggs, goat meat, pig meat are natural sources of vitamin E.

This way you can also get vitamin E through supplements

Vitamin E is found in medicine as a supplement. Vitamin E alone is found in the form of a mixture of other vitamins and also mixed with minerals. While its oil and moisturizer cream is also available to apply on the skin. In addition, 100, 200 and 500 mg oil capsules of Vitamin E are available in the market. A natural type of vitamin E is found in a protein called covita..

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 2


An overdose of vitamin E brings this problem

Prolonged overdose of vitamin E can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. 

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ આપને માત્ર સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે, કોઇપણ ઉપચાર નિષ્ણાંત ની દેખરેખ અને આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવો

At the same time muscle weakness, decrease in muscle mass, blurred vision, eye problems and unstadiness in walking.

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Vitamin D deficiency: Consequences of modern lifestyle

Vitamin D deficiency: Consequences of modern lifestyle

Different types of vitamins are mostly found in food. Vitamin D3 can be produced by the body when the UVB rays in the sun's rays are absorbed into the skin and processed into dermal 7-dehydro cholesterol to become vitamin D, the starting element. Vitamin D3 results in vitamin D through biochemical actions in the liver and kidneys. Knowing this, it is clear that the nutrients in the diet alone are not enough to make vitamin D. In addition to the specific 7-dehydro cholesterol in the skin, ultraviolet rays also need to be absorbed into the skin. The ability to properly perform the biochemical processing of vital organs of the body such as the liver and kidneys is also required to make vitamin D from the precursor of vitamin D3. This ability is the metal-producing ability of Dhatvagni, Panchbhutagni mentioned in Ayurveda.

When we find out about vitamin D deficiency, we think that if the doctor prescribes a dose of the prescribed dose based on the blood report, then the deficiency will go away. This is not entirely true. This is because over-the-counter vitamin deficiencies are not the only cure. Proper absorption by the pores in the skin is essential for the sun's rays, which are essential for the formation of vitamin D, and therefore for the special vitamin D to reach the element under the skin. It is also important that the function of the liver and kidneys is maintained in order for the action to take place.

What does vitamin D deficiency have to do with lifestyle?

According to the latest survey by the Associate Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India last April, 4% of the population in Delhi is deficient in vitamin D. Of these 5%, 4% are 21 to 5 years old, 5% are 20 to 5 years old, 15% are 40 to 5 years old. 5% for 40 to 50 years. While only 1% are in their 20s and 30s. Thus, among the youth under the age of 30, vitamin D deficiency is most prevalent.

Vitamin D deficiency affects many functions of the body. like,

  • Tingling in the body, pain in the muscles and joints.
  • Weakening of bones.
  • Imbalance in diseases like blood pressure, diabetes.
  • Decreased immunity.
  • Lack of motivation to work, laziness, depression.

More than one biochemical action in the body is responsible for the production of vitamin D. Similarly, proper maintenance of vitamin D is essential for the multifaceted functions of the body. Therefore, it is not correct to assume that vitamin D deficiency only affects the bones. That is why it is necessary to be vigilant about the cause and remedy of deficiency instead of just controlling the quantity with a tablet.

What to do to overcome vitamin D deficiency?

To avoid sunburn, experiment with various cosmetics used to whiten the skin, stay in the shade for a long time in the shade and in an air-conditioned enclosed and artificial light environment, ignore the essentials for health like hunger, sleep, rest to meet time constraints and competitive conditions. Reasons such as eating irregularly and not nutritionally but keeping in mind the taste are difficult to avoid in modern lifestyle. That is why more youth are affected. Today's youth are not going to play in the street, in the square, in the field. Open-air games have been replaced by video-mobile games. Club or indoor arrangements are also preferred for sports like tennis, badminton, squash. Very few young people know how to ride a bicycle and prefer it. Scooters, motorcycles or even air-conditioned vehicles also block out sunlight. In addition to all this, lack of nutrition in food is real! To eliminate vitamin D deficiency, 15 to 20 minutes of sun salutation on the balcony, balcony or ground where the sun is hot in the morning is the most effective way. With sun exposure during sunbathing, blood circulation in various body conditions such as glands like waist, neck, throat, stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenaline, thyroid-parathyroid is done properly. From the body's juices (a suitable substance formed after digestion of food) improves the function of metallurgy, which is necessary for the nourishment of every metal like blood, meat, fat, bones, marrow. The direct effect of which is on the multi-dimensional digestion, nutrition, metabolism of the body and the body strives to recover on its own. Along with this it is beneficial to maintain regularity in meal time, sleep etc. with foods rich in vitamin D like milk, buttermilk, mushrooms, eggs. Ayurvedic herbs can also be taken to treat vitamin D deficiency after nature testing and diagnosis.

Proven experience

Swallowing vitamins is not the only way to overcome vitamin deficiency. It is also necessary to improve the lifestyle responsible for the 'toxic condition' of the vital organs of the body.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 2


Vitamins are important in the nutrients needed for the body's nutrition, regeneration and protection. The word 'vitamin' means the vitality-vital element required for health.

Calcium and Vitamin D:

Adequate supply of calcium and vitamin D throughout life is essential for bone health. Adequate calcium is a natural mineral needed for life. Calcium plays an important role in bone growth and keeping it healthy. It also keeps your teeth healthy. In the process of blood clotting, mating is also good. Calcium helps in the process of blood clotting, muscle contraction and many other important functions in the body.

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ આપને માત્ર સારી માહિતી પોરો પાડવાનો છે, કોઇપણ ઉપચાર નિષ્ણાંત ની દેખરેખ અને આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવો.

If the calcium level remains normal, your heart also works normally. In other words, the amount of vitamin D should be sufficient for the body to absorb the calcium components and reach every organ. Vitamin D is important in bone formation in children. Vitamin D deficiency also reduces bone strength.

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Vitamin C Deficiency? So eat these things; Interesting information about vitamin C

Vitamin C Deficiency? So eat these things; Interesting information about vitamin C

Many people nowadays suffer from illness due to busy lifestyle. Vitamin-C is essential for keeping the body healthy which strengthens the body's immune system and performs the necessary and important functions like sending messages to the nerves and delivering energy to the cells. Here we will find out about the source of Vitamin-C which increases the intake of Vitamin C.

Where does vitamin C come from?


Mangoes are a rich source of vitamin C. One mango contains about 4 lemons and 30 oranges exactly vitamin C and its regular intake helps in proper digestion.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and also rich in fiber. Apart from that, the antioxidants in it also prove to be helpful in keeping the body healthy.


Red capsicum contains about 95 mg of vitamin C and its anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce inflammation.


Rich in vitamin C, this broccoli contains about 132 mg of vitamin-C.


Is one of the best sources of anti-oxidants. Pineapple is also rich in vitamin C. One cup of pineapple contains about 78.9 mg of vitamin-C.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 2


All the specific sources of vitamin C are found in our kitchens. There are also many things that can be eaten raw without cooking. The more naturally vitamin C goes into your body, the better.

All types of citrus fruits, including oranges, citrus and lemons are high. Kiwi and gooseberry are also excellent fruits for vitamin C. Cabbage, cauliflower and capsicum in vegetables are also rich in vitamin C. If vitamin C is not available in milk, then buttermilk and yoghurt are needed. Need a bowl of yogurt or a glass of buttermilk for lunch. 

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ આપને માત્ર સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે, કોઇપણ ઉપચાર નિષ્ણાંત ની દેખરેખ અને આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવો

This reduces various digestive problems and can also stop the accumulation of fat deposits and has a positive effect on the functioning of other organs of the body.

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Why does the body need vitamin B12? Read complete information on Vitamin B12

Why does the body need vitamin B12? Read complete information on Vitamin B12

We need many types of nutrients to keep our body healthy. At such times the body needs vitamins. B12 is also one of these vitamins. If the body is deficient in vitamin B12, it has an effect on memory. You feel like fatigue. Apart from this you also become a patient of depression. So let us first learn about the importance of Vitamin B12 in the body.

What is Vitamin B12?

 Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that keeps the body's nervous system and body's blood cells healthy. In addition, it helps build DNA. Vitamin B12 helps in recovering Megaloblestic Anemia. That anemia makes a person weak and tired.

In particular (2) two steps are required. Hydrochloric acid releases vitamin B12 from the protein in the stomach before it can be absorbed by the body through food. This is called the intrinsic factor. And it is absorbed into the body. What is Vitamin B12? That’s how it is absorbed into our bodies. Knowing that now let the child know how much vitamin B12 is needed.

To stay healthy we must always have a balanced and nutritious diet. But often a change in diet has an effect on our health. For this the body needs vitamins to function properly. Similarly, vitamin B12 is needed for the proper functioning of the brain and body.

Why the body needs vitamin B12 -

Vitamin B12 works to build and maintain the genes (DNA) found in our body. This helps in the formation of many elements of the brain, spinal cord, and veins. This is what makes the blood red blood cells in our body. It also produces different types of proteins for different organs.

Causes of Vitamin B12 -

  • If someone has anemia for a long time, they can get this disease.
  • Vegetarians are more likely to be deficient in this vitamin. This is because this vitamin is found in excess animal feed.
  • Deficiency of this vitamin in the body can also be genetic.
  • Intestinal disease can be caused by vitamin B12.
  • Intestinal and weight loss surgery can also cause a deficiency of vitamin B12 in your body.

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 -

  • If the body is deficient in vitamin B12, the limbs may begin to tremble
  • The power of remembrance is diminished.
  • Swelling and sores in the tongue.
  • Yellowing of the skin, fatigue while walking.
  • Feeling of depression, fatigue, weakness.
  • Excessive deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body can lead to blockage of the spinal cord and paralysis.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 2

Treatment of Vitamin B12 Deficiency -

Injections - Intramuscular injections are given to treat vitamin B12 deficiency. Depending on the amount of vitamin B12 deficiency in the patient, injections are given at one or two day intervals for one month. Booster doses are given after 3 months if needed. The patient's blood is checked from time to time and a course of injections has to be done if there is a deficiency.

Medication - If the vitamin B12 deficiency is not severe, the doctor may prescribe you a vitamin B12 pill.

Diet - Along with injections and medications, the patient should also include foods rich in vitamin B12 in their diet. A vegetarian should include dairy foods such as milk and cheese in his diet and foods that contain vitamin B12. A carnivore can include eggs, chicken, lamb and sea food in his diet.

People who are vegetarians should consume grains, soybean foods and yeast. If you are deficient in this vitamin, you should check it regularly.

People who are taking diabetes medication or other acidic medications should also take vitamin B12 levels regularly. Because every drug affects the level of vitamin B12.

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ આપને માત્ર સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે, કોઇપણ ઉપચાર નિષ્ણાંત ની દેખરેખ અને આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવો

Thus Vitamin B12 is essential for the health and balance of our body.

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Vitamins and its function; Vitamin B-1 & B-2

Vitamins and its function; Vitamin B-1 & B-2 OR Functions and benefits of thymine

Here we give you some information about vitamins by which we want to explain to them which vitamin or element is beneficial for you. There are many types of vitamins, but there are six main types. Learn a little about vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

Vitamin B-1:

Lack of this leads to loss of appetite and indigestion. It also has a bad effect on the nervous system. Berry-berry disease and heart inflammation are also the result of this. This is found inside milk, flour, and jerky fruit.

Vitamin B-2:

Deficiency of this causes tearing of skin, tongue, lips. This is especially found in wheat, peas, peanuts, milk, etc.

Functions and benefits of thymine

1) Metabolism

The body needs vitamin B1 to make its main energy molecule, ATP.

Thymine helps convert carbohydrates into glucose, the preferred source of energy that the body needs to keep your metabolism running smoothly. It also helps break down proteins and fats.

A system of enzyme reactions called pyruvate dehydrogenase requires thymine in particular, which works to metabolize the sugar we eat.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

Sugar metabolism

Thymine (thymine diphosphate, the main active form of the vitamin) is essential for glucose metabolism.

The number of people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes is 17% to 79% of people with low thymine. Studies have shown that increasing the intake of vitamin B1 reduces the severity of symptoms associated with diabetes in the early stages.

2) Immunity

Like other B-complex vitamins, vitamin B1 is sometimes called an "anti-stress" vitamin because it can strengthen the immune system and improve the body's ability to cope with stressful situations.

Giving vitamin B1 blockers to rats has significantly reduced the function of the immune system.

3) The brain

Previous studies have reported lower levels of thymine and pyruvate dehydrogenase dysfunction in patients with ataxia, a condition that causes loss of movement. Significant improvement in long-term treatment.

Vitamin B1 appears to help in the development of myelin sheath, a coat that wraps around the nerves to prevent damage and death.

In the brain, it is needed both by nerve cells and by other supporting cells of the nervous system.

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ આપને માત્ર સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે, કોઇપણ ઉપચાર નિષ્ણાંત ની દેખરેખ અને આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવો

Autopsy studies have shown that these thymine-based enzymes have decreased brain activity in people with Alzheimer's disease.

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