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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

25 Vast u Shastra Tips to the Brings a Peace, Wealth and the Positive Energy.

25 Vast u Shastra Tips to the Brings a Peace, Wealth and the Positive Energy.

What is  a Vast u Shastra? 

Brief Intro: It is an a ancient Indian devout knowledge that brings peace, harmony, and the success in a life by a eradicating negative energy and the attracting positive energies around us and in our home. One thing is a obvious that we are spend most of our time inside a home, office or a under a any building. And in a India, it is a very strongly believed that all the things in the universe have a level of the divine force associated with them. And for in this reason, it is a said that all the buildings and even the land have a vibrations of the energy which is a somehow interlinked. It is a assumed that there are many different energies generated through in the atmosphere like a cosmic energy, solar energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, wind energy, light energy etc. These are energies can be a arranged properly to the bring in a prosperity, achievements, and peace in a life and at the home.  And here Vast u Shastra plays a vital role to make in the favorable atmosphere around us and sometimes change bad vibrations into a positive one.

You must be have a noticed that while a searching on a Google many People often ask a astrologer that what can be a done to the bring more money, health, assets, and the  prosperity in a house or in our lives. Below we are going to the share with you great tips that would be a very beneficial in the long-term in a scenario. To begin with, we will be a primarily focus on a 4 vital things to the enjoy all the peace and the happiness in your life and remove  a any Vast u dosh:

1.) Main Door – 

Always keep to your main door entrance dirt free and door neatly painted and the clean. Use to a bright light at the entrance above in the door. Make a main door size big and wide (in a breadth). Always use a name plate on your main door. Make a sure that all the  doors in the house are noise-free (does not a produce cracking sound while a opening and closing). Entry to the main door must be free of the any obstacle such as, from a any cable, pole or a any vehicle.

2.) North-East Corner – 

is a considered very significant place according to the  Vast u, because this is a place of the deity. And for that reason, this area is a used to make a place of the  worship or a puja room inside a house. It must be a always clean and clutter free as it is a main source of  the prosperity or a wealth in the house. You can be  set a aquarium on this place or can even keep a decorated water fountain as a showpiece.

3.) South-west Corner –

 It is a believed that to keep all the wealth like a money, jewelry, property papers, etc in a south-west corner of the house brings luck and the keep on a increasing to your current capital. You can set to your vault (tijori) or a Altamira / lockers/ cupboard at this location of the house, facing north-east. You can be even a place mirror inside your vault to the  augment cash and jeweler, as a mirror reflect things twice over. Try a not to keep a any cash (or a inside in  the locker) under a beam, it may be a cause financial crisis or  a loss in a business.

4.) Meditation -

It is a believed that meditating at one particular area for a long time create a cosmic power in that place and even makes pious and the positive. Meditation is also a essential to the  feel good all the time, live a happy life and to the eliminate all the negative feelings, worries, anxiety and all other factors that make us a distressing. The mind, heart, and the body can be a  improve with a regular meditation. We must try to the  meditate 10-15 minutes daily on a regular basis, every day. If  is a possible do it in a  morning and also in a evening. As said above, Mediation gives a immense internal strength and free from a stress or a physical problem. The north-east direction is the best place for a meditation.

Above a Vast u directions were are major instructions one ought to the  follow at-least once in a lifetime. However, we have a also revealed 25 other strong tips that would be help to make a change in a life for  a betterment and  to the remove a any Vast u dosh:

Vast u Shastra is all about a attracting more and more positive in a  energies. You can be a attract these energies by a following simple trick like a always washing to your feet and hands once you come back a home.

Blow a Shankh (cone shell) every morning and the always place it in your puja room or a any place you worship. It has a many health as well as a wealth significance in a life.

Value a food and never to the  waste it. Take a only that are quantity which you can be a consume. If sometimes, you are unable to the eat then do not throw to your food in the trash or a keep long in the kitchen. Rather give to the animals or a birds.

The bedroom should be a planned in a south-west direction to enhance the relationships and try not to keep a broom in the room.

Any a tap or a plumbing leakage in a home is not a considered good according to the Vast u.  Repair it as a soon as a possible. As it is a  drains finances from a house.

The roof of a house must be a clear and clean. And never a keep any kind of  the useless scrap on a roof-top, like a any kind of the junk.

Placing pyramids in the house is a good and effective. It must be a placed in the center of the house, a particular room or a even an a energetic key point.

Make a sure all the clocks in the house are working in a  properly giving a accurate time and not a halt. Stop watches brings all the  finances to the  stand still.

Sharp a corners or a sharp things in-house in not a consider good in a Vast u Shastra. As they act as a energy spears and the create a stress in the nervous  in a system.

Keeping a money plant in a north zone attracts a money and better job in a opportunity.

At the entrance of  the main door place an a Om Sign or a Swastika Sign or  a simply a picture of the Ganesha.

Drainage/Sewerage pipes should be a fitted in the north direction of your house.

The wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband.

Use a soothing co-lours while you are doing the interiors of your bedroom. Soft furnishings and the soothing co-lours for a painting walls can be enhance to your married life relationships.

Place natural green plants in the bathroom to the remove a negativity and bring co-lour brightness.

Always a light lamps, candles, divas or a incense stick at the home, every morning and evening in this process removes all the negativity and any evil eye.

The kitchen must be in the south-east corner of the house. If not a possible then make sure to your gas stove is a placed in the south-east direction. Or a else north-west corner is the second best in a option.

According to the  Vast u, a lemon in a glass of the  water keeps a negative energy away.  And in this water must be a changed every Saturday.

Keep a medicines away from in the kitchen.

Keep a holy water (Gangling) at the corners of the house and the change it is a every week or so.

Do not a paste too many pictures of the  God or a Goddess in a home. Hollow sculpture of a any deity is also not a good. Moreover, keeping God’s idol which is more than 10 inches is a considered inauspicious.

There should not be a any mirrors in the bedroom. If you have, try to the cover mirror at the night. As a according to the Vast u, it is a leads to ill health and the increases family internal in a fights.

Use a wind chimes to the  kill negative energy and help in the positive energy to the  flow easily.

Salt is a healer, placing salt bowls in the corners of the house or a mainly in a toilets helps to  absorb all the negative energy.

And lastly, to maintain in the harmony and joy in your home it is a important that you perform the Navagraha puja or a Ganesh puja at the least once in three years. Puja helps to the remove a any Vast u dosha from in the house.

If your house is a built with these principles, you will be enjoy all the peace and the  happiness in your life. You can be even a download or a save Vast u-Shastra Chart – giving a directions of the  rooms in a home below:

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