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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

7 tips to free the memory of the phone and increase the speed of the phone

 Your phone is hanging! So follow these 7 tips to free the memory of the phone and increase the speed of the phone

  • Remove apps that don't work from the phone, which will free up the phone's storage
  • You can delete a cent file in apps including WhatsApp

If you are suffering from the problem of smartphone hang, we have come up with various tips for you. You can increase the speed of your smartphone by following these tech tips. There are many reasons behind smartphone hanging, including over gaming, storage. Follow these steps to prevent it.

follow these 7 tips to free the memory::

1. First go to phone settings and go to software update. Auto download off in it.

2. Then go to account settings and also turn off auto sync data option. The advantage of this is that the phone's apps don't use the internet to sync. Also the storage of the phone will be saved.

3. Now go to Play Store settings and turn off auto update.

4. Click the Recent button in the phone's navigation bar and close all running apps in the background. This will reduce the consumption of RAM.

5. Also delete or uninstall apps from the phone that you are not using. These apps block your phone's memory, affecting your phone's performance.

6. Go to phone settings and click on About phone. Click on the software information and tap on the build number 7 to 8 times. Then in the developer option that opens, click on Backgound Process limit and select NO option.

7. Find the Transition Animation Scale and Window Animation Scale option in the Developers option and turn off both options. Following all these tips will give your phone a better performance than before.

Read 7 tips to free the memory report in gujarati::

7 tips gujarati news report


 Delete mobile cache

When you do any kind of work inside your phone, it puts some data in the form of cache inside the mobile which gradually becomes more than 1GB and also slows down your phone due to taking up more space. So let me tell you that there is a feature inside the current smartphone that allows you to delete this. To delete cache data you can delete Cache by going to Settings> Storage> Cache inside your smartphone.



Close the Background Application

Each of us has some applications inside our mobile that we have installed and kept but we do not use them. If possible, delete each such application so that your phone's memory is saved. Also, if you are using an application, don't forget to close it after using it. The main reason behind it is that it is running in the background.

Turn off your mobile animation

We all love to watch animation inside our mobile but this animation saves a lot of memory. If we turn it off we will save our processing time as well as power. To turn off animation Settings> About Phone> Tap Build number until you see a pop-up intimating that Developer options have been enabled> Go back to the main Settings page> Open Developer options> Windows animation scale> Turn off Animations. Doing so will greatly increase the speed of your phone.

Close your phone's Boltware application

When we buy a new mobile we already have a lot of applications installed with it called boltware which we don't normally use but it starts in the space as well as in the background and slows down our phone from your mobile. Delete all applications you never used.

Turn on the data saver of the Chrome browser inside the mobile

If you are using Chrome browser for surfing inside your mobile, make sure to use the data saver inside it which will reduce the catch which website uses more inside your phone and will not slow down your mobile as well as use your internet less. .

Note: Keep a minimum icon on the home screen. Keep cleaning the memory periodically. Don't forget to delete work files without. This will give your phone fast performance.

While using the phone we are saving so many heavy things, which are sometimes filled with junk files. And we don't even know. And then the first problem that comes up is the phone's memory blossoms. And gradually the speed of your phone decreases. Slowing down the speed takes time to open any file and app.

The slow speed of the phone bothers us especially when we are doing much needed work on the phone. Not only that, as the speed slows down, the phone also hangs frequently, which makes it very difficult to do any work on the phone. It takes a lot of time when we have to find and delete the redundant folders one by one, and we don't even get the redundant folders. But there is an easy way out of this predicament, which will speed up the phone.

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