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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Whatsapp New Feature Available How to use it


 Whatsapp New Feature Available How to use it

New features released on beta version

It will be launched globally after successful testing on the beta version

WhatsApp users are going to get many new features soon. WhatsApp has launched a number of features on its Android beta version, including Always Mute, New User UI and Media Guidelines. These features have been released on beta version of WhatsApp. This feature will be launched for all users as soon as the testing is completed. WhatsApp tests the beta version before launching any new features.

These new features will be launched

WhatsApp always mute feature

This feature allows any chat notification to be muted permanently. This feature will work for both a specific user and a group. This feature is an addition to an existing mute feature. Currently users have the option to mute notifications for a maximum of 1 year.

WhatsApp is enabling multiple features for Android beta users to tinker with. This includes a useful ‘Always Mute' feature, a replacement Storage Usage UI and its tools, and another feature called Media Guidelines. the moment messaging platform has released WhatsApp beta for Android and it also has been discovered that video and voice call buttons for business accounts have disappeared. The new features are enabled within the latest beta, but the waiting time could also be a touch more for a few .

WABetaInfo dug into the newest WhatsApp beta for Android and spotted several new features in testing. the foremost exciting of all is perhaps the ‘Always Mute' feature which essentially replaces the ‘1 year' option available earlier when muting a talk . The new option is self-explanatory, allowing users to mute few groups or people indefinitely. We were ready to spot this feature within the latest beta. WABetaInfo notes that if it doesn't appear immediately, it should be enabled within a couple of days.

The update also enables a replacement Storage Usage UI for beta users. The tracker notes that the roll out began in past beta, but at that point the roll out was slow and not many of us received the redesign. With WhatsApp beta for Android, several users are now reportedly receiving the feature. We still haven't received the redesign, but it should be enabled for all users during a few days.

Furthermore, Media Guidelines is additionally being enabled for public beta testing. it had been reported to be within the works since a short time , and this feature essentially allows users to align stickers and text once you edit images, videos and GIFs. This feature also hasn't been enabled for us yet, but it should be available soon.

Lastly, the tracker spotted that WhatsApp is hiding Voice and Video Call buttons in chats with Verified Business accounts. The buttons seem to possess disappeared from Contact Info too. Those buttons are still available if you tap the profile icon within the chat and get in touch with list. there's no clarity on why WhatsApp is hiding these chats. It could rather be just a test and WhatsApp could bring it back in future updates.

New storage user UI

WhatsApp has also made changes to its storage user interface. Many users have found a new UI. It will have a storage user interface with more details. Below that you will find the option to delete unnecessary files. It can be seen which files are taking up more storage.

WhatsApp Media Guidelines

This feature is similar to Instagram's Media Guidelines feature. These features allow users to align stickers as well as text while editing images, videos or GIFs.


This will change

Voice and video calling buttons will be removed from WhatsApp's verified business accounts. Contact info will also be removed, but will be seen on chat and in the contact list.

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