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Monday, December 7, 2020

The opposite diet is the home of diseases

 The opposite diet is the home of diseases

What is the opposite? The simple understanding is that food is the basis of life. Food is the foundation of body constitution, development, intelligence and efficiency. Nutrition through food is also the basis of the complex anatomy of the body from micro-cells to psychic cells. Anna vai prana: - Anna j prana che. So how much effect does food have on the body and mind? But if the food is not taken properly - sensibly, chemical disorders occur and our body becomes home to new diseases. After a short meal, if the body's defects increase and a pathogenic condition develops without proper disposal, it is said that the opposite diet has taken place.

Now if we look at everyday food like milk then citrus or sweet fruits with milk, curd, curry, citrus like Shrikhand, fermented dishes like Idli, Dhosa, bread, Math, Val like beans, radish, Sargavo, Tulsi, onion and salt especially The custom of giving drops of cod liver oil with milk in meat and fish is also quite flawed. Combining these things with milk can cause innumerable skin diseases like leprosy, spiders, eczema, itching, leprosy. How much damage can ice cream, cold-drinks, etc., which are made from a combination of artificial colors and aromatic substances with milk, do nowadays? This is a matter of concern in terms of diet. It is advisable to take the above mentioned item four-five hours before and after taking milk. Apart from this, jaggery and radish with urad and garlic and radish with jaggery are also opposite.

What not to eat with?

There are also many misconceptions about honey. As such, people take hot water and honey as a weight loss recipe, which is not appropriate. Heated honey, honey taken with hot substance, honey eaten when it is very hot can cause problems like bleeding, miscarriage, inflammation, acidity, ulcers. Never mix honey with ghee in such a way that the mixture becomes poisonous and has a toxic effect on the body.

Ice cream or frozen cold desserts eaten immediately after a hot meal are not suitable. Such a style of khan-pan adopted in modern life is flawed. In addition, eating too much cold food in the cold season and too hot food in the hot season is called anti-time meal. Such crops and untimely meals are likely to cause serious diseases like inflammation, impotence, acidosis, diabetes, fistula, stones.

Do not take cold water after exercising, after working hard or coming out of the heat. This is called avastha versus meal. It is not advisable to eat without defecating, bathing immediately after a meal, wearing dirty clothes, eating without washing hands and feet, drinking too much water during and immediately after a meal, eating in a secluded place.

Never take anything that does not suit the body and mind. For example, for a vegetarian, non-vegetarian food is called satyam versus meal. In hot regions like Kutch, Kathiawar, hot, hot and dry food is called guna and in areas near the coast, sour and fermented foods are called food against the region.

With milk:

Don't eat all fruits like banana, date, lemon, papaya etc. Meat, fish, eggs and cod liver oil should not be taken. It is the opposite.

With yogurt-

Jaggery, milk, radishes and bananas are the opposite.

With round-

Radish, oil, garlic, urad, milk and yogurt are the opposite. Ghee and honey should not be taken evenly. If you want to take it with ghee and honey, take it in odd parts. Either double the ghee or double the honey.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ 2

What happens to the opposite diet?

Causes fever, insanity, salivary glands, fistula, inflammation, constipation, leprosy, herpes, diarrhea and throat diseases As well as the opposite diet causes skin diseases like leprosy, itching, measles, itching, spiders and boils.

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