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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dates and the proper method of consumption

Learn about in  the advantages and disadvantages of  the dates and the proper method of the  consumption

 Dates are used as fruits and nuts.  There are a many varieties available in the market.  It is  also causes a change in it is a price.  During the month of the Ramadan, Muslims break their fast by a eating  in the dates.  Because it is an a instant energy giving  a fruit.  It gives energy and strength to the body..

 Fresh dates are very soft.  It is quickly digested.  It is a contains glucose and gives it is a  energy to the body.  Dates benefit from eating in the cold.  Because it helps to keep the body warm from a within.  There are many benefits to eating dates.  But it can also be a harmful if not eaten a properly.

 1. Dates contain potassium.  Eating it keeps BP under control.  Which also a eliminates in a  stroke, cholesterol and heart diseases.

 2. Dates are a treasure trove of the  iron.  If the body is a deficient in the hemoglobin, dates should be a eaten daily with a milk.

 3. Dates should also be a consumed to the  relieve a constipation.  Dates are high in fiber.  So stomach problems and constipation go away.  There are benefits to the  eating dates on an a empty stomach every morning.

 4. Dates contain  in a sugar, protein as well as a vitamins.  It is a eliminates in  the deficiency of  the vitamins and minerals in the body.  It nourishes the body.  For in  this you should eat a dates with a milk daily.

 5. Dates are beneficial for pregnant women.  It is a consumption eliminates in  the congenital diseases of the child.

 6. Dates are rich in Vitamin A.  It does not cause eye problems.  Night blindness is a also avoided by a eating in the  dates.

 7. Dates are the best source of the  calcium.  Eating it strengthens the bones.

 Damage caused by eating dates

 1. Dates are increase  in a blood sugar in the body.  So do not consume too much of in  it.

 2. Avoid a eating dates if you are a overweight.  It can cause weight gain.

 3. Diarrhea is a often caused by a dates.

 4. Many a people are also allergic to it, so consult  in a doctor.

 Ways to store dates

 1. Fresh dates can be a eaten for up to the  6 months when a frozen in an a airtight  in a container.

 2. Dried in a  dates can be a stored for a up to a year.

 3. It should be kept in an airtight container, bag or container.
Do you know why you can should eat dates in  a winter?  Because dates have a lot of  the health benefits.  Eating which gives energy to the body.  In a addition, the doctor also advises people to eat dates every day.  Even a people who have a diabetes can consume 1-2 dates a day.  Do not worry it does not raise  in the blood sugar.

 Dates are widely used in a dishes made in a  Central and Eastern Mediterranean in a  countries.  Dates have many qualities.  Which our body needs.  Dates alone have a 23 calories and no cholesterol at all.  So even if you are a dieting, you can eat a dates comfortably.

 In a addition, patients with a low blood pressure should wash 3-4 dates in a warm water and remove  in the seeds.  Boil it with hot cow's milk.  Drink boiled milk morning and evening.  Get a rid of the  low BP in just a few days.  And you will turn red like before.  So friends, after a knowing all these marks, do not you want to know more of his marks.  So here are the benefits of  the dates ...

 Benefits of  the Constipation - People who can  suffer from the  constipation should soak a few dates in a water at  the night and dry them in the morning.  Dates contain protein, fiber and nutrition, which helps in a relieving  in a constipation.

 Blindness - Dates are contain vitamin A and antioxidants, which are considered essential in the disease of the  blindness.

 For pregnant women: Women who are pregnant and also facing anemia, it is very important for their baby to eat dates rich in Aryan, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Selenium.  Eating it increases hemoglobin.

 Osteoarthritis: Nowadays, men also a start complaining of the  joint pain.  Bone pain is a caused only by a lack of  the calcium.  Eating a  dates every day will be a  make up for the lack of  the calcium.

 Intestinal disorders: If you have a intestinal disorders, you should a start eating dates as they are contain in a  calcium, vitamin B 5, fiber, vitamin B 3, potassium and copper, which are  eliminates  in  this problem.

 Prevents  in a tooth decay: Dates can be a relieve toothache and it is a decay.  This is a because it contains a mineral called fluorine which are eliminates dental in a  problems.

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