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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Doesn't the weight drop? Take a try once these tips look awesome

Doesn't the weight drop? Take a try once these tips look awesome

Nowadays, due to sedentary life and eating excessive amount of junk food causes weight gain. Once the weight has been increased, it will be able to lift the eye water to lift it. Even after losing weight, it is difficult to lose weight again. So readers today, we will talk about how to lose weight. Here is step by step information.

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(1) In general, Gujarati women have more fat in the stomach and hips and Gujarati men also have more fat. So first get up in the morning and sip lemon in warm water. Brush only after drinking this water. It is beneficial to drink this water even if it is overweight or underweight. Do not add honey to warm water, because adding honey to warm water makes it poisonous.

(2) After half an hour, eat dry fruits or one fruit.

(3) After an hour and a half, eat soup or any snack such as pauanas. One thing to keep in mind here is to make anything less oily.

(4) To make lunch, choose lettuce or vegetable in this manner. Don't eat lentils or bread-vegetables too by mistake. If properly fed, your weight may increase significantly. Do not forget to eat salad before meals or even before meals. Never drink water while eating. Take yogurt lightly in food.

(5) Half an hour after the meal, drink late buttermilk.
(6) Green tea PV two hours after lunch. If there is no green tea, drink lemon in warm water and drink.

(7) Eat khakha or chickpeas around six o'clock. If both of these items are not at home, eat seasonal fruit or dry fruit.
(8) If you are working and late at home, always take soup or milk at dinner. Apart from this, different types of homemade handicrafts, chandeliers or idli-gold can be taken. Keep in mind that less use of oil.

(9) Drinking warm water while sleeping at night

(10) If you find time, walk at least 30-40 minutes a day. Climb the stairs if you can't find the walking time.

(11) Do abdominal exercises while sitting in the office, such as pulling in the stomach for a few seconds. Then exhale slowly. Do this in the office five to six times every half hour

(12) Pranayama at home in the morning will also benefit. In addition, drink warm water all day long.

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(13) When you eat junk food or even eat outdoors, skip a one-time meal on that day and keep eating only fructus at that time. That means you will be calorie intensive or otherwise just have fruit, soup. By doing so it is decided that the weight will not increase at all.

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