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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Lockdwon Phase 2: What will be open and closed? Extensive guidelines of Central Government released

Lockdwon Phase 2: What will be open and closed? Extensive guidelines of Central Government released

Lockdown in the country has been extended until May 3rd following the Coronavirus epidemic. As per the guidelines issued by the Central Government on Wednesday, an extensive guideline has been announced. According to this guideline, all food and beverage industries will be open. In addition, all factories have been ordered to be opened in rural areas. According to the new guidelines, works of MGNREGA have also been exempted. Under which it is said that irrigation and water conservation should be given priority.

The new guideline states that all these activities will start with the permission of the state or union territories. For this, social distancing measures should also be taken first.

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A national directive issued by the Ministry of the Interior (MHA) on Covid 19 states that it is mandatory to wear face masks at all public places, workplaces. In addition, spitting in public places is a punishable offense

It is being said that the Awan-jawan, Metro and Bus services from one state to another district have been banned till May 3rd. On lockdown-2, the Home Ministry said that all social, political, sports, religious work, religious places, places of worship will be closed to the public till May 3rd.

As per the guide line, no bus or plane will operate. Those who were previously exempt will continue. In addition, works related to agriculture have been exempted. In addition, Corona Warriors have been allowed to travel on buses or trains. With this the industry will continue to rock. Rock will continue on all types of transportation services.


Will it be closed?

>> All Domestic and International flights
>> Train (in terms of passenger train)
>> All Education Institutions, Coaching or Training Centers
>> Industrial as well as Commercial Activity
>> All Hotels, Taxi, Auto, Bicycle Rickshaw, Cinema Hall, Shopping Complex
>> Gym, Sports Complex, Swimming Pool, Bar, Theater
>> All the religious places, or any events

What will start?

All health services including AYUSH will continue. As well as hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, chemists, dispensaries, all kinds of medical shops, medical laboratories and collection centers, pharmaceutical and medical research labs, Covid 19's research institutes, veterinary hospitals, pathology salutatory and medicine, veterinarians and medicine. Supply service, pharmaceutical manufacturing factories etc. will run.

Agricultural Concessions:

Farmers as well as farm laborers will be able to do farming. APMCs or state or union societies may be left open. Shop for farm implements can be kept open. Production and sale of pesticides as well as fertilizers will continue. In addition, vehicles for harvesting or assigning (eg harvesting machines) can be transported from one state to another and from one state to another in the state.

Social Sectors:

Children's Home, Senior Citizens Home, Women or Widow Home, including mental retardation can be opened. In addition, the observation home can be kept open to monitor child offenders. The distribution of food or nutrients to Anganwadi can be continued. In which the beneficiary will not visit Anganwadi but all these items will have to be delivered to his home.

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