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Monday, June 1, 2020

Hide any application on your phone, No need to install any application

Hide any application on your phone, No need to install any application

App Header is the best app to hide other apps on GooglePlay, especially for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. App Header is a great application cloner for accessing multiple accounts from one device. So much so that the app header can hide photos and videos and hide the app header by turning itself into a single keychain.

How to hide application?

- Import the app you want to cover in the app header.
- Launch the app Cleaned app in the app header to make sure the clone is working well.
- Uninstall the original application from your device. Now you just launch that app from the app header

step :1 go to setting than go to app lock

Is every application often cloned in the app header?

- We're not sure because we won't test it all. But you will only try to dual Dual App Dual WhatsApp Dual Facebook. You won't lose anything if you try to dual apps.
- Be happy to email us at Swift if you find that some apps are not working properly with the app header

Why is the notification coming from hidden or dual WhatsApp here?
- You cut the hidden app notification from our app header setting.

step 2:

How to hide the application itself?

- Tap the app header icon in the app header home
- Set your password.
- Then in several minutes. The application header will become a calculator.
- Open the calculator and tap your password then your application header home will be shown.

Important tips:

◆ Hidden applications are hidden inside the calculator, they are cloned applications. Because, with Android 6.0, no one will be able to hide the icon, you can only hide the device by cloning.
If you want to hide completely, please uninstall system apps and use cloned apps only in hide apps.

A whole new thanks for hiding the icon from the screen without root:
Clone application for WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or Instagram in a hidden space from the phone;
Run the hidden application and confirm that they work.
1 Method 1: After cloning, uninstall the system completely hideable.
2 Method 2: 2 Keep the account together. For example, keep 2 WhatsApps at the same time, working to log in to the hidden privacy account.
Password Duplicate calculator for password.

Some features:

Hidden space to hide cloned apps;
Clone apps from phone;
Recent Hidden from the most recent work view;
Ake duplicate calculator interface and lock, duplicate calculator icon;
A list of hidden applications to help uninstall system applications;
Multiple multiple accounts for multiple channels;

Application features:

1. Hide all installed apps (do not get root)
2. Password protection (primary time, when password needs to be created)
Mobile. Supports hiding any application used on mobile phones (easy way to hide apps)
H. Hidden application is often used in dialer vault, it also uses most of the interface inside the phone.
Just. Just open the app with the standard calculator, the dialer will not be able to use the vault if it does not know the password.
6. Hide notifications, provide notification in 3 modes all / only number / nothing
7. Hide from recent application
8. Gallery module to cover photos / pictures (Protect your secret photos / pictures, prevent others from finding them)
9. Add a shortcut to hide the camera (use the header's built-in camera for private photos needed)
10. Hide videos and play videos

For the first time during the start or safe state, the PIN does not require a dialer to enter the pin. Open the device to line the password. You will then start using the hidden application.

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