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Friday, July 24, 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 24 july 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 24 july 2020

Corona virus has taken a severe form in Vadodara city. 3000 beds have been made available for Kovid patients in government hospitals as well as private hospitals in and around the city. However, due to the increase in the number of Kovid-19 patients, 52 private Kovid hospitals with 1530 beds have become housefull.

A woman suffering from a respiratory illness did not get a bed in a private hospital with symptoms of corona

A 66-year-old patient named Seemabahen Shah of Vadodara was admitted to a private hospital in Alkapuri with shortness of breath. The family, meanwhile, were told by the hospital to take Kovid-19 to a hospital for treatment of Covid virus. The family members checked to take Seemabahen to the hospital treating Kovid in Vadodara city and near the city. But, the response from all the hospitals was that the beds were not empty.

At present beds are not available in private hospitals, beds are not available even in government hospitals
A 500-bed facility has been set up at Gotri Hospital in Vadodara. Out of which 375 patients are undergoing treatment on beds. A further 125 beds were made on Friday on the 5th floor of the hospital. And the sixth floor of another 125-bed hospital is planned to be ready by next week. The hospital has a capacity of 100 ICUs. Sayaji Hospital has a facility of 401 beds and 38 ICUs. Thus 9 government hospitals including Sayaji Hospital and Gotri Hospital have a current facility of 1470 beds.

There are 3,000 beds in a total of 61 hospitals, government, trust and private

Apart from this, a total of 18 hospitals including a medical college near Vadodara and a total of 35 private hospitals have been set up and 1530 beds have been set up in 52 hospitals. Thus, the current facilities of 3 thousand beds have been made available in 61 government, trust and private hospitals. However, due to the increasing number of Kovid patients, it will be difficult for Kovid patients to get treatment in private hospitals as well as government hospitals.


A further 125 beds have been set up on the fifth floor of Gotri Hospital
Special Officer on Duty of Vadodara Dr. Vinod Rao said more than 125 beds have been set up on the fifth floor of Gotri Hospital since Friday in view of the growing number of corona patients. And another 125-bed facility will be arranged next week. In addition, more beds are being planned at Sayaji Hospital. Tantra is being planned so that no patient is deprived of treatment.

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