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Monday, July 27, 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 27 july 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 27 july 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated high throughput (automated) centers in Corona testing in three cities - Noida, Mumbai and Kolkata. 10 thousand tests can be done in one day in this center. According to the Prime Minister's Office, the center will be able to speed up corona testing in the country. It will also help in getting information about the disease at a certain time and starting treatment. In this way the spread of infection can be prevented.

At present, more than 5 lakh tests are being conducted in the country. Efforts are being made to have 10 lakh tests every day in the coming days. In Corona's time, there is a resolve to save every single Indian. Today, India is the second largest PPE kit manufacturer in the world. 6 months ago there was not a single manufacturer in the country, today more than 1200 manufacturers are making more than 5 lakh PPE kits every day. At one time N-95 masks were also imported, today 3 lakh masks are produced every day.

He said it was a big challenge to prepare domestic resources in the fight against Corona. The whole world today is amazed at India's fight against the Corona, one of the reasons behind this is the soldiers. Today in our country there is caution and awareness towards Corona. Scientific information is expanding. Now we have to strengthen the demand-supply position at the state, district, taluka and rural levels

Modi said that we have to take care that our Corona warriors do not get tired in any way. We have to take with us new and retired professors who want to come forward. Festivals are also coming in the near future. It causes celebrations, the transition does not spread, for this we have to be careful. At the same time, it should be seen that poor families do not face any problem during the festival. Work is in full swing for corona vaccine in the country. Until this vaccine arrives, we have to save ourselves and our families. I am confident that we will fight and win the battle against Corona together.

The Union Health Minister and the Chief Ministers of the three states participated
Testing through a high throughput testing facility will take less time and lab staff will not even need to come in contact with infected people. The Prime Minister inaugurated the testing facility through video conferencing. Apart from Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan, Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh also joined.

Recovery rate in the country is 64.19 per cent, mortality rate is 2.30 per cent
Corona cases crossed 1.4 million in the country on Sunday. However, the number of patients recovering is also steadily increasing. Today, the recovery rate in the country is 64.19 percent. That means 64 out of 100 patients are getting better. The death rate, on the other hand, is 2.30 percent.

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