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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Home Learning Daily Online unit test std 6

Home Learning Daily Online unit test std 6

Coronavirus has brought the tutorial activities to a grinding halt and at the fag end of the tutorial year, the scholars are faced with an unprecedented and unprepared situation. Parents too are worried about things arising out of the lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown an enormous challenge to the sector of education amid questions on the way to take forward the stalled academic activities. within the extended lockdown period and with uncertainty over opening of educational institutions, we glance for sound and proven alternatives.

A suitable alternative might be to modify over to home schooling. the house schooling, a well-liked concept within the west has now come to the forefront in India. Schools now are hastened to embrace home schooling through e-learning tools, social media and other public e-learning portals. India has already made an honest beginning by producing many e-learning platforms both privately and public partnership.

The online content, online teaching and online evaluation are replacing conventional mode of educational classroom transaction and traditional assessment. within the period of Covid-19, multiple other ways of learning reception through interesting activities and interactive e-portals and digital material are being developed during a large quantum to cater to the requirements of the web generation.

To maintain continuity of their learning in new classes through virtual mode, the NCERT has developed alternate academic calendar for all stages of faculty education. Initially the calendar is ready for four weeks (April-May) which can be extended further.

In this calendar, the theme topics are selected from syllabus and are linked with learning outcomes and guidelines are developed for conducting interesting activities.

In the meantime the University Grants Commission has appointed two committees to seem into the problems being faced by the schools and colleges regarding teaching-learning processes, examinations, admissions and academic calendar. Both committees have submitted their reports.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development has taken a lead role to continue the training of scholars during the extended lock down periods. Class wise e-resources and e-textbooks are available on various online public platforms such as; E-pathashala, National Repository of Open educational Resources (NROER), SWAYAM and DIKSHA. Another activity Fit India Schools a YouTube channel to form students fitter, healthier and happier has been launched.

Schools are expected to make sure all students, parents, staff and management actively participate within the fitness week celebration. Live fitness sessions for college children on different topics are on live telecast. the huge Open Online Courses of SWAYAM are extending E tutorial, e content, E-assessment and Discussion forum to the learners at large and academic faculty especially .

E-library of the NCERT holds 17866 e-resources on homogeneous collection of resources for target groups like teachers, students, teacher educators in national and regional languages.

The CBSE is keeping all text books from class I to XII in electronic format and also uploading the simplest practices, projects, innovations and experiments of the Indian schools within the sort of

DAY- 45- DATE:- 29/07/2020
DAY- 46- DATE:- 30/07/2020

With schools being shut thanks to the novel Coronavirus, thousands of youngsters are stranded reception . This has left parents with no option but to require the responsibility of schooling their children upon themselves to form sure the youngsters keep busy and continue learning . Schools may have pack up , but the training must continue , after all. Homeschooling is an option all parents got to consider within the current scenario.

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