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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Investment in National Pension Scheme

Investment in National Pension Scheme will be more favorable / can be invested through NPS Subscribers Systematic Investment Plan

  • Small investors get a lot of relief in investing through SIP

  • The government is constantly striving to make NPS more attractive

NPS subscribers may soon have the option to invest in the National Pension Scheme through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). SIP in NPS will do the same kind of work as SIP does in mutual funds. Under the SIP technique, investors instruct their bank to transfer a certain amount to a specified instrument at each fixed interval. SIP is more suitable for small investors. The government is constantly working to make NPS suitable and more attractive to investors.

The SIP feature launch date is not fixed

Amit Sinha, Executive Vice President, NSDL e-Governance, said, “We are working hard to bring a SIP-like model for NPS subscribers. Sinha recently gave no date for launching SIP in NPS. "I can't give a date for it," he said. But in a few months NPS subscribers can expect SIP facility.

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3-year lock-in on contributions made by government employees under tax deduction

A few days back the government had issued a notification to create an NPS Tier-2 account under tax deduction under Section 80C. Earlier, there was no lock-in in NPS Tier-2. Following the notification, there will be a three-year lock-in on contributions made by government employees under the tax deduction. There will be no deduction and no lock-in on contributions made by private sector employees in NPS Tier-2.

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