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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Gujarat Corona update 16 september 2020

Gujarat Corona update 16 september 2020

Tea kettles are being shut down by municipal corporations in several areas of the city. Teams from the corporation's solid waste management department have been working in the city since morning and shut down kettles everywhere. Large tea stalls including Laldarwaja Lucky Tea Stall have also been closed. The matter was approached by the officials of the municipal corporation but no reply was given by them. There is outrage among the owners of several tea stalls in the city over the sudden closure of kettles.

At 11 o'clock the kettle suddenly shut down.

Talking to the owner of a tea stall, DivyaBhaksar said that the employees of the corporation came at 11 am today and asked them to close the kettle, so it has been closed. This is the wrong thing to do. He also did not say for what reason. We were not even told how many days it would be closed. Just said stop. So off.
The question of social distance and masks may have closed the kettles.

Corona's rage in the city has reared its head again. Although 150 to 180 cases are reported by the corporation, more than 250 cases are happening daily and the number of corona cases is increasing. It is learned that the kettles have been closed due to non-compliance of social distance and people walking without masks. The corporation has not yet released official information on the matter.

When to get a chest x-ray

Chest X-rays are also being done for the corona in many places, how effective X-rays are in such a situation. According to him, RT-PCR is done by taking a swab from the nose and throat. But if the virus has reached the lungs inside the throat and caused pneumonia, X-rays can tell if the virus has more or less the same effect on the lungs. In fact, when the virus reaches the lungs, it spreads rapidly and leaves its mark.

What is the reason for coming positive and negative

Dr. According to Sanjay, the doctor performs RT-PCR if the rapid antigen test is negative despite the symptoms. That's when the positive often comes. In fact, often people have a common cold, but their test is negative. So no need to worry. The rapid antigen test is not considered a gold standard, so get an RT-PCR test. People are also advised to go to a government hospital for a corona test.

How annoying Corona will be in the winter

With the onset of cold weather in October, people are starting to worry about the outbreak of the virus as the seasons change. According to Dr. Sanjay on the impact of winter season on Corona, it is difficult to say at present what will be the effect on Corona season. At first it seemed that the transition to heat would be reduced, but this did not happen. So don't panic even if winter comes, as there is still 2-3 months to winter, it is expected that the vaccine will come by then. What will be the status of the virus, nothing can be said right now.

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