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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Gujarat Corona update 17 september 2020

Gujarat Corona update 17 september 2020

A further 123 positive cases of corona have been reported in Vadodara city and district today, according to figures released by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation. Thus, the total number of positive cases in Vadodara has reached 10,161 and today the official death toll has risen to 169 with the death of 3 more patients. A further 119 patients have been discharged from the hospital in Vadodara today. So far, a total of 8,622 people have beaten Corona. Out of 1370 active cases in Vadodara, 159 patients are on oxygen and 54 patients are on ventilator and 1157 patients are in stable condition.

Corona cases were reported in these areas of Vadodara today

City: Makarpura, Maneja, Sama, Gorwa, Waghodia Road, Nagarwada, Ajwa Road, Vadsar, Tandalja, Navapura, Chhani, Mujamhuda, Subhanpura, Gotri, VIP Road, Warsia Ring Road, Wadi, Alkapuri, Manjalpur, Atladra, Mandvi, Akota, Danteshwar

Rural: Dhavat, Karjan, Dabhoi, Kandari, Shinor, Vaghodia, Savli, Dassar, Ajod, Beel, Undera, Ankodia, Sevasi, Padra

The highest number of 2396 cases in the northern zone

So far 10,161 positive cases of corona have been reported in Vadodara city district. Out of which 1641 cases were reported in East Zone, 1639 in West Zone, 2396 in North Zone, 1987 in South Zone, 2462 in Vadodara Rural and 36 cases were reported from outside cities and states.

Currently 3865 people are quarantined in Vadodara

Currently 3865 people have been quarantined in Vadodara city. Out of which 3853 people are home quarantine, 6 people in government facility and 6 people in private facility are quarantine quarantine.

The transmission of corona in Rajkot is increasing day by day. An important decision has been taken by the industries in the Shapar-Veraval industrial estate to prevent this transition. All the industries here have a holiday every Wednesday. But to prevent the transition to corona, these industries will now be divided into four zones with four days off each other. There are more than 3200 factories in Shapar-Veraval.

On Wednesday, the day of the holiday, all the workers gather at the market together for shopping

Rameshbhai Tilala, chairman of Shapar-Veraval Association, said that there are more than 3200 factories in Shapar-Veraval. More than 1 lakh 75 thousand people work inside these units. Wednesday is a public holiday in the factories in this industrial estate. So the workers are going to shop inside the market on Wednesday. So all the people get together in the market. Therefore, we have decided in the meeting that the factories should be divided into four parts and leave should be kept on a separate day. So people can't get together in the market. We have made this decision as part of eliminating the transition to corona.

The association also held a meeting with the Collector and PGVCL

Rameshbhai further said, "We have appealed to the factory owners to check all the workers and people working." Wherever there is a positive case, we isolate it. We have also discussed the holiday with PGVCL. The holiday has also been discussed with the collector. Entrepreneurs also agree with us and have cooperated to this day. I urge everyone to beat this corona together.

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