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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Important Announce of Purchase groundnuts at support price 2020 year

Important Announce of  Purchase groundnuts at support price  2020 year

  •  Registration will start from 1st October: Farmers will be able to register till 20th October
  • Purchasing process will continue for 30 days at Rs.105 per mound: Early purchase decision to benefit farmers who have already sown
  •  NAFED will carry out procurement process in the state by appointing Gujarat State Food Civil Supplies Corporation as the nodal agency.
  • After groundnut, pulses will also be procured at support prices in the near future
  • Potential damage in 15 lakh hectare area due to heavy rains: Survey work completed in 2 lakh hectare area: Survey period will be extended if required

Agriculture Minister Shri RC Faldu said that in the interest of the farmers, our government has taken an important decision to purchase groundnuts at support price from 31st October 2020 by making another decision in the interest of the farmers.

Giving details to the media, Minister Faldu said that this important decision has been taken in a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel today. The registration process for purchase of groundnuts at support price will start from 1st October and registration will continue for 30 days. Thereafter, the purchase process will be carried out at support price from October 31. The procurement process will last for 90 days in the state. He said the procurement would be done by the NAFED agency as per the guidelines of the central government. For this Gujarat Food Civil Supplies Corporation has been appointed as the nodal agency.

Mr. Faldu added that as a result of good rains in the monsoon season in the state this year, farmers will be able to plant more even in the sun and summer seasons. Peanuts will be procured in the state at a cost of Rs. It will be purchased at a price of Rs. The purchase process is usually carried out at a support price of Rs. But this year there is more mass and the farmers who planted early groundnuts have been approached by the farmer leaders of the area to speed up the procurement process at support prices. He added that the state government was planning to procure pulses at support prices in the near future after the purchase of groundnuts.

Minister Faldu added that as always, the government is standing by the farmers for the crops that have been damaged due to heavy rains in the state. Our government has decided to provide assistance on SDRF basis to farmers whose standing crops have been damaged by more than 3%. Survey work is underway for this. Which is to be completed in fifteen days. An estimated 1.5 lakh hectares of crops have been damaged in the state. Out of which the survey work has been completed in an area of ​​three lakh hectares and if necessary the survey work will be extended for the benefit of the farmers.

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