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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Important things to make Online education Efective

 Important things to make Online education Efective

  • According to experts, many teachers are new to online classes, even in such a situation they can not feel confident.
  • Instead of using a slide to teach a subject, let the teacher teach in front of the camera, find an effective teaching method and repeat it.

Most parents do not want to send their children to school or even choose an online class. According to a UNESCO report, the corona virus has affected the studies of more than 100 million children worldwide. In India alone, the figure is 32,07,13,810.

Now that most children are going to study from home, online education can be made more effective by incorporating some things into digital study. Children as well as teachers need to be vigilant for digital education. However, the problems of teachers are not less. Teachers are facing situations like lack of understanding of technology, not being able to get along with children, not having proper environment.

Teachers have to be tolerant

Psychiatrist and counselor Dr. in Kota city of Rajasthan. According to Nina Vijayvargiya, even teachers are scared because they are not used to the system and they do not feel confident during the online class.

In addition, many teachers are also annoyed with the behavior of children in front of the camera. Ahmedabad-based psychiatrist and counselor Dr. "It's a compulsion that we have no choice," says Dhruv Thakkar. We have to accept this situation because, you can't change it, this is temporary, not permanent. You have to be patient for a few months.

7 Tips for Teachers That Can Help Improve an Online Class

1. Record lectures instead of streams: If your students are suffering from internet or health related problems then recorded lectures will be helpful for them. For some reason students cannot attend live classes. But if they have a recorded video of the class they can easily download it and watch it often.

2. Show the children in the camera: Often teachers rely on slide shows instead of facing the camera. They run topics through the slides on the screen. According to some research, it will be more effective if the teacher's face is seen in the lecture video. Children will be able to study and understand the teacher better.

3. Check the slides: During the study on the video, the teachers take the help of slides to explain any subject. Sometimes teachers don't care about the size and type of words when preparing slides. Check once before showing a slide in class. So that no student has any difficulty in understanding the subject on the small screen.

4. Be present for students: Video classes in a group should not be limited to study only. Instead, spend some time listening to the students. Log in to Zoom or any service and let students know the time. Then wait for the students to come and listen carefully to their problems.

This can be a way to get feedback from students. However, this type of meeting should not be made mandatory. Keeping it that way. No need to be annoyed if a student does not come to talk. Keep in mind that students are happy that they have such an option.

5. Let the children solve their own problems During one and a half online classes you can form small groups where the children can take the advice of peers before asking you questions. Encourage children to make contact with their accounts. If students don’t talk to each other much you can help start a conversation by asking questions in the group.

6. Share your thoughts: If you are new to online classes, you do not need to underestimate yourself. Teachers should talk emotionally with children during online study. Children should be told that this is their first experience of online classes and that you are also learning while teaching. Also, openly ask the children for help and let them know that you are trying your best.

7. Discover new ways and repeat: Children may have trouble changing their study style frequently during online study. In such a situation, the teacher should find out how to better explain to the children and how you can teach them better. Repeat once you have found an effective teaching style.

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