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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Read all info about Cholesterol and Diet

Cholesterol and a Diet, How to the  raise cholesterol as well as a ways to  the lower cholesterol

  • If the amount of  the cholesterol in the blood  are increases, it  is a leads to the arrival of  the many diseases. Such as a heart attack, blood-pressure, affecting  in  the kidneys, deterioration of the digestive system, as well as a improper blood are  circulation inside in  the duct, etc.
  • There are two types of  the cholesterol in our body - H D L and L D L. H D L is called a  good cholesterol, L D L is called bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a naturally are occurring element in the body. There are two types of the cholesterol. H D L, commonly counted as a  good cholesterol, and L D L, commonly known as a bad cholesterol. Fat is a present in the blood mainly in the form of  the cholesterol and triglycerides. This fat is a found in the food. Blood fats cannot be  a easily transported because they are not water soluble. With the help of  the proteins  (lipids + proteins) the digested fat travels from the liver to different parts of the body. The liver contains four types of the  proteins. Omicrons, V L D L (very low density protein), L D L (low density protein) and H D L (high density protein).

The total cholesterol level in the body is less than 200 mg while a 40 mg. Or more is a considered dangerous. H D L means good cholesterol. If it is a less than that, it is a considered bad when 50 mg. Or a more is considered good. Bad cholesterol i.e. L D L. The dose is a 100 mg. Or less, but 150 mg. Or more is a considered bad.

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If more  then fat is a taken in the diet, the liver makes more V L D L for it is a transport. If there is not enough H D L, more L D L accumulates in the blood stream. This results in a blockage of  the blood vessels and heart attack. Also known as a atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis comes from the Greek word. At-hero means fat and sclerosis means fat thickening  in a process. Find out what the diet should be and how much it  is a should help prevent bad cholesterol from a accumulating in the body.


The oats  are diet is a best for breakfast. It is a nutritional powerhouse. Regular consumption of the  oats in the diet for a month and a half can reduce bad cholesterol by about 5%. People who eat oats regularly are less likely to the  develop diabetes.

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Almonds and pistachios::

There is a common belief that  are dry fruits are a storehouse of  the fat. But according to  the research by the American Heart in a  Association (AHA), some dried fruits are rich in a protein, fiber and vitamin E, which are very good for a health. The healthy fatty acids in it help in a lowering cholesterol. Almonds and pistachios are rich in a monounsaturated fats, which are help  to the lower L D L or a bad cholesterol and raise H D L or a good cholesterol. Almonds are the best food for a protein which are helps in the formation of the  new tissues in the body and repair of  the torn tissues. People who do not consume it due to the fear of the  gaining weight can be a relieved of the  anxiety and use the right amount of it in their diet to the increase energy in the body. However, in a severe heart disease, it is a advisable to take it in view of the patient's report.

Green tea::

Drinking green tea keeps a cholesterol as well as a  BP  are under control, resulting in a reduced risk of the  heart-related  in a disease. Green tea are contains antioxidants that keep  in the body are  healthy and contains very little caffeine. Drinking a green tea are regularly boosts in  the body's immune system and lowers bad  in a cholesterol.

Green vegetables::

The qualities  are present in a green vegetables do not increase body fat and cholesterol. Moreover, the body's digestive system does not have to the  work harder to  the digest it. Green vegetables provide a iron, calcium and vitamins A, B and C, which help in a lowering cholesterol. It  is a contains healthy elements that improve blood  in a circulation.

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The manganese mineral in a garlic reduces the harmful L D L cholesterol in the body and increases  in the amount of H D L cholesterol  are required by the body. Regular consumption of the  garlic in the diet improves blood in a circulation. Beneficial in  a diseases like a blood pressure and diabetes, garlic also lowers bad cholesterol.

Olive oil :.

Olive oil  are commonly known as a olive oil is very good for a cholesterol patients. It is a contains free (monounsaturated fatty acids) which are  helps in a lowering cholesterol.

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Sprouted beans / pulses::

Regular in a  intake of  the chickpeas, soybeans, mugs, kidney beans, grad etc. in a sprouted food helps in a lowering cholesterol which is a harmful for the heart. Not only is a cholesterol, but it is a best for the body because it is a rich in a vitamins, minerals and protein.

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