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Sunday, September 20, 2020

whatsapp Tips:: Best tips to use whatsapp safe

 whatsapp Tips:: Best tips to use whatsapp safe

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is the most popular app in India. The app has become the first choice of all users due to its best service and features. WhatsApp has some features that allow users to do a lot of things easily, but sometimes WhatsApp can also get users in trouble, and even pose a security threat. If you want to be safe in WhatsApp, do the 7 settings shown here quickly, then no problem .....

Who can join the group?

The company offers users some special options for the WhatsApp group. Based on this you can decide who can join you in any group. There are three options in WhatsApp. Allows you to add to a group or add to a Saved Contact List and Particular Contact List.

Who can see the status

The company gives you a privacy feature for viewing WhatsApp. This allows the user to select to appear in a particular contact list, restricting it to the saved contact only.

Last seen

Last Scene Privacy Settings are settings that allow users to be online. Under these settings he can completely hide his last scene, or set someone to My Contacts.

Profile photo

Like the other option, WhatsApp users get full privacy in this too. It has the option to hide the profile photo or restrict it to My Contacts only.


There are three options under About section, users can select to show this, hide it completely or keep it limited to My Contacts only.


Finger screen locked

On Android, WhatsApp users can set fingerprint lock, while iPhone users have the option to use Face ID or Touch ID in the physical screen button.

Block contact

WhatsApp can block users if they do not want to receive the message. This option is available in both settings options as well as individual chats.

  • 1. Check Encryption For Sensitive Conversations
  • 2. Turn On Security Notifications
  • 3. Enable Two-Step Verification
  • 4. You Can't Password Protect WhatsApp
  • 5. Disable Cloud Backups (If You Care About Privacy)
  • 6. Beware Of Common Scams
  • 7. Get The Official WhatsApp Desktop Apps
  • 8. Protect Your Privacy On WhatsApp

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