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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Gujarat corona update 1 october 2020

 Gujarat corona update 1 october 2020

The city is not taking the name of stopping the transition of corona. The total number of corona positive has risen to 29,457 with 288 more cases as per the figures released by the municipality and district administration. The death toll has risen to 931 with 4 deaths. Today 182 people from the city and 116 from the district have beaten Corona. So the number of discharged has increased to 26,010. Currently there are a total of 2516 active cases in the city and district.

A total of 21,502 cases in the city and 7667 cases in the district

A total of 675 deaths have been reported in 21,502 positive cases in Surat City. While in Surat district out of total 7667 cases 252 have died. A total of 927 deaths have been reported in 29,169 cases in Surat city district. A total of 19,385 patients have been discharged in Surat City so far. While a total of 6327 patients have recovered in the district.

19 patients on civil and smear on ventilator

125 crore positive patients are undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital. Of those, 94 patients are in critical condition. In which 10 ventilators, 11 bipaps and 73 patients are on oxygen. While 57 coronary positive patients are being treated at Schmeier Hospital, the condition of 41 patients is critical. In which 9 ventilators, 12 bipaps and 20 patients are on oxygen.

Israel: Government tightened

People in Israel have been protesting the sanctions for the past few days. He says the government is imposing sanctions in the name of preventing the corona virus. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's resignation is being demanded. But the government has also taken a tougher stance. Parliament has passed a law according to which protests would be illegal and such people could be arrested.

According to the new law, a person cannot go beyond one kilometer. No more than 20 people can gather in one place. The government says there is a risk of a second phase of infection until the vaccine arrives. Strict action is required.

Spain: Towards Madrid lockdown

The government has identified some hotspots in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The government says it is not possible to stop the transition without implementing a lockdown here. Local bodies and people are protesting against the government's decision. Worryingly, more than 33,000 cases have been reported here in two weeks. A total of 7.69 million cases have been reported in Spain so far and 31,791 people have died.

South Korea: Government says - social distance necessary

There were 39 cases reported in South Korea on Monday. The case, however, has seen a slight decline. Yet the government has said that social distinctions are necessary. According to a Reuters report, millions of people plan to travel during the holidays. This will increase the risk of epidemics. So far 23,889 cases have been reported in the country and 407 people have died.

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