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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

15% of people in the country suffer from insomnia, here are 4 ways to get rid of it

Don't sleep: 15% of people in the country suffer from insomnia, here are 4 ways to get rid of it

  • Consult a doctor if you do not fall asleep late at night
  • CBT therapy and staying out of bed during the day

Does it get to 3 o'clock every night and you can't sleep? Then you get anxious and the next day gets worse. You also get sleep during working hours. Laziness always comes. If this is happening then it is a symptom of insomnia. This is a kind of disease.

Insomnia tops the list of diseases like stress, depression, negativity, anxiety and insomnia in 2020. It has the greatest impact in China and Europe. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), more than 15% of people in India suffer from insomnia.

There are four ways to prevent insomnia:

Corona has led to an increase in the number of people suffering from insomnia around the world, said Nancy Foldware, director of the Cleveland Clinic of Sleep Disorders. Anxiety levels increase in the corona and high anxiety levels are the biggest cause of insomnia.

According to experts, if you suffer from this problem, you must first determine the cause. Once you have succeeded in finding the cause, you will find your own way.

1. Don't fall behind in getting help

Anxiety levels are rising with news of deaths in Coronatime, family and friends being hit by Corona and losing their jobs. This is a factor that triggers insomnia i.e. increased insomnia.

2. Stay away from the bed during the day

"Sometimes we blur the line between work at home and free time," says Dr. Carriage Canpari, a sleep physician. That is, we live the same way in both work and leisure time. For example, staying in bed during work and staying in bed at rest. According to experts, this may also be a factor of insomnia.

3. Edit bed time

source: divya bhaskar

Insomnia is a type of mental illness. When a negativity or anxiety overwhelms us more than we need to, it causes insomnia. Therefore, experts say that the measures taken mentally to prevent it are more effective.

4. Kill Screen Time

One of the biggest causes of insomnia is poor body clock. And the biggest cause of body clock deterioration is mobiles, TVs and laptops. According to experts, people and most teenagers stick to the screen late into the night. Which causes their bedtime to change and even decrease. Gradually the body adjusts to it and then sleep does not come even though the time has passed.

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