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Friday, December 18, 2020

Benefits consuming Mango: Eating raw mango every day will help you lose weight, Vitamin-C present in it will help boost your immunity.

 Winter has come, drink mango juice daily to get rid of diseases

And is the best season in terms of health. Mango is a medicinal fruit. Mango, which is beneficial in many ways, is not a seasonal fruit but is suitable for consumption in every season.

અહીંથી વાંચો મોસંબીના ફાયદા

 It is believed that seasonal fruits are beneficial for health. But mango is a fruit that can give you many benefits in every season. In Ayurveda, amla is considered to be the best of chemicals. Amla is the best and natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a delicate element that is destroyed by the effects of heat, but vitamin C in amla is not destroyed. So learn about these rich qualities of mango

Benefits of consuming mango

  • Mango juice removes acne on the face.
  • Mango juice relieves constipation that occurs during piles.
  • Drinking ambergris juice regularly increases the brightness of the eyes.
  • If jaundice is due to liver weakness or an infection, it is more beneficial to experiment with mango sauce with honey.
  • If mango juice is taken daily with honey, it can be beneficial in asthma and bronchitis.
  • If there is excessive bleeding during periods, mango juice should be taken with three bananas daily.

By drying the mango fruit and soaking it in the amount of about twenty grams of behda powder and twice the amount of mango powder of about forty grams soaked overnight and applying it in the hair roots every morning, the hair becomes black, beautiful and dark.

If urinary problems are occurring, it is very beneficial to take fresh mango peel juice in the amount of ten to twenty grams with two and a half grams of turmeric and five grams of honey in the morning and evening.

To control diabetes, add five to ten milligrams of turmeric to five to ten milligrams of mango juice and take this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach.

Soaking it in honey for thirty days and eating two such mangoes daily makes it a tonic for health.

Diabetes stays under control

Mangoes contain chromium, which plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes.

Helpful in weight loss

Eat raw mangoes to lose weight. Also drink amla powder with honey and warm water. The difference will be seen in a few days.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ 2

Keeps menstruation regular

It is believed that the minerals and vitamins present in amla relieve the problem of back pain during periods and help in regularizing menstruation.

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ માત્ર આપને સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે કોઇપણ સારવાર એક્ષ્પર્ટ ની દેખરેખ હેઠળ કે આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવી.

Immunity is high

Mango is rich in Vitamin-C, so it enhances the natural immune system.

Relief from heart related problems

Mango powder strengthens the heart muscles. It improves blood circulation in the body.

Eliminates urinary tract infections

Mango controls the amount of urine and relieves urinary tract infections.

Appetite is high

Consumption of mango powder with butter and honey before meals increases appetite. Mango is also beneficial in fever, indigestion, anemia.

Keeps the blood clean

Mangoes naturally cleanse the blood. If you have acne, apply amber face pack. Ambergris also helps in increasing collagen, which enhances skin glow.

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