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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

These 7 things to keep the body warm inside and protect against diseases in the bitter cold, eat daily

It is not necessary to wear only warm clothes during winter.  It is also necessary to change the diet and eat warmer foods.  Now the winter has intensified and the cold has also increased.  Today we will tell you about some superfoods if you want to avoid diseases and keep your body warm internally.  Which should be eaten daily in the cold.

 These foods will keep your body warm from the inside out even in the bitter cold

  •  Eat these foods to avoid winter diseases
  •  These foods are healthy


 Saffron has many benefits but most people do not consume it as it is expensive, but saffron is very beneficial for your health, especially in winter.  Saffron has been used for beauty and health since ancient times.  So drinking saffron in milk every day in winter boosts the immune system.  At the same time, mixing saffron in your beauty cream makes your face clean, blemish-free and radiant.  Apart from this, drink warm almond, saffron lukewarm milk every night before going to bed to keep the body warm.


 Amla is rich in Vitamin C.  Amla also controls the liver, digestive system, skin, hair and cholesterol, acidity and blood sugar.  Chewanprash, which is eaten in winter, has the highest amount of amla.  Apart from this, eating amla chutney, amla powder and boiled amla in winter keeps the body warm and strengthens immunity.

source: vtv gujarati news


 Honey is widely used in herbs for colds and flu.  Honey warms the body.  So that its intake in winter should be fixed.  Honey contains a small amount of antigens that help keep the immune system healthy.  Honey lowers body fat for people with this diet.


 Basil contains vitamins A, C, calcium, zinc and iron. Basil protects our body from cold-related diseases such as cough, sinus, pneumonia and respiratory diseases.  It also has antiseptic and antimalarial properties.  So mixing basil leaves, pepper and honey on an empty stomach every morning removes phlegm related diseases and keeps the body warm.


 Ginger in Indian cuisine is considered to be a medically miraculous herb.  It contains antioxidants that boost the body's immune system.  If even a small amount of ginger is consumed daily in winter, it warms the body as well as eliminates ulcers, fever, common cold, cough and digestive problems.


 If you drink milk every day, add a pinch of turmeric in lukewarm milk in winter.  This will not only give your body internal warmth but will also eliminate the inflammation that occurs in the body.

સમગ્ર રિપોર્ટ અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમાં


 Jaggery is specially consumed in winter.  It is also used in many dishes in winter.  Round gives warmth to the body in winter.  It is healthier than sugar.  It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium.  Which naturally protects against coughs, colds, migraines, asthma, anxiety and diseases of the digestive system.  Daily consumption of jaggery in winter generates internal heat in the body.

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