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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Fingerprint Research: Know Your Child Will Become a Doctor or an Engineer? Vishnupuran and modern science will explain children's natural abilities, criminal minds

  • Fingerprints can be used to learn about a child's inner skill and mental growth

  •  CFMID, a Vadodara-based company, has developed special software that will help shape the future of children

  •  The company also started a Center for Understanding Criminal Psychology in collaboration with the National Defense University

 As parents, everyone is concerned about the future of their children.  What will happen when your child grows up?  What will be his skills and what will be his mental growth?  There are so many types it's hard to say.  Many such questions are answered in our ancient Puranas, but we are not aware of them due to lack of proper interpretation.  CFMID Limited, a Vadodara-based company, has developed a software based on Vishnupuran's 'Hand Oceanography' and a combination of modern fingerprint technology, which will help improve the future of children.

 The talent inside children can be known
 Sundar Iyer, director of the company, said that the oceanography of Vishnupuran and today's fingerprint science are very similar.  We conclude by associating these two on the basis of which the natural talent of the child can be known.  All of this helps a lot in the child's study and development of his personality.  Hand oceanography shows what kind of design in the hand means.  Based on this, the pattern of the child's mind can also be understood.  It is easier to choose a career if the child is given the right environment in childhood.

 Find new ways for parenting

 Chartered Accountants couple Jyot and Karishma Shukla performed fingerprint analysis for their 9-year-old daughter Gia's Future Growth and Personality Development.  Jyot says that this gives new avenues and guidance not only to the child but also to the parents for raising the child.  We had a rough idea of ​​Jia's leadership capacity, but we learned more about how to handle it and how to develop it better after scanning her fingerprint.  After the analysis we changed our attitude towards Jia and it has also benefited.


 Jyot and Karishma Shukla with their children Jia and Pratham.

 Fingerprint analysis has benefited both father and son

 Amrish Shah, an accountant teacher at a private school in Vadodara, conducted a fingerprint analysis of his son Vraj's career choices and personality.  “We didn’t know at the time that Vraj could do multi-tasking well,” says Amrish.  In addition to this, we also used to read Vraja frequently due to the method of reading.  After reading the fingerprints we found out that the way he reads is innate and that's why we stopped teasing him and we got good results.  Today Vraja studies Doctor.  Following the suggestions received after the analysis, we have seen an increase of about 15% in the academic growth of Vraja.

 Amrish Shah also did an analysis of his fingerprint based on the experience of his son Vraj.  He found that he could do a lot better in the field of music.  They are also good speakers.  Before the analysis, Amrishbhai used to speak only in the classroom to teach the students, but now he has joined the karaoke club and sings and his speech has improved a lot.

 More than 54,000 students have been scanned

 "We have taken and analyzed the fingerprints of more than 54,000 students in 116 schools in Gujarat and other states since 2017 under 'Igniting India's Inborn Intelligence - Project 4i'," Iyer said.  Many students have benefited from this.  The company further plans to do similar student scanning.

 Picture of the time when fingerprint scanning program was held in Eklavya school of Gujarat.

 The fingerprint is ready in the mother's womb

 "Fingerprints are formed in the mother's womb," said Sundar Iyer.  By the time the fetus is 30 weeks old, the baby's brain and fingerprints are developing together.  In other words, a fingerprint is a graph of our state of mind.  It can tell us what is going on in the mind and in what direction our thoughts are more active.

 Criminal psychology will be easy to understand

 Darpan Vyas, co-founder of CFMID Ltd., said that fingerprints help a lot in understanding criminal psychology.  To research this we have also started a research center in collaboration with the National Defense University, in which the fingerprints of criminals will be studied.  For this, the fingerprints of the criminals in jail will be taken anew.  Criminal behavior can be studied on the basis of dermatoglyphics and also information on why a person becomes a criminal.

 It will help to know the criminal tendency
 Darpan Vyas said that dermatoglyphics help to know about the criminal tendencies in any person.  Our plan in the coming days is to analyze the fingerprints of the children in the juvenile correctional facility and try to find out how they developed a criminal mindset.  This will help prevent crime in the future and especially in children.  In addition, with the help of this, people coming from abroad can be scanned and their attitude can be known.

 RRU will study Psychological and Behavioral Aspects

 The director of the School of Criminology, Crime Science and Behavioral Sciences at the National Defense University (RRU), S.  L.  Via said a research center has been set up at the university in collaboration with CFMID Ltd. for the purpose of studying psychological and behavioral aspects.  In this we collect fingerprint samples both indoors and outdoors and do research on them to know about the criminal mindset in children.  We will also be scanning university students, which will help them in their further studies and their skills.

 Staff of CFMID Ltd. and National Defense University.

 Created a special mobile app for fingerprint

 Darpan Vyas said that before the lockdown, we had conducted a program in Gujarat Government's Eklavya School as well as a school in Pune and collected the fingerprints of the students and informed the school and parents about the innate qualities in them.  We had to do similar programs in other schools, but this was not possible because of Corona.  Then in June 2020 we launched a mobile app in which anyone's fingerprint can be analyzed.  So far, more than 1400 people have used this app for fingerprint analysis.

 The company will raise funds for future growth
 Darpan Vyas said that in the last two years, we have spent about Rs.  2.50 crore.  The company was started in 2010 and so far we have been investing in 4 founders company.  Now for the next expansion we have diluted 20% stack to Rs.  We want to raise a fund like Rs 2 crore and for this we should contact Angel Investors or Private Equity.

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