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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Mayabhai Ahir Dayra Collection videos In One place

Mayabhai Ahir Dayra Collection Full HD videos In One place

Mayabhai Ahir Dayra Collection is also most popular in Gujarat and all world. Mayabhai Ahir is a well-known name in the field of folklore. Mayabhai is very popular among Gujaratis now because of his humorous voice which is immersed in humor. Top celebrities have a strong ability to sit in the ranks of well-known folklorists and comedians.

Mayabhai Ahir was born on May 19, 19 in Borda village of Mahuva taluka of Bhavnagar district. His father’s name was Veerabhai.

Mayabhai Ahir New Dayra Collection

Folklore can also be said to have been inherited by him. Mayabhai says that in the days of Navratri, his three generations have played Garba together! Mayabhai himself, his father Virabhai Ahir and Mayabhai’s grandfather. His life was spent in the village in his childhood and he was raised among the cows and buffaloes in the soil of Kathiawar. Today, they make a splash in the Lokdairas, at the base of which is their homeland.

Mayabhai Ahir Biography | Life | Career:

Mayabhai Ahir was born on May 16, 1972, in Kundavi, Bhavnagar, Gujrat. He is 47 Years old as in 2019. Mayabhai had a passion for reading books from a young age. Mayabhai Ahir lived in Wadi as a child, So Maybhai walked 5 km. Therefore, his teacher Natubhai used to call him Jigariyo. Mayabhai had been working since school days As if taking buffaloes or cows to feed.

Mayabhai Ahir Latest Dayra Collection Full HD videos

The first program of Mayabhai takes place at the Hanuman Temple in 1996. At that time Mayabhai took Suzuki and went to the program. After this, Mayabhai started doing small-big programs. Once the story of Morari Bapu started, Mayabhai went to hear this story. There they had the opportunity to speak. At that time, Mayabhai was Hasya Kalakar.

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Personal Info

Date of Birth May 16, 1972
Ag 47 Years (As in 2019)
Birthplace Kundavi, Talaja, Bhavnagar, Gujrat
Hometown Kundavi, Gujrat
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Hobbies Reading, Traveling

Mayabhai Ahir Education:

He finished his School from Kundavi Vidyalaya school and Borda Vidyalaya school in Kundavi and Borda. He finished his 10th from Bhavnagar afraid school in Bhavnagar.
Educational Qualifications 10th Pass
School Kundavi Vidyalaya school (1st to 4th)
Borda Vidyalaya school (5th to 9th)
Bhavnagar afraid school 10th

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