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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

It looks like the world’s most expensive in a chips, prepared from a alcohol.

It looks like the world’s most expensive in a chips, prepared from a alcohol.

You will find many types of chips in the market. These are of different shapes and packets. Also, their price is fixed according to the quantity. But today we are going to tell you about the world’s most expensive chips. A restaurant in America has included a plate of this most expensive chips in its menu. It has been added to the menu on National French Fry Day of America. The cost of one plate will surprise you.

The name of this restaurant located in a New York is a Serendipity 3. The name of this restaurant is a included in the Guinness Book of the  World Records. This restaurant is known for it is a Champagne dried potato in a  chips. Gold dust is a sprinkled on this plate of the chips. The restaurant had removed it from it is menu in the middle. But on July 13, it was a added back on the National French Fry Day to be  a celebrated in a America. The cost of one plate of this will be cost you 16 thousand rupees.

restaurant announced
The restaurant itself told in the price of its plate of the expensive chips. Also revealed that what is a mixed in these chips? After a seeing in the ingredient, it will be a understood that no skimping has been done in a making it. It is a prepared from all the kinds of the  expensive things. Now the restaurant has made a another announcement about in this expensive dish. On it is a Instagram page, the restaurant confirmed that it has a included the world’s most expensive fries on its menu on a National French Fry Day. It is price is a 168 pounds i.e. about a 16 thousand rupees.

These things are prepared
The restaurant told about in the ingredients used in this chips. Chipper bake potatoes were used to make in this chips. Apart from this, Don Peignoir Champagne and J. Le Blanca French Champagne Arden Vinegar have been a used in it. Also, Grande truffle salt and the Ur-bani summer truffle oil have been used in this chips. All these ingredients come very expensive. Apart from this, gold dust is a sprinkled on these chips while a serving. Because of this, it is on-plate price is so high.

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