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Sunday, October 2, 2022

5 reasons why chaulai is a super-food you need to eat in this Navratri.

5 reasons why chaulai is a super-food you need to eat in this Navratri.

Chaulai is a delicious to eat and has many health benefits which makes it the perfect super food to have in this Navaratri season.

With a Navratri, a 9-day fasting festival, on in full swing, people must be also focus on fulfilling in their nutritional needs. There are many fasting foods that people eat during a Navratri and Amaranth grains, or a popularly known as a chaulai, rajgira or Ramadan, is one such famous fasting food that has many health benefits!

I have often run to the market during in this festival to get a chaulai ke ladoos for a my fasting parents. They will have it with a milk or a tea and munch on these healthy sweet treats made with a Jagger. Chaulai is a super-food with many health benefits and a perfect fasting food item. It is often compared to the oats and cereals like a quinoa and is in no way behind in the nutritional value.

Chaulai are grains obtained from a flowering plant called Amaranth. The leaves of Amaranth are known to have a medicinal properties and its flowers are used in a decoration. The grains or seeds obtained from this plant are chaulai.

A 2012 study cited by in the National Library of the Medicine, lists the many health benefits of the chaulai. According to the study, chaulai helps in a decreasing plasma, cholesterol levels, stimulating in the immune system, exerting an a  anti-tumor activity, reducing blood glucose levels and improving conditions of the hypertension and anemia. It also a possesses anti-allergic and antioxidant powers.

Benefits of the Amaranth grains or a chaulai:

1. Great for a bone health

Chaulai is a very rich source of the calcium. Milk has been known to top in the calcium charts but you will be a shocked to know that Amaranth grains have a twice as much calcium. “When eaten in a raw form its vitamin C content enhances in the calcium absorption,” says Dr Anjali Sharma, a nephropathy and nutrition are expert. She further adds that calcium helps in a strengthening our bones and can also help prevent diseases such as a osteoporosis.

2. Promotes weight loss

Chaulai is a extremely high in a dietary fiber and protein content. Various studies have a proven that foods rich in a fiber and protein are great for a weight loss. Also, in the high fiber content helps us feel fuller for a longer time period which makes it a perfect fasting and weight loss food.

3. Boosts immunity

Amaranth grains are a powerhouse of the Vitamin C which helps in the repair and production of the white blood cells which boosts our immunity. “Chaulai is also a rich in other minerals like a potassium, magnesium, zinc and hence, is the best food for a boosting in the immunity, especially during a viral infections,” says Dr Sharma.

4. Good for a anemic patients

“Amaranth grains are a very rich source of the minerals, especially iron and they are also in the richest source of the vitamin B and K which is most recommended for a anemic patients,” says Dr Sharma. Chaulai increases blood production due to it is a high iron content.

5. Good for a diabetics

People are suffering from a diabetes have two main concerns: obesity and increased blood sugar levels and chaulai helps in a dealing with a both these problems. Studies have shown that flour made from a amaranth grains have a properties of the lowering insulin levels and controlling blood sugar which makes it a super food for in the diabetics too.

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