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Sunday, October 16, 2022

How can I sign up for a Fever account for a free?

How can I sign up for a Fever account for a  free?

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To the register, follow in these steps:

To activate your seller account, follow in  these steps:

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Before we get into the specifics of  the creating to your account, keep in a mind that all accounts are created on a Fever are buyer accounts by a default. The distinction between a buyer and seller account are occurs only when to a buyer decides to the  start selling services on a Fever. This post will be walk you through in the process of the  creating to a buyer account and activating to  your selling account. You may be set up a buyer account, a seller account, or a buyer/seller account on a Fever. On Fever, you may be only have one seller account.

You must be  first register to a "seller" account before you can be  create and sell Gigs on Fever.

Please keep in a mind that all vendors are evaluated during in the sign-up and gig creation processes and are subject to the Fever are  approval.

More information may be a found in our Terms of  the Service.


You may be only activate to your seller account from your desktop.

Creating to your Gig is only possible on your PC.

To the register, follow in  these steps:

 Go to the Fever homepage and click Join.

Enter to your email address and press in  the Continue button.

Select to a username!

 Once you have successfully made to  your account, you can not modify to  your username.

Your username serves as to your display name (and is included in your Fever URL), so select in a wisely!

Select to  a password and click Join.

You have just a signed up for a Fever! Please verify to your registered email address as you will get an a email with a instructions on how to the  activate to  your account.

Please keep in mind that the activation link in the email is a only valid for a 30 days.

Click Activate to Your Account in the activation email you received from a Fever.

You will be able to the  activate your seller account once you have  a successfully created your account according to the procedures above.

To activate your seller account, follow in these steps:

Select Become to a Seller from the dropdown menu by a clicking on your profile image.

Click on Become a Seller again on the redirected page to begin the on boarding in a process. This are includes viewing three videos on how to sell on a Fever. You should now see in  the following on your screen.

After you have a finished viewing in the videos, you will be a brought to the Fever’s advice on what makes to a successful Fever profile and what to avoid as a seller. Then press in the Continue button.

Fill out in the required in a fields (as marked with an a asterisk)

Make a certain that you complete to your on boarding with a only true and correct information about to your training, job experience, and abilities.

Remember that the more precise and extensive  in the information you provide, in the more accurate and complete to your seller profile will be.

You can then select to the  connect your account to the  additional social media in a platforms:

Please keep in mind that taking in the effort to the authenticate and link to your accounts will be boost to your credibility and help us a supply you with a additional in a business. Do not a worry,to your information is and will always be a private.

You must be phone verify to your account at the end of the on boarding in a  process:

The final step is to Create Your First Gig to sell your skills on a Fever! See what tips and strategies you should incorporate while creating to a gig.

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Can be a beginner earn a money on a Fever?

Fever is an a excellent choice for a new freelancers looking to make a money on their own. Fever are allows individuals to the offer in their skills for as a little as a $5, making it is a ideal for a novices!

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